[pnpgm] Game Update #46 - File #187 - Mob-tastic!

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Fremea hears the noise of the people busting their way in. She hears Raban, shakes her head and just wonders how this happened so quickly. "No, leave the Admiral. Raban, I want you to be a stop for the group that is about to come charging in. Let's do our best to not hurt them. We want them on our side. Unali, I need you to make sure the guard is ok and to help him help us stop this rush. We must find information quickly."

She puts on her enchanted disguise headband as she speaks. "Weapons away for now."

With Raban in the front, she peeks around the massive thigh as a the disguised girl she is. "Please don't hurt us! We just came to talk to him. We found the gate open and my servant was tending to the downed guard. I fear something else is wrong. Please help!" Using her best girl voice and acting sincerely to the men coming towards them.

<Depending on how the group reacts:
A - they calm a bit to a girl asking for help in a scarred voice - she will come out from behind the massive person. "Please, help I think ... I think something has happened to him."
B - they stop, but are not going to listen to anyone - "Please hurry, there are two dead here. I don't know what else might have happened." Pleading with them to help her.
C- they keep pushing forward - "NO, don't hurt me!" and Raban may need to knock a couple of them out.

Basically she wants to get the group to help her find clues on what happened to the Admiral and use the time to see if she can remember where the device might be or might have been.>

"Could someone help my old servant to his feet? He is not used to much excitement anymore."
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