[pnpgm] Game Update #124

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Mon Feb 23 04:18:31 CET 2015

Z'leyra's Boils:

   Arawn will offer assistance, applying his own Healer Skill to help determine what's going on. If mundane methods fail to turn anything up Arawn will attempt a Mana Sensing/Mana Reading on the boils. If he finds magic he'll inform the party and ask them to help sense this on the rest of the party/animals/gear (as he's running low on mana).

Language Necklace:

   "May I use this for a moment?" 

   If he's given permission he'll be seen attempting communication with the caged bird.

Moon-Gort and Mage-Hunt:

   "I'll be focusing on tracking the Moon-Gort over the next two days and nights. If I sense the need to do so I may separate from the party a day early, tomorrow, to do so. The Compass and Bird will help but I need to get a sense of distance, leaving as soon as possible if the distance seems great.
   If anyone wishes to accompany they are welcome but they must ride a swift steed or have some other means of expedient travel."

   "As to the mage-hunt, I can focus on this after my return, assuming Fremea wishes me to do so. If so, let me know now as I may have to make a decision on where to apply certain divinations. Calling upon such forces can be fraught with peril if done to close together."
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