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Forgot the list again

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OOC:  It's a good thing time stops (or moves very slowly) when nobody posts.

Will says  "befiore ferdinand (with a shake of his head in his
direction) gets excited we better tell him the plan... what is the

I could teleport up above the crater.  High enough that I would just
look like a speck from below.  Then when the commotion starts if in
addition to vong running to attack our friend some move to guard
something important we might know where to look….  Course if nothing
much happens…."

On 2/9/12, Scott Adams <pnpgm at comcast.net> wrote:
> Well worked half a day andgot home to work on update....
> waited...waited...no posts
> until 15 min before I normally get the update spell checked...and released..
> oh well.  No updatefor Friday...
> Will see if more comesin for next week..
> Now I gotta find a good free (one thatdoesn't expire in some trial
> version) backup software...hmmm
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