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Seems like some are still confused on the layout.  So I'll give it a 
3rd try.  Though only so much can describe without repeating the old stuff..

I don't have the other computer on with the full notes on how many X 
feet this and that.  But you can look at th elast 2 or 3 descriptions 
for those details.

Ok.  Imagine a mountain in a valley in the middle of a forest.  Got it?
Ok.  Said mountain is a extinct volcano.  At one point volcano go 
boom.  Lava goes up from underground and builds in the huge cavern. 
Water and  other erosion did the  rest.

 From ground of the forest the mountain stands 1000 feet to the top of it.

It seems to be tied into the river/stream from outside leading to 
underground water and thus the pond area.  The pond area is the very 
bottom of the 'seeable' area. Of course there could be unseen areas 
of lava tubes and magna chambers.

So through series of what has to be lava escape areas or broken earth 
the party climbed in via the outside bottom.  In fact the players 
went down a bit underground and back up.  At one point party had to 
cross a active lava tube with magnet seen in a chamber far below.

Series of winding tunnels lead to the pond growing area which seems 
to be a natural cave.
Going from that area the aprth yclimbed  SLIGHTLY in elevation maybe 
30-50 feet? To the pit area.  The pit area seesm to be half natural 
and half Vong made.  The pit likely some natural ex water or lava chamber.

The other smaller caves the prisoner areas seem to be Vong made.

Now at the pit area you move thorugh a short set of tunnels forward, 
left, right and right.  Going a bit higher in elevation maybe 50 but 
it doesn't seem that way as it seems level ground but don't know it 
unless you pay attention.

Now the current area is the tunnel the party is in.  This includes 
the tunnel back to the pit area.  The main tunnel which gives the 
treasure and sentry post.

Then at the end of that tnnel leads left to the smaller tunnel to the 
large open hole.  The "bugs bunny" hole.

This is all level in terms of elevation.  The hole does have a ramp 
going tup to above the hole.  But otherwise based on what is seen at 
the tunnel anglethe top is about 800 fett above the hole  So the 
current tunnel aka Sentry Tunnel (ST) is below the ground of the main 
cavern (MC) .  The MC is thus 800 feet from the ground (ground being 
the bottom of the cavern where the hole is).  So about 200 feet is 
below that and so the pond and other pit areas are likely 1-200 feet 
area in height over the forest ground.

The MC is like a glass.  It is the same in shape with circular (no 
sides per se).  The top would be open to the air and 1000' roughly in 
size from side to side.  But the Vong have it covered by some material.

The bottom of this glass is the hole. Below the hole is where the 
party is in the ST tunnel.  So the party would be under the glass in 
the inside the table.

IF looking side to the glass you have let's say for ease 4 sides.  In 
front is north and you are looking through the invisible south side 
to the north side since its clear 'glass' in this case.

These N/S sides are walls that have nothing there but just wall.

The E/W sides seem to be caves that line both sides of the MC.  They 
go if I recall 200 feet up (above the hole/ground level) up to 700 
feet if I recall.

On the Hole/Ground level is the flight deck of assorted Flyers on one 
side (can't recall how many see old post).  The other side of the 
ground floor is structures unkown.  THe distance from the hole to the 
Flyers and structures I posted about in the old posts.

[        ]
[        ] \
[        ]   \
[        ]     Caves on walls
[        ]  /
[        ]
---_---   Ground area _ 'hole'
     X    X = ST/Sentry tunnel

I don't know how to make it more clear.  Let me know if still 
confused. Cant' do much of a open map until somene actually LOOKS

Now that comes to my philosphy of games.  Posts that say "I can" "I 
may" "how about if I..." don't help much.  It is good to plan things 
but I can't move until those words change from what ifs to "I will" 
"I do this" words.  So keep this in mind.  We have many 
good  ideas.  But not enough to act on.  Until said ideas are put in 
action I can't do much.

Sometimes you just have to decide on something and do it.  Maybe just 
say you will do this and give it a few days to sink in.  If no ne 
objects then do it.  Can blame them later if the party dies :)

Just keep this in mind for the future.

Enjoy the weekend.

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