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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #46 in sequence (file #187)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           "Fremea!  Raban!  You two head around back and see if...
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Arawn held a plethora of questions in check at Etain's...

           "There is much to be shared but your immediate concerns...
           Gorlic Estate:

           With Raban's discovery of a locked gate Arawn began to...

           "Touch the sapphire to the lock if you wish to open to ...
         GM: Ack.

         From David: [Re: Posts]
           Anybody?  So far two of us have posted since the last

           Did we lose everybody?

           I get the distinct feeling of an empty echo...echo...
         GM: Ack. Well all but Unali/Kell/Z posted.  But yeah.
             I was holding the game per request by Tobie so he
             could catch up and post. I will do that anytime since
             stuff gets in the way including my own life.

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Fremea listens to Etain intently. Not because his story...

           "later, even though I really want to see it."
         GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 3:18pm - South Salaqara - near Burz's home]

            As the party moves down the street, Arawn catches up
          after implanting some memories in the maid's mind.

            Arawn held a plethora of questions in check at Etain's
          request, Trusting that when the group finally made their way
          to a secure location answers would be forthcoming. In reply to
          the Elf's questions Arawn replied,

            "There is much to be shared but your immediate concerns
          shall take precedence. When we have the time and privacy we
          shall speak at length. For now let us see if we may catch the
          other hunter before they reach their goal."


          [Time: 3:45pm - South Salaqara - Streets]

            When Etain enters the shop to get directions for the Gorlic
          estate the party murmur among themselves.  Niko just looks
          bored but when he sees a cute girl walk by he smiles and
          smoothes down his hair.

            Kiet moves closer to Fremea and begins to whisper a few
          words to her in hushed tones.  Fremea replies back in
          hushed whispers and Kiet steps back a foot as if shocked
          by some comment.  His face clearly shows a bit of surpise
          by her reaction.  Then the acrobat gets closer again and
          speaks a few more words and smiles.

            Etain exits the shop and begins to lead the party toward
          the destination he has in mind.

            Fremea listened to Etain intently. Not because his story is
          compelling or even in the slightest possible way fully true, but
          because she is looking for any clues about her parents and what
          she needs to do to get them back. There have been way too many
          lies coming from this one for her life. This is not the time to
          trust him. There are a couple of times that he pauses, and she
          guesses he is leaving out something sensitive or maybe even
          important. It could be what she keeps to herself, but there
          seems to be still something more than that.

            As they pass the street towards the gallery, she feels a
          pulling to keep going, though she really wants to get a good
          look at the paintings. She shakes her head at Arawn with his
          looking at her, "later, even though I really want to see it."

            Fremea keeps her eye on Etain even when Kiet pulls her to
          the side really quick. Back to Raban, "Yes, he is not to be
          trusted at all. He may be many possible things and looking unkempt
          is one of those. I told you that I had been trained to do many
          things, and he was one of those trainers."

            Raban can see Fremea's pain in her face and frowns.  He feels
          sad and angry.  He balls his fist and could bash the Elf in but
          he only waits for her command.  The small Faerry may still need
          use for him so will not squish his skull in for now.


          [Time: 4:10pm - South Salaqara - Gorlic's Estate street]

            At the Gorlic estate, Raban informs of the locked gate.
          Kiet looks to Fremea who eyes the estate with some wonder.
          To a winged person this locked gate is nothing to worry
          about.  But she does forget about the others.  Kiet acts
          on the situation and speaks up.

            At the Manor, when she notices the guards laying on the
          ground, she quickly shakes off her disguise, not really needed
          anymore and takes to the sky to see the whole place. If Raban
          follows, she will point to the back, taking Kiet's suggestion
          and fly that way. Her dagger will be ready, along with making
          sure her bracelet that protects against Kotothi is on. She will
          use her mana sensing training to make sure she is not surprised
          again by whatever pushed her before.

            Niko stares at the small girl taking off her dress.  He likes
          girls but to see a child naked might be a odd situation for the
          young man. Then she unfurls her wings and leaps to the air.
          The eyes of the bearer bulge out and his jaw drops.  He steps
          back a foot and then shakes his head.  This may result in a very
          large confidential bonus for sure.  Kiet sighs and has no time
          to correct that scene.

            "Fremea!  Raban!  You two head around back and see if there
          is a rear entrance and go on in.  Will and Kell, go around the
          left side.  Arawn and Z'leyra take the right.  If either of you
          find a way in, use it..but you might want to keep one of you
          outside to watch.  Unali and I will check the front.  Niko, you
          and Etain stay here and see if you can do anything for this poor
          fellow."  Kiet gestures toward the man laying next to the gate.
          He then draws his sword and heads toward the front door, leaving
          the painting with Etain and Niko.

            Kiet moves toward the gate and slams right into it finding
          it locked.  He can't get inside to the grounds or the poor
          man yet.  He looks back sheepishly forgetting what Raban just
          said.  Raban nods and grins a bit.

            Raban turns to the others, "I could just ...hop over and
          carry folks two at a time if needed."

