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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   JH Hooten............YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
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      Game Update #121 in sequence (file #469)

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        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Kiet looks over the items and says n Katai "Why ....
        GM: Ack.

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea nods. Answering in Katai, "Yes, those were my ...
        GM: Ack.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra shows interest in some of the finer silks and clothing
          for herself as well as the gems and jewelry for the party. She
          will study the items of exceptional design for ideas to
          incorporate into future items she may make. The platinum crown
          she looks at and ponders if the material could be better used
          or if the value of the crown is about as much as one might expect
          from a item using that much platinum. She looks for any
          indication of what ceremonial purpose the crown was made for.

          Will thinks that having a potion of Cure Poison would be a good
          insurance policy.
        GM: Ack.  Itemize what you want specifically.  If others say
            anything they can.  You can duel to the death for it. I'd
            have to research value of the crown later.  Not sure how
            platinum relates now.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: 4:10:08 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn wasn't a fan of the affair he'd been requested to attend
          to. However noble the thought it was a rushed plan and if gold
          was needed then he was willing to give from his own pocket to aid
          the anti-slavery movement. This mission, to scam moneylenders was
          fraught with risk. And he was put even more on edge knowing the
          others were in a precarious situation without contingencies set
          in place. But now he was in the midst of it and he had nowhere
          else to go but forward if he was to succeed and hopefully avoid
          drawing attention to the party's actions. His only consolation
          was knowing that he could escape if need be but what of the

            Things had grown complicated, the moneylenders having moved
          forward at a rapid pace, acting before he could attempt to slow
          things down. The runner was already out the door seeking a
          messenger. And it seemed that the contract was going to prevent
          the liberation group from acquiring the majority of the monies.
          And of course there was the risk of an alarm being raised if
          Captain Novall was brought into the game.

            "The warehouse isn't secure," Arawn whispered to Kell, knowing
          the half-elf was aware of the druid's ability to sense truth.
          "Etain will trail the runner. to the messenger. And make sure
          the cart is secured."

            "I'll stall. Have them hand me the contract to review.
          Afterwards I'll cancel the deal and move the cart to the stables.
          Make sure Etain knows and have him secure something personal
          from the runner if the boy is turned from his task."

            Kell looks at Arawn and stares.  The quick plan is a bit
          vague in the short words.  But the half-elf nods.  He turns
          to the counter.  "Kind sir.  Could Mavac view the contract?
          His garrison is teaching a bit of contract law so he is curious
          how it reads.  I need to head out for a quick errand.  I shall
          return. "

            "Certainly here you go."  The chief moneylender smiles and
          hands it to Arawn.  Arawn heads to one of the empty seats when
          one of the guards stands up on orders to leave the chair.

            Kell leans closer to whisper.  "When he took down the murderer
          in the alley he was badly hurt.  He hopes to get healing from
          the money.  But if he seems agitated send him to the outhouse.
          He tends to...well..lose control."  Kell smiles and at a fast
          trot heads to the door.

            "Of course."  The man stares at Mavac and hopes there is no
          mess in his store.

            Kell grunts and wishes he had sign language.  He could warn
          Etain crossing the street.  He runs across the street and
          rounds the corner out of sight while watching the Runner
          at the messenger stand down the street.  There may still be
          time.  He moves toward one of the horses and begins to unfasten
          him from the wagon.  "No time to explain. Look around the corner.
          See the man in brown pants with the tan belt?  Watch him.  He
          may be hiring someone soon.  I need you to follow the boy he
          is hiring."

            Etain peers down the street and watches.  Arawn wanted the
          tasks reversed.  But Kell will adapt to the plan.  He walks over
          to Etain.  "Follow the boy.  Then-"  Kell stops when the Runner
          seems to make the deal with a boy of maybe 14.  He hands
          Etain 3 silver.  "Stop him.  Make something up like the moneylender
          revokes the task.  Something.  Go!"

            Etain shrugs a bit confused but trots down the street.  He is
          no city expert in trailing but the boy seems to be careless on
          what he is doing.  So even a beggar could follow him.

