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"I will go with you on the Moon-Gort hunt, unless you think it is a bad idea till you find it, though I figure it will be better to be there."

"As for the mage, I believe it best to find him before we deal with Varange. If the tracking seems to take us to the same place, then at least we will be better prepared."

Fremea will spend most of her time hunting for herbs when she is not doing any of the other stuff.

As for the travel, unless we need the wagon, then lets ditch it and those that don't ride fast will ride with someone else. Otherwise, keep the wagon.
Fremea will examine the talisman closer, and ask Arawn to mana read, sense she is not able to do that. If it will help her, she will use it and later when they are going to sell, it will go back into the party loot.

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Z'leyra's Boils:

   Arawn will offer assistance, applying his own Healer Skill to help determine what's going on. If mundane methods fail to turn anything up Arawn will attempt a Mana Sensing/Mana Reading on the boils. If he finds magic he'll inform the party and ask them to help sense this on the rest of the party/animals/gear (as he's running low on mana).

Language Necklace:

   "May I use this for a moment?" 

   If he's given permission he'll be seen attempting communication with the caged bird.

Moon-Gort and Mage-Hunt:

   "I'll be focusing on tracking the Moon-Gort over the next two days and nights. If I sense the need to do so I may separate from the party a day early, tomorrow, to do so. The Compass and Bird will help but I need to get a sense of distance, leaving as soon as possible if the distance seems great.
   If anyone wishes to accompany they are welcome but they must ride a swift steed or have some other means of expedient travel."

   "As to the mage-hunt, I can focus on this after my return, assuming Fremea wishes me to do so. If so, let me know now as I may have to make a decision on where to apply certain divinations. Calling upon such forces can be fraught with peril if done to close together."

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