            With Raban's discovery of a locked gate Arawn began to slip
          off a bejeweled torc as he moved to examine the man lying beside
          the gate.

            "Touch the sapphire to the lock if you wish to open to the
          gate," he said, ready to hand the item over to anyone wishing
          to use it.

            Raban takes the item and places it on the lock.  With a few
          sudden clicks and a twang the lock unlocks.  Raban opens the
          gate and hands the item back to Arawn.

            Arawn then leaned forward, his keen eyes scanning the ground
          for any sign of recent tracks that might indicate the potential
          assassin's passage before examining the fallen figure.

            Fremea takes to the air and flies toward the house.  Raban
          takes a few seconds to realize what is going on and then enters
          the grounds and leaps to the air.  Niko doesn't seem surprised
          to see a flying giant at this point but just looks like he found
          a bag of gold on the ground

            Arawn opens the gate end enters with Will behind him.  Both
          men kneel down to check out the guard behind the gate.  He
          is alive but knocked out.  Both can see his sword and dagger
          are still sheathed making it appear he was surprised.  The
          only obvious wound is on his forehead.  Looks like he was
          slammed into the iron gate with force enough to knock him out.
          He will have a severe headache but the bruise will fade from
          his head soon.

            Kell urges Will to run after him toward the left side.  As
          they round the corner they can see two small structures.  The
          first is about 130 feet behind the left edge of the house.
          Based on the look it is likely a outhouse.  The other one
          is about 60 feet behind it or 190 odd feet from the front
          of the house.  Unlike the wooden first structure this is
          more sturdy looking of wood.  Based on the front door it
          is probably a shed or shop of some kind.

            Once inside the gate, Arawn looks for tracks.  The path
          from the gate to the front porch is well worn out.  There
          are many tracks so it is hard to say who has come or gone.
          Most are boots and some look to be well made shoes.  To the
          left side the bright green well trimmed grass shows no sign
          of tracks at all.  To the right there are some in the grass
          but they seem to be boots as well.  From that direction there
          appears to be signs of horses likely from the barn.

            Around the guard though there seems to be a flurry of boot
          tracks but it hard to tell if recent or days old.  The dirt
          path is probably reshaped every few days from foot traffic
          alone and rains.  Will finishes the body search and finds
          nothing unusual just a few coins and the man's uniform
          which is not bloody or torn in any fashion.  Will runs
          after Kell to catch up.

            Arawn also runs after Z'leyra who has moved toward the
          right base don Kiet's suggestion.  Z'leyra wonders who
          made him suddenly the boss.  She thought Fremea was declared
          leader.  But she knows that for Katai others had to take
          charge as well.  Z'leyra can clearly see the barn now as what
          it should be.  A small simple wooden window shows inside with
          about 6 horses inside small stalls.  She can only imagine
          that they must be there short term or they'd get upset at
          their small stalls.  But there seems to be no one else inside.

            Arawn catches up and joins Z'leyra moving toward the side
          of the house on the right.  All the while looking for windows
          and looking inside.

            Etain motions for Niko to enter through the gate and
          wait inside the property.  Best not to be standing around
          on the street.  Etain looks around left and right as if
          looking for something.

            Unali with daggers in hand and Kiet with sword out moves
          toward the front porch.  They check the two guards who
          are uniformed as well.  Both find them to be dead.  One
          from a slice in his neck from some blade and the other stabbed
          deep in the lung by a blade probably a small sword.  Based
          on the pool of blood and body temperature they probably have
          not been dead for too long.

            Unali checks the front door and finds it cracked open a bit.
          She moves inside and with Kiet following behind.  Silently they
          move from foyer to front parlor to a few other rooms.

            Flying overhead Fremea and Raban can tell from the roof there
          are two fireplaces I the east side of the home and one on the
          north back side of the home.  A small fire chute may be a kitchen
          on the east side as well.  Looking up from about 30 feet up the
          neighboring grounds are empty and no one is seen.

            Fremea reaches the back first and notices a back door.  She
          see the other two structures on the left but figures they are
          utility buildings.  She lands on the ground and eyes the windows.
          There is one window (H21) that looks open.  The curtains are
          flapping in the wind and she eyes the ground for tracks but
          sees nothing but a small garden of bushes along the back wall.

            Soon Raban lands and points out the back door to Fremea.
          Fremea knows the giant can take care of himself and waves
          him inside.  She moves toward the window.

            Inside Unali finds a man this time not in uniform but
          dressed like a city worker or servant in light tans and
          black pants.  This man in his 20s is knocked out but not
          dead.  Unali can tell from the side of his left temple he
          was knocked out.

            Kiet can hear movement inside a room down the hall and
          waves for Unali to join him.  Kiet rounds the corner and
          enters a room which is a den/library of some sort.  As
          he enters the room Kiet can see Fremea climbing in the window
          on the back wall on the left side of a desk.  Unali joins
          Kiet just as Fremea lands on the red carpeted floor.  All
          three eye each other then eye the man sprawled out on the
          thick leather desk chair.

