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Tue Feb 17 15:17:14 CET 2015

      From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
        Kiet hears this and responds "I had the same idea, but ...
      GM: Ack.  Feel free to battle to the death for it.  Might be fun
          to watch. :) Again a small item can't be poofed into a large
          magical item.  I believe the stones are set already not much you
          can do.  I'll have to check book 4 again but either the gem are
          workable if I recall and jewels are not.  Something like that
          but if you guys deal with this stuff I guess I'll have to dust
          those rules off.  Most sell as or just fashion into jewelry
          not cut them into other forms.

I wasn't planning on making the gem into a focus of a magic item.  I was planning on making a small or medium size jewel part of a piece of jewelry that had a defensive magic enchantment on it.  To do so, I only need to make, say, a necklace.  The jewel is just decoration.  But the entire necklace has to be made by ME...virgin materials...so I figure I have to be the one to cut it, polish it, and mount it in setting...after I make the setting.  The jewel just won't be the focus item for the magic...the necklace will be.

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