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Gem-cutting and Magic Item creation:

   Arawn gave Kiet a smile.

   "Practical and lucrative. And such gifts would surely bring a smile to others.

   "Perhaps it's something we can work on, if not during then after, this quest is done and over."

OOC: Arawn is looking to turn the Dark Ruby Gem into a full piece of jewelry, starting by turning it into a Jewel and then later purchasing metals to craft into a piece of Jewelry.

Speeding up the Journey:

   "I can see a few options if we're to arrive as early as possible," Arawn said, aware of the group's race against time.

   "We could try to apply a Speed spell on the horses, modified for extended travel. However this taxes the horses stamina and they may require extended rests. But it's an option if used on the final day or if we can discover a means to replenish the horses stamina.

   Another option, one I would suggest saving for the last day or two, would be to invoke the Astral Paths. It holds some risk but it could greatly speed up our journey, perhaps saving us at least a day.

    On the mundane side we could ditch the wagon and equip everyone with
 riding horses. Or we could see to lightening the wagon-load. The 
heavier items could be transferred to my magical bags of holding and we 
could purchase another horse to lower the passenger amount."

Moon Gort:

   "I'll see to tracking the Moon-Gort down."

   "As we close towards the plains I'll separate and focus on tracking down the flower. If any wish to accompany they need to be able to travel quickly, preferably able to travel back to the main road and along it instantly and magically to catch up with the team."

Wizard Hunt:

   "If this task is still to be pursued I'll do what I can to assist through divination but must accomplish this either before I part ways or after my return. Let me know if this is to be done."


   Arawn casts a discerning eye to Z'leyra's boils. He knows she's a powerful healer but still offers his services as a fellow healer.
   If they're unable to identify the problem Arawn will use Mana Sensing to help determine if there's magic at work. If so he'll follow with Mana Reading.
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