            Kell mounts the horse without saddle and knows that will
          look a bit odd.  But there is no time to fix that and plus
          there is no saddle.  Some farmers do this all the time though.
          Kell mounts and moves the horse down the street to chase the

            Kell sees a boy of maybe 10 and stops.  "Boy!  Want to earn
          a silver?"


            "Just watch the wagon here.  Don't let anyone take it.
          If that man in the shop there leaves dressed as a city
          guard...comes this way he'll pay you.  For now here is
          some copper for a down payment."

            "for how long?"

            "Maybe ten or so?"

            "Well...ok.  But I gotta get home soon before dark."

            Kell then trots off to find the runner.

            Inside Arawn casts a small sensory spell to enhance his
          hearing.  He listens to the conversations around him.  The
          guards are talking about gambling and girls.  The clerks
          are talking about transactions but nothing out of the ordinary.

            One man enters the store and deposits a bag of gold into his
          account as payment on his loan.  He then completes some

          [Time: 4:15:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Etain realizes one thing as he jogs after the boy.  This
          plan is a bit insane but also that he is a bit out of shape.
          The drinking must have touched him more.  After some time
          the Elf yells to the boy.  "Son!  Stop."  As  he pants trying
          to catch up.

            The boy ignores him as he is well trained.

            Etain yells, "the task is rescinded by the moneylender. "

            The boy continues on.

            "I'll pay you twice as much for the time."

            The boy stops at that.  Etain shakes his head.  Even with
          good training greed always wins out.  The boy turns and glares.
          "What do you want?"

            "The run is ended...no need to finish your message."  Etain
          realizes he wasn't told why the boy is being sent out.

            "I'm paid to complete tasks.  Once ordered we do not refund."

            "Course not son.  I can offer you two silver for your time."

            "For three minutes of work?  I'd get fired."

            "Never.  Use the money and be absent a bit.  Then return
          to your station."

            "That is wrong mister....Now...if I got say..three silver
          I could certainly void the order."  He smiles and raises
          a open palm toward Etain.

            Etain hands over two coins and stops. "The other one soon.
          What were you asked to do?"

            the boy frowns.  "You said the moneylender sent you?"

            Etain nods, "yes but I need to ensure I got the right boy."
          Etain hopes to rely on the education of youths today.

            "To find a Captain at the garrison and send him there."

            "Yes."  He plops the final coin in the boy's hand who quickly
          palms it and looks around.  He turns and starts to leave.

            "Your still heading the direction you were going?"

            "Old dude...the order is done.  I'm off to a nice place where
          they sell the best smoking herbs in town."

            Etain smiles and moves back down the street to the cart.

            Inside the store the depositor has left and another man
          enters.  This one gives a coin to the clerk and the man
          checks it.  "how can we help you today mister Enir?"

            "Want to add to my loan another 50 gold."

            "Certainly.  Just a moment."  The clerks consult some books
          under the counter and confer.  Arawn can tell they are
          sizing the deal up.  The man seems to be paying on a regular
          basis.  Only one late payment but it was paid back in full.
          Finally they agree and new terms are signed and appended
          to the man's contract.

            Etain returns to the wagon and finds the boy.  "Go away."


            "Was guarding this thing.  Till I get paid."  He growls
          at Etain who almost laughs at the fierce boy.

            "I see.  Was that the strange man with the nice boots with
          the curve shaped heels and that nice belt with the symbol of
          a lightning bolt on the buckle?"

            "That was him."

            "he's my pal, Kell."

            "Good for you move away."

            That makes Etain laugh a bit.  "How much?"

            "A silver."  The boy doesn't fully explain the down payment.
          Just how much he was hired for.

            Etain sighs and digs in his pouch.  He grumbles that he will
          need to be paid back.  No silver.  But he finds a few copper.
          "I have...8 copper."

            "Well...I dunno." The boy does the math in his head and tries
          to count on his fingers without being obvious.  That is 8 plus
          5..that is 12...no..13?  Dad taught him a bit about money.  That
          should be a full silver.  The boy looks up and takes the coins
          and hops off the wagon.  "Have at it.  I'm outta here."

          [Time: 4:22:18 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell tracks the runner who is on foot.  Kell tries to be
          slow and deliberate about it.  But he gains little attention.

