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I said the potion and the talisman we were keeping. You have the talisman going to the allies.


After the party leaves the estate, Fremea shivers a bit and frowns. She sits on Raban's shoulders, so only he can hear her, "So, it seems that they wanted me to be a trained killer for humans. They got it half right at least. Should I have left them alive for the others to do what they wanted to them? They killed so many, either directly or indirectly." She wraps her arms around his neck and just holds on for a little while.

Once they have gotten to the area they are meeting up with Arawn, Kell and Etain, she recovers herself. "Ok, it seems we have gained a bit of gold and other valuables that we can use for many purposes. There is still the matter of that mage that sent big apes to hurt us and that almost took out Raban. I say we find him and help him understand that is not ok. He may also have important information that will help us to know Varange's plans. And until I know he will not see me, I will not touch the painting."
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