            The man dressed clearly in naval uniform with bars has to
          be the Admiral.  He is in his 40s and quite muscular.  Fremea
          checks his pulse and sighs.  She inspects the wound in his
          chest just at his heart.  A deep puncture wound by some kind
          of blood.  The blood is still wet and not thick which means
          he died not long ago.

            Suddenly from the front of the house Niko's voice is heard.
          He is shouting something.  Then he must've found the new
          body and yelps.  Then he continues.  He gasps trying to
          speak fast.  Kiet and the others join him in the hallway.
          "Men at the gate..a dozen or so...saying we killed the
          guards!  They are trying to get past Etain at the gate!

            Kiet looks to Unali and rushes past her.  If Etain dies
          there is little chance of finding her parents without some
          of his help.  Raban, Kiet, Fremea and Unali head toward
          he front porch.  Fremea is first to see a bunch of guys
          at the gate trying to get past Etain.  Etain is pleading
          with them but will soon be overwhelmed by the mob.

            "There they are! They are attacking the admiral!" One

            "Fetch the city guards!" Another shouts.

            "Save the admiral!"  A third yells and pushes Etain back.

            three of the men push Etain back and he falls to the ground
          over the guard's feet.  The people on the porch seem to
          count at least 8 entering through the gate.

            These men in their 20s and 30s are tough street looking
          citizens.  They are not so well dressed but based on their
          dull grays and blacks they must be workers of hard labor.
          Those who can see at this distance see some tattoos and
          that's when they are figured to be dock workers  That
          may explain their loyalty to the admiral or maybe they
          are just sailors on his ships.

            "I can grab him and you guys can flee out the back over
          the tall hedge?"  Raban looks down to Fremea.

            The men entering the grounds are now 50 feet from the
          porch.  They are carrying daggers, knives, branches from
          the ground, some even rocks and a few carry clubs.

            "What...what is going on here!?"  A voice is heard
          behind the group at the front porch.  Unali can see
          the man who was knocked out standing with hand to his

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Monday...

          GM: Wanted to do a bit more.  But I ran out of time.  I'll
              try more next week.  But I think its a good place to stop.
              Next week I'm off Monday and Thursday so can work on
              updates early if things work out.  Forgot about the
              pets again.  But added info below the updated map.

              Couple details not followed in update due to time.
              Side Door K16 near Kell/Will.
              Arawn/Z'lerya will not likely hear the noise out front as
              they are 140 feet from the front of the house and then around
              the corner.
              Slight hcance that Will (80) and Kell (100' away) from th
              efront of the house may hear the noise.

          GM: Map of Area -

              /I\ = North
               1 Row = 10 feet
               1 column = 10 feet

                   1         2         3         4         5         6
         C        I  ___                                    I
         D        I  [ ] <Shed?                             I
         E        I  [_]                                    I
         F        I                                         I
         G        IOuthouse?        Door                    I
         H        I\___  ____________/_____________         I
         I        I [ ]  :                        : A Z     I
         J        I [_]  :                        :         I
         K        I      /                        :         I
         L        I      :                        :         I
         M        I   K  :                        :         I
         N        I      :                        :         I
         O        I W    :                        :         I
         P        I      :                        :         I
         Q        I      :                        :         I
         R        I      :                        :         I
         S        I      :                        :         I
         T        I      :                        :         I
         U        I      :                        :         I
         V        I      :        Estate          :    [@@] I
         W  House I      :____________[,,]________:    [@@] I House
         X        I           ...                      [__] I   3
         Y   1    I<-Shrub    ...                   Barn-^  I
         Z        I   I                                     I
        aa        I  \I/              XXXX                  I
        cc                           Gate
        dd                       Street
        ff=                                  =
        gg=                                  =##
        hh=##                                =
        ii=                                  =
        jj=                                ##=
        kk=                                  =<--Dock
        ll                              ======
        mm                                 **=
        nn                        Sailboat>**=
        oo                                 **=
        pp                                 **=
        qq                                 **=
        rr                                   =

           I = 10 foot tall shrub
           : = Side of estate walls
           = = wooden docks
           * = Sailboat
           . = Garden/outside furniture
           @ = Barn?
          ## = Rowboats

         Distance from Gate to arched foyer/front door 50 feet.
         Behind the home is not known or seen from this angle.

       Arawn   - [A] - I43
       Z'leyra - [Z] - I45
       Will    - [W] - O11
       Kell    - [K] - M13
       Niko, Fremea, Raban,   - Front porch [W30-W31] [Not shown]
       Niko, Kiet, Unali      - Front porch [W30-W31] [Not Shown]

       Admiral - I21 rough location [Dead]
       Man inside awake standing - T31 not shown about 20' behind porch
       Two dead on front porch - Not shown
       8 Men at gate - aa29-aa32 Marked with Xs
       Etain - At gate on ground

       Corona - Top of house over porch
       Will's Wolf with him.

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