            Soon the man finds a warehouse that is 5 blocks north of the
          shop.  It is a two story place but seems small for a industrial
          complex.  Kell watches and tries to see details.  The man
          enters and Kell sees at least 3 others inside near the door
          well armed and with chainmail.  Kell tries to look for magic
          and can see faint auras around the doors and windows.

            Kell knows they have little time today to take on another
          project.  If there is money inside it would require a large
          force.  He could sneak in but risk capture and endanger the
          party.  He doesn't know how Fremea is faring at the estate.
          But has to decide what to do soon.

          [Time: 4:33:11 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell is about to leave and return to the shop when he sees one
          man bring a horse around to the front.  There must be a small
          stall out back.  Then the runner exits a minute later with
          a large leather pouch.  Kell realizes this must be the gold
          Mavac is taking out.

            Kell figures in just 5 blocks on a horse the man will get
          to the shop in a couple minutes.  The runner mounts and moves
          out fast.  Kell tries to follow and recalls the route.  There
          is a spot behind a shop that is not an alley but where the
          man will likely have to cross.  Kell orders the horse to speed
          up and over pass the runner on a side street.  If he can
          cut him off at the pass.

            Kell now with only 2 blocks from the shop is at the back
          shop area of a potter shop it looks.  There is no one here.
          The main street is only about 30 feet north of the alley.
          But this has to be the place.  He hides behind a stack of
          crates and waits.  Kell knows he doesn't want to harm the
          man so his first plan is out.  A nice whirlwind would be fun
          but too dangerous.  So Kell builds up energy for a quick spell
          and tosses it between the two buildings.

            The runner soon gallops forward toward that same spot but
          does not see the almost invisible Spider web spell.  The
          man is suddenly jerks off his saddle and knocked to the
          ground as the horse continues on.

            Kell wishes he hadn't left Squirt in the wagon sleeping.
          Kell then stands and tosses another spell at the man.  The
          sudden Wall of Sand lunges up from the ground and slams the
          man fully onto his side and forces him to roll onto his
          stomach trying to block his eyes from the sand.

            Kell mounts and grabs his javelin.  He rushes forward
          on the wagon and reaches down to grab the strap of the
          discarded pouch from near the man.  The bag almost falls
          off the javelin but Kell is able to just balance it as he
          moves down the alley as fast as he can.

            Kell smiles and moves toward where Etain and the cart is.
          He jumps off the horse even before it stops and tosses the
          pouch into the wagon.  He waves at Etain and moves toward
          the shop.

            Arawn is now bouncing his knee up and down in nervous
          agitation.  A human trait he has seen some humans do.  The
          clerks stare and speak up.  "How about we help you to the
          outhouse Mavac?"

            Mavac looks up and realizes what he was doing.  Before
          he could shake his head Kell rushes in.  Almost 25 minutes
          after he left.  He pants and moves toward Arawn and smiles.
          "Got our supplies as requested.  So how are things here?"

            Arawn shrugs and taps the contract.  The head clerk probably
          the owner speaks up, "it shouldn't be too long.  Those
          boys find things fast for us.  Maybe twenty minutes?  We do
          close in about 25 minutes or so though."

            Kell nods, "of course.  I'll just relax here with Mavac."

            The owner looks at Kell.  "Do you need to dust off?"

            Kell looks down and realizes he has a bit of sand all over
          his clothing.  "Sorry.  I tripped on the street.  I'll just
          head outside and dust off."

            Just then the runner rushes in with no bag.  He runs to
          the counter and Kell realizes it is too late to get Arawn
          out of the store.

            "I...I was robbed I think!"


            "Something knocked me off the horse and this sand storm or
          whatever suddenly hit me like a earthquake!  I couldn't
          see a thing!  When it was over ...my bag..." He realizes the
          customers are there and lowers his voice but the good ears of
          the Elves can hear.  "...it was gone."

            The owner snarls and slams a fist on the counter.  "You
          idiot!  There are no sand storms in this city."

            "But..but it happened."

            "After you suddenly 'lost' that small merchant's gold
          deposit last month saying it was misplaced by the tavern
          staff and now this? Your done.  Leave.  Don't come back."

