[pnpgm] Kiet responds to Kell

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Wed Feb 18 06:32:14 CET 2015

Kell looks at Kiet's new face.  "With you changing faces
        so much I hope folks don't sleep walk and kill you thinking
        your some intruder."  He smiles then gets serious.  "Hiding
        your face is one thing.  But you think folks don't miss that
        big mountain of a man there?  Kind of sticks out."  Kell
        nods toward Raban who is checking his magical saddle from
        the High Elder.

"Yes, my friend.  I know.  But there will always be some doubt about me and who I am.  When we are home, I believe I can wear my own face and not be afraid that some mercenary scum might try to pick up a reward for my hide.  We have done too much, and have left too many witnesses.  I fear we will all eventually be wanted men and women.  And for what we have done (not that I am complaining!) we can expect substantial retribution should any of it come to light.  So I choose to defend my identity as best I can."

"At least I shouldn't see wanted posters with my real face on them."

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