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Er...crowd control...sheesh...

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> Kiet is very well pleased at his spell handiwork, and simply smiles smugly.
> Kiet calls out to the men and says "You were used by the fiend that killed the admiral to slow us down.  We have been hunting him or it for a time."
> Kiet looks down at this strange little faerry.  He wonders what she is thinking but does not wonder for long.  He then says in Katai "That was me.  I threw out a Tumble spell to break up the mob, and mob they were.  They weren't likely to listen to us before...at least now they must take pause.  They are fortunate I chose not to harm them...but I thought you would frown upon me doing anything more to them than just knocking their heads together."
> "They were dupes.  Fools.  I would like to find this boy they spoke of and (gently!) question him.  Perhaps we could find out more about our new foe."
> If any of them decides to be brave (I.e. foolish) Kiet will use his rings to burn them down.  Once at most for each ring.
> Off topic...kinda...I was thrilled to be able to use that spell...SO much fun!  Perfect for cloud control.
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