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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   JH Hooten............YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #122 in sequence (file #471)

      Admin Notes: None.

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          I said the potion and the talisman we were keeping. You have the
          talisman going to the allies.
          After the party leaves the estate, Fremea shivers a bit and
          frowns. She sits on Raban's shoulders, so only he can hear
          her, "So, it seems...
        GM: Ack. Sorry I saw the potion comment but not the talisman or
            I did and dwarves forgot to remind me.  I'll beat them later.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: 4:36:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell can't help but continue to smile as he drives the wagon
          northward through the city.  Adrenaline is flowing and the sheer
          fun of it is too much.  Arawn just glares as he listens to the

          [Time: 4:42:11 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell finally ends his tale, "that's when I got to the shop.
          Don't look at me that way.  I took the risk.  Traders are
          used to risk and how to assess them.  If it was in the middle
          of the street then I'd not have done it.  But we got lucky.
          I found him a nice alley for the ambush.  Not my fault the
          idiot didn't take public ways.  He figured shortcuts will help."

            "The runner will be fine.  They'll rough him up."  Kell
          glances at the road avoiding another cart.

            Etain speaks from the back, "how do you know this?"

            Kell shrugs, "this place was legit.  I've been in many
          underground and bad shops.  Most bad shops are so fearful
          of being robbed they store the money on site.  This did not.
          This place had that fancy device to detect the coins which
          is a very clever method of security.  Bad shops just take
          whatever including blood for their own security.  They
          know they just kill clients who cross them.  Plus as a trader
          I can read folks just like all three of us.  But in my case
          I can read humans by how they act.  This guy was upset about
          losing a hefty sum but knew he'd get the fees paid from it
          in early withdrawal.  So we got not even a hundred gold?  Most
          places like that deal in 500 or more gold a day.  This is
          a very minor amount.  One place in Ba'ru which deals in
          arm trades does transactions daily in the 4 figure amounts.
          No.  The guy will be roughed up but not killed.  The shop
          owner does not need attention by the city of a murder not
          for just 90 or whatever gold.  Now if it was 900 the guy
          might've been tossed off a dock with heavy chains.  But not
          for 90 or whatever we got."

            "Plus I wasn't stupid I made sure he couldn't see my
          face.  Folks by instinct cover their face when sand
          is hitting them. But then again we probably should not
          stay the night.  In the morning when they open and
          the messenger is questioned things will be figured out
          a bit more.  The shop owner will probably go after the
          Captain guy. Actually...."  He grins.  He considers his
          words a bit.  "I wish I could kill you."  He turns to
          Arawn. "Some way and very violently in public.  Know
          of a way?  If we can kill Mavac off the shop could take
          that as a double cross on the captain and give up any
          pursuit on him.  Plus it would let us leave the city
          without worry being tracked.  This other captain may have
          been legit.  But frankly I seriously doubt that.  This
          90 is half his so that's probably half a years pay?  Who
          has that kind of money as a captain?  He is friend with
          Mavac and doesn't know Mavac is dirty?  I say the Captain
          deserves what he gets."

          [Time: 4:51:02 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            With some bit of directions from street folks Kell finds
          the stables.  It takes up half the street in this area.  The
          North West gate to the highway is only about two blocks
          north of here. As a result this area is busy with traffic,
          shops and business.

            Kell stops and setss the wagon brakes.  "Guess we beat
          them here.  We should look around and see what they have.
          We have a week of travel so need good horses.  Who knows
          maybe we could keep a wagon?  Though we liberated this one.
          Well Raban did in an alley.  It should probably be given


          [Fremea's Group]
          [Time: 4:40:00 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

            As the others ride the horses or sit in the wagon Fremea
          decides to use Raban's shoulder.  Raban doesn't mind walking
          as he can use the time to recharge from the slave's death.

            After the party leaves the estate, Fremea shivers a bit and
          frowns. She sits on Raban's shoulders, so only he can hear her,
          "So, it seems that they wanted me to be a trained killer for
          humans. They got it half right at least. Should I have left
          them alive for the others to do what they wanted to them? They
          killed so many, either directly or indirectly." She wraps her
          arms around his neck and just holds on for a little while.

            After some walking Raban hugs the dangling legs of the small
          Faerry in affection.  "You did well.  I think if we had done
          this a year ago or even before the Katai thing you'd have
          killed them all.  Don't tell him this.  But I think Arawn has
          done some good influence on you.  Your people may want you to
          do the same thing.  I think in the end you will be best as a
          bind..a connection from your people to mine.  Only through
          understanding can we both live in harmony.  With Varange's
          influence the Fae will be guided to war and destruction.  As
          leader of the forces for your people he will see to it that
          the humans suffer for their deeds and infection on this land.
          We may not be able to stop him.  Not fully.  We can hinder his
          progress by stopping the device being built.  But maybe one day
          you can speak against him to the Monarchs and sway them to
          appoint a new Marshall.  But now I fear his influence on them
          is too strong.  So we must fight him in indirect ways of his
          influence through his plots and planning."

            "He gives a week to get to the capital.  We could do that
          in seconds.  But then what?  It is clear he needs time as well.
          Maybe a trap?  Probably a trap.  But maybe he can't get there
          faster than we can and needs that week himself. I'm proud
          of how you've handled things today.  I think your parents would
          be as well.  We shall see them again and I vow that this will
          end well.  If not I'll have to smash things very badly."

            This causes Fremea to giggle a bit and squeeze harder.  His
          neck is so large her arm doesn't even go a quarter the way around.

