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   "The summons was gifted to me. I was unaware of the it's nature until you arrived else I would have," Arawn said in response to the Merkabah's commented on preparation. "But your presence is welcome."
   As plans were made to split the group he asked, "What of Qux' Tux'eluv? If he is willing, shall one of us join him in the sky or is there another part he'll play in our plans?"
   When the others discussed a means to search the open space above Arawn spoke up.
   "If we're heading up it might be worth it to investigate the towers in the 'corners' of the cave as well as the mounds first. We can discover if any guards are there that might spot us and then, either teleporting or traveling invisibly, take over a tower and use it as cover while we spy on the rest of the area. We'll also be closer to the ladders that lead to the higher caves when the time comes to move." 		 	   		  
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