            Kell stands and takes he risk.  "So our money is gone?"

            "I'm afraid so this idiot lost it.  I'll send another
          runner to get the money out from our personal funds.  We'll
          still honor our contract.  This will take a bit of time

            Kell feigns anger, "I thought this place was secure and
          honest!  I can't believe this."  He looks to Arawn and
          asks without saying it if its time to leave.  "We have
          other things to do.  I think we should return tomorrow.
          I do expect though a small reduction in your fees for
          this ...accident."

            Arawn stands and hands the contract over.

            "Of course.  We can talk about that tomorrow morning?"

            Kell and Arawn move toward the door.  Kell adds over his
          shoulder.  "We shall see.  Very disappointed.  Here I was
          going to shift my guild's money here."

            Both leave the store just as the clerk begins to move
          out of the back.  "But..." Then the two are gone.  Kell
          can't see it but Arawn can hear muffled noises like the
          guards must be giving the runner a parting gift with fists
          and boot.

            Kell rushes Arawn toward the wagon.  "Let's move fast.
          This guy isn't dumb but if he puts it together."

            Etain has now readied the horse to the wagon and has
          looked at the bag but not inside.  Arawn is sad that
          the money could not be found and boards the wagon.  Kell
          drives the wagon away and begins to grin.  He points to
          the bag behind Arawn.

            Etain in the back of the wagon hands the bag over to
          Arawn who opens it.  Inside there is a large amount of
          gold. A single parchment seems to be a total amount as
          if a receipt.  It reads - 89 gold.

            Kell drives the wagon toward the stables to meet the others.

          [Time: 4:36:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]


          [Fremea's Group]
          [Time: 4:38:22 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Z'leyra finds Raban and tries to console him.

            Z'leyra tells Raban. "Sorry. I was trying to paralyze that
          guard's muscles, but I need to center myself using the drum
          before I can cast that spell. I did not expect him to effectively
          commit suicide."

            Raban stares with a grim face.  "Sometimes people are just
          that desperate.  Magic is not always the best solution.  Sometimes
          it is just words.  Though frankly I suspect even the best talker
          could not have swayed him.  If magic had been the best solution
          it would've been fast and instant before he could've reacted.
          I've seen death before.  But this one was especially hard.  I
          make it my life to protect females.  To see one die so badly....
          It will take time."  He raises his large meaty hands and stares.
          "Sometimes the strength of a god can't fix things.  Sometimes
          might is not right."  He lowers his hands in despair.  "What
          was the best solution here?  I just don't know."  He then walks
          around to find the others.

          [Time: 4:47:12 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kiet stares at the stack of loot and dreams of future doings.

            Kiet looks over the items and says in Katai, "Why don't we keep
          the gems and all jewelry, then split the coin with our allies?
          They can do what they wish with the rest.  Except, I would like
          to see if we could keep the small statue of the bird and the
          horns.  They are interesting items."

            Fremea nods. Answering in Katai, "Yes, those were my thoughts,
          though the only other thing I want to keep with us is the crown.
          I believe it will also be useful to keep the potion and talisman."

            Talking Roerick, "this estate could be used for other purposes,
          or you could burn it down as an example, either way it is yours.
          We have no claim on this place. As for the wealth, we will need
          some of it to take with us for our work else where, but the coins
          will be split with you (40/60% we get the lesser). We will take
          the gems and jewelry, along with a few extra items that we can
          turn into coin later (just easier to carry), but everything else
          will be yours to do with as you see fit. There are many pieces
          here you can use or sell off to help these slaves."

            Roerick crosses his arms across his chest.  He doesn't look
          upset just in thought.  He turns to some of his men who are
          gathered and whispers with them for a couple minutes.  Then
          he turns.  "Deal.  I appreciate the help.  You and your friends
          may have saved countless lives.  The count and his papers will
          free many slaves in various cities from here to Xian.  It may
          take months or years.  But we have plenty of things to do.  Sadly,
          this will be a full time thing for us now.  I suspect some of my
          men will have to stop their lives like farming.  Some may not
          be able to.  But this...wealth will help to fund new allies."

