[pnpgm] Game Update #221 - File #471 - Party gets to the North Stables

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Fremea stares at those that think she wants to stay here. "Really? I am not wanting to stay either. The mage can be figured out on our way out and even we can camp somewhere that no one can get to us. I believe that the mage will allow us to find Varange easier if he or she is dealt with. We leave now, unless there is something else anyone wants to do, then they are on their own."

When Arawn mentions the gold gotten and it should be given to the allies, she is about to answer when Kiet speaks up. "Exactly. That gold is ours."

"Fine, the moon-gort can be figured out on our way also. I know we can be to the next place quickly, but it is important to do the best steps. If Arawn thinks there is a way to use my connection to Varange, then I will focus on doing that. But, we leave right now. Make sure our horses are good and fast."

At that she makes sure her disguise is on correctly again and waits to go in the wagon.
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