[pnpgm] Kiet to Fremea

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Fri Sep 13 05:01:38 CEST 2013

Kiet is very well pleased at his spell handiwork, and simply smiles smugly.

Kiet calls out to the men and says "You were used by the fiend that killed the admiral to slow us down.  We have been hunting him or it for a time."

Kiet looks down at this strange little faerry.  He wonders what she is thinking but does not wonder for long.  He then says in Katai "That was me.  I threw out a Tumble spell to break up the mob, and mob they were.  They weren't likely to listen to us before...at least now they must take pause.  They are fortunate I chose not to harm them...but I thought you would frown upon me doing anything more to them than just knocking their heads together."

"They were dupes.  Fools.  I would like to find this boy they spoke of and (gently!) question him.  Perhaps we could find out more about our new foe."

If any of them decides to be brave (I.e. foolish) Kiet will use his rings to burn them down.  Once at most for each ring.

Off topic...kinda...I was thrilled to be able to use that spell...SO much fun!  Perfect for cloud control.

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