            From the parlor a woman yells, "that winged demon must not
          take the crown!  Kill her!  The crown belongs here in our
          land not her weird nature loving, evil thing worshiping land."
          The voice seems to be the wife of the Count.  But she is quickly
          subdued by one of Roerick's men and a gag.

            Roerick grins slightly, "our culture is simply....hateful to
          your kind.  That goes centuries.  It is that which they do not
          understand.  It is like magic.  If they fear they will lose
          their soul or whatever then they fear it.  We've seen today
          that both your kind and magic can be useful to the greater good.
          For that I am grateful."  He walks the few feet toward Fremea
          and lowers his voice so the prisoners do not hear.  "If you
          need to find me.  There is a bakery on Enis street.  One of my
          men owns it.  Simply mention my name and give a bit details of
          this day for security.  They can give  you information on where
          I may be in the future."

            Fremea looks at the rest of the guards, "do what you will with
          them. If they were slaves, but had to do guard work, it is
          possible they could be of help, especially if they have loved
          ones else where, but otherwise,  dispatch them in the manner of
          your choosing. As for the count, his wife, the merchant and the
          aide, again those are for you to get information out of them.
          Turn them over to the royals, kill them, whatever needs to be
          done. This is now your fight, I have my closure to being enslaved
          in this city and am grateful for your assistance in hopefully
          stopping here. I will warn you though, if I hear of it going the
          other way, and any of your 'allies' start it up, I will be back to
          take that side down. This city should remain as slave free as
          possible and allow people, of any race, to live to their fullest.
          You have seen what I am, though not all of my mind are nice or
          pleasant to humans, there are many others that just want to be
          treated fairly too. Maybe I can show my race that there is at
          least one city we can be safe in to play, but not harm others."

            Roerick steps back a few and turns around to look around as
          if thought.  "This city...this nation will never be 100% slave
          free.  That is impossible."  He turns to Fremea then continues,
          "from the merchant who uses debt as an excuse for indentured
          service to the road bandit who captures some kid.  But I assure
          you as a big organization as the Count's it can be stopped. As
          to the royals we may consider that.  The problem is the capital
          is aware slavery exists they do not openly fight against it.  But
          we may have other ways like the graff, road bandits and river
          pirates who affect commerce to deal justice.  But we will decide
          that later."

            When Fremea is done, she looks around and realizes she may
          have said too much at once. At that she shrugs, flaps her wings
          and flies to go outside for a little bit. It is getting too stuffy
          inside. "Oh, we will need at least one of the carts and a couple
          of extra horses for it." As she flies out.

            Raban raises a meaty hand to stop her.  "Wait.  There is one
          thing I need to know.  You may want to join me."

            Fremea stops and realizes Raban does not demand things often.
          So she walks behind him.  Raban finds the count on the couch
          in the parlor with his wife and aide.  Raban stares at him.  "Who
          decided to take the Fae as slaves?  Her kind."  He points to Fremea.

            The count ignores Raban and glares.  Raban sighs and lifts one
          of the nice chairs that could feed a peasant for 3 months if sold.
          He simply punches a hand through the thick wooden seat of the
          chair.  "Just warming up.  Now who is next?"

            The aide perks up, "it was Mavac!"  He stares at Kiet at the
          doorframe and glares.  "He did.  Why he has betrayed us it is
          probably money."

            "De-mo-on -ile -gic-", the wife of the count tries to muffle
          through the gag.

            The aide continues, "Mavac felt that the ...they could be
          used for trained assassins and thieves.  A small silent
          army of slaves.  But they were not...all agreeable.  The
          Count allowed it but decided it would bring too much attention
          to him."  The Count sits back and sighs and glares.

            Raban nods and then leaves the room.  "That solves that bit
          of mystery.  Simple greed."

            Fremea then leaves and heads outside into the bright sun.

            Kiet looks at small gold bird statue.  He heads over to Roerick
          and holds out some gold coins in his palm.   He offers to pay
          for the statue and horns.

            Roerick looks shocked.  "That much for these things?  I think
          you are giving too much.  I'm no expert on these things.  But
          the horns are mostly for hunters it looks like."