            Soon Fremea lands in the wagon for the ride back.  Raban takes
          to the sky to get to town first.

          [Time: 5:02:30 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

            Raban meets the party as they arrive at a smaller western gate.
          This one is open but not manned.  It is used clearly by farmers
          and peasants.  But there is little traffic here at this hour.
          Most have done their business by now.

          [Time: 5:18:20 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

            The party finally finds the stables and meets up with the others.

            Once they have gotten to the area they are meeting up with
          Arawn, Kell and Etain, she recovers herself. "Ok, it seems we
          have gained a bit of gold and other valuables that we can use
          for many purposes. There is still the matter of that mage that
          sent big apes to hurt us and that almost took out Raban. I say
          we find him and help him understand that is not ok. He may also
          have important information that will help us to know Varange's
          plans. And until I know he will not see me, I will not touch
          the painting."

            Kiet's mouth drops open surprised that the party may still be
          staying here.

            After Kell explains what they got in gold he asks.  "We are
          after this mage?  That's fine.  But I think another day here
          in town is dangerous.  This merchant you found will have family
          seeking him.  The moneylenders Mavac.  If this mage is still
          here which I doubt he'd be foolish.  Varange said or at least
          I thought you guys said he said that he was leaving to the
          Capital.  If this Mage is working with or even against him he
          may be tracking Varange as well."

            Raban nods, "why did the mage even attack us?  Probably either
          to help Varange in the military center or to prevent us from
          stopping him so he could.  I suspect he is working with Varange.
          So I suspect he is not here either.  So what do we do now?  Leave
          or stay?  How do we track the mage?  If Varange knows or uses this
          mage as a distraction then he'll send us on a ride chasing him
          giving him time to prepare."

          [Time: 5:30:00 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update...Monday...

          GM: A short update and early one.  I figure I'll get it out
              tonight since would be rushed tomorrow night.  If I get
              posts by Saturday I can work on Monday's update then or
              Monday night for the update if enough posts.

          GM: Things to consider/do

              * Mage how to track him.  I still have notes on Arawn's
                plan to do so.  But will this mean staying in the city
                and if so how long?  This will be up to Fremea.  If
                it is learned he is in city then you may have to stay
                some more time.  It will be dark in about 45 min to an
                hour this time of year.  So if you guys leave it might
                be best as soon as possible to get distance away from
                the city before camp is tended.  If travel at night then
                let me know how long before making camp.  If you leave

              * Mavac - Two mavac's now.  So if one is stopped let me know.
                Kell does have an inkling of an idea to kill one Mavac
                off in public but it would be tricky to leave a body unless
                there was like an explosion or something.  Those details
                would have to be determined if Mavac is "killed".

              * Will continue when these two things are determined.    Arawn
                and Kell will have almost 20 min before part arrives to
                look/inspect horses.  If travel by horse is assumed.  There
                are other shops around from messengers to general stores if
                need to do other actions.  Let me know. If you prefer to
                rent/buy a certain horse let me know.  Keep in mind the
                slowest mount demands the travel MR wise.  So if there are
                12 Riding Horse 3s and 1 I then the I's MR in miles per day
                will be determined for speed.  Keep in mind any payments
                for horse will be done by party treasure or personal money
                if personal let me know.  Can rent the horses and have
                them resent back from Donara or buy them outright and
                resell later.  Gold shares alone will be probably 15 gold
                per person roughly.

          GM: Treasure -
                                       To Party
                 Coins -    Gold    -    96
                            Silver  -    329
                            Copper  -    462

                 To Party -
                 Potion of Cure Poison, MEL 3  EL 2, 13 ounces
                 Gem : Small, nearly flawless, average clarity, Jacinth, 3.2 SC
                 Gem : Medium, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Jade, 6.4 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Snake 
Stone, 2.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, flawless, dull, Amethyst, 4.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, Garnet, 1.8 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Tourmaline, 3.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, nearly flawless, average clarity, 
Carbuncle, 5.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, slightly flawed, fine clarity, Topaz, 4.0 SC
                 Gem : Large, minimal flawed, average clarity, Lapiz 
Lazuli, 10.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Dark 
Ruby, 8.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, flawless, average clarity, Dark Ruby, 80.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Opal, 36.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Carbuncle, 32.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Snake Stone, 80.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, brilliant, Turquoise, 16.8 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, slightly flawed, brilliant, Ruby, 184.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Onyx, 27.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Snake 
Stone, 72.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, slightly flawed, average clarity, 
Star Sapphire, 50.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Carnelian, 15.0 SC
                 Jewel : Medium, minimal flawed, clouded, Snake Stone, 36.0 SC
                 Jewel : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 11.2 SC
                 Jewel : Small, nearly flawless, brilliant, Snake 
Stone, 38.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Tourmaline, 30.0 SC
                 Jewel : Large, slightly flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 9.6 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 9.6 SC
                 Jewel : Large, flawless, average clarity, Agate, 18.4 SC
                 Gold Gorget, 92 SC
                 Copper Necklace, 21 CC
                 Platinum Crown, 405 SC
                 Talisman of Attribute Effect, MEL 4  EL 2

                 Kiet Claims -
                   3 Battle Horn(s) - Exceptional design, value not sure
                   Statue, gold plated, 8 inches tall, bird of prey, 4 GC

                 Z'leyra Claims
                   65 piece(s) of clothing, silks, fine styles, various values

                If no arguments on Kiet/Z'leyra's claims by time party
                leaves city (could be Monday or who knows when) I'll assume
                it is ok and mark it on sheets.

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates

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