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Fremea listens to Etain intently. Not because his story is compelling or even in the slightest possible way fully true, but because she is looking for any clues about her parents and what she needs to do to get them back. There have been way too many lies coming from this one for her life. This is not the time to trust him. There are a couple of times that he pauses, and she guesses he is leaving out something sensitive or maybe even important. It could be what she keeps to herself, but there seems to be still something more than that.

As they pass the street towards the gallery, she feels a pulling to keep going, though she really wants to get a good look at the paintings. She shakes her head at Arawn with his looking at her, "later, even though I really want to see it."

She keeps her eye on Etain even when Kiet pulls her to the side really quick. Back to Raban, "Yes, he is not to be trusted at all. He maybe many possible things and looking unkept is one of those. I told you that I had been trained to do many things, and he was one of those trainers."

At the Manor, when she notices the guards laying on the ground, she quickly shakes off her disguise, not really needed anymore and takes to the sky to see the whole place. If Raban follows, she will point to the back, taking Kiet's suggestion and fly that way. Her dagger will be ready, along with making sure her bracelet that protects against Kotothi is on. She will use her mana sensing training to make sure she is not surprised again by whatever pushed her before.
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