            Will ambles over and inspects the horns.  Being a woodsman
          he has seen many noble hunts.  On inspection he comments this
          is some of the best he has seen.  A noble of high birth would
          be using these not some simple knight.  For some collectors
          they could both be worth a few gold easy. These based on
          the designs seem to be for day hunting.  One has designs of
          birds like they must hunt birds.  The other has the picture
          of a fox which is so typical for noble hunts.

            Roerick shrugs, "I'll take half of that pile in your hands unless
          you care to donate to our cause?"

          [Time: 4:58:16 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            The party now leaves the estate and moves back to the city.
          Once they are a mile away the allies start to move and
          organize a bit.  From the doorway Roerick and another man
          watch the party leave.

            "Was that fair?"

            "The coins?  Sure.  This place alone is worth much more."

            The man looks at Roerick, "did you tell them about the

            "That the papers seem to indicate he is behind the river
          pirates?  Somewhat.  But not that he could get us a thousand
          gold in ransom.  That I didn't."  He smiles and nods. "That
          gold will be worth building our group.  Do I believe he can
          pay us that much? Probably not.  Maybe a few hundred at best."

            "We need to get our men healed from their wounds..."  They
          both move inside and start the clean up.

                         --------- Times ---------

          [Time: 4:40:00 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn
          [Time: 5:00:00 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Fremea's group

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          GM: Treasure -
                                     To Allies  To Party
                 Coins -    Gold    -     10       7+89
                            Silver  -    230     329
                            Copper  -    680     462

                 To Party -
                 Potion of Cure Poison, MEL 3  EL 2, 13 ounces
                 Gem : Small, nearly flawless, average clarity, Jacinth, 3.2 SC
                 Gem : Medium, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Jade, 6.4 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Snake 
Stone, 2.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, flawless, dull, Amethyst, 4.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, Garnet, 1.8 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Tourmaline, 3.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, nearly flawless, average clarity, 
Carbuncle, 5.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, slightly flawed, fine clarity, Topaz, 4.0 SC
                 Gem : Large, minimal flawed, average clarity, Lapiz 
Lazuli, 10.0 SC
                 Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Dark 
Ruby, 8.0 SC
                 Gem : Medium, flawless, average clarity, Dark Ruby, 80.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Opal, 36.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Carbuncle, 32.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Snake Stone, 80.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, brilliant, Turquoise, 16.8 SC
                 Jewelry : Medium, slightly flawed, brilliant, Ruby, 184.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Onyx, 27.0 SC
                 Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, fine clarity, Snake 
Stone, 72.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, slightly flawed, average clarity, 
Star Sapphire, 50.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Carnelian, 15.0 SC
                 Jewel : Medium, minimal flawed, clouded, Snake Stone, 36.0 SC
                 Jewel : Medium, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 11.2 SC
                 Jewel : Small, nearly flawless, brilliant, Snake 
Stone, 38.0 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Tourmaline, 30.0 SC
                 Jewel : Large, slightly flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 9.6 SC
                 Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, 
Turquoise, 9.6 SC
                 Jewel : Large, flawless, average clarity, Agate, 18.4 SC
                 Gold Gorget, 92 SC
                 Copper Necklace, 21 CC
                 Platinum Crown, 405 SC

                 Kiet Claims -
                   3 Battle Horn(s) - Exceptional design, value not sure
                   Statue, gold plated, 8 inches tall, bird of prey, 4 GC

                 Z'leyra Claims
                   65 piece(s) of clothing, silks, fine styles, various values

                 To Allies -
                    Swords - 27
                    Chainmain - 4 Suits
                    Fighting Daggers - 25
                    Pikes  - 3
                    Battle Axe, Exceptional design, possible ceremonial
                    2 Banded Ring Mail(s)
                    Utensils, Crystals, Plates - Silver, Crystal, gold - 3 Gold
                    Statue, metal, 4 feet tall, warrior, 1 GC
                    Paintings (8), estimated total value 12 GC
                    57.0 yards of cloth, 114.0 CC
                    Talisman of Attribute Effect, MEL 4  EL 2

               For claim disagreements go for it using normal
               rules.  If problems then resolve it among yourselves

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates

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