[pnpgm] Game Update #120 - File #1395 - Death from Above!

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Tue Apr 17 08:59:44 CEST 2012

   HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
   ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
   R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
   W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
   W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
   R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
   R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
   R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
   W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
   W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
   R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
   R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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      Game Update #220 in sequence (file #1395)

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      [New Stuff]

          [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
          [Location: Middle Katai Plains]
          [          Mountains west of Pamau]

          [Time: 2:27:25 pm]

            Fremea hovering in the air she turns back to watch the
          Shaper.  She seems to be quite busy barking back and forth
          in her harsh language at some person on the other side of
          the Orb.  The Orb itself shaped like very ugly looking male
          Vong is also barking orders back.  She is fascinated by the
          device and is use.  It seems to attach to the arm or clothing
          of the Shaper or wearer.  It seems to contort into a face
          of the other person.  So in this case she assumes some male
          Vong is holding a Orb giving her orders.  She can only assume
          the male is seeing her face in his Orb.  The Orb must be a
          form of shape shifting material.  She turns to the 11 warriors
          now starting their descent.  She is 200 feet above the party
          and decides her plan.  Originally it would have been good to
          go to the homes.  See if she can help there.  But the group
          below is wounded badly and they could be overwhelmed by
          the 11.  At least it wasn't the 35-40 in the collapsed cave.
          She could fly and warn them but how much time what that give
          them?  She could be down on the ground in 10 seconds and
          the others in about 20 seconds.  Should give her a bit of
          time to warn them.  But the very structure of the stairs
          itself is a sniper's paradise.  Bowmen dream of firing on
          a set of targets running down a small corridor or space.
          These stairs add that advantage.  No walls along the walls
          and just railing.  If all 11 descend at the same time that
          means 4-6 in anyone spot.  Too much to pass up.  She smiles
          and allocates mana for her bow spell.  She then flies down
          a few flights ready for action.

            Ben'dar and Z'leyera are facing another set of three Vong
          inside the cramped home.  Ben'dar feigns left and spears
          upward at the one Vong in front of him but doing only
          1 point through his right upper chest.

            Z'leyra ducks the Vong's arm swing with his amphistaff
          and swings mid-abdomen hitting the warrior in the right
          lower abdomen above his waist doing 10 points to him.

            Squirt jumps off Kell's shoulder before he realizes it
          and runs inside the collapsed cave.

            Inside another home Raban and Lin face three Brigaders.
          Raban punches one of the men, or tries to, but only
          slaps open air to the right of the man's head.

            Farseeker finishes cleaning his great sword and ignores
          the red eyed beast running past him.  He almost hopes the
          thing will be crushed looking for some food.  It isn't
          that the thing is annoying but those eyes are just unnatural.
          Evil things have those red eyes!  Makes a brave warrior
          like Farseeker shiver at the thought.  Not that he'd actually
          tell the trader this stuff.  After all he has seen some
          strange pets - wolf owned by a dwarf, two eagles by shamans,
          firesnake by a wizard, hawk by a sailor and now this odd
          creature.  Farseeker looks around and decides the flying
          field is clear.  He sheathes his sword and replies to
          Kiet.  "Yes a good rest is in order.  But no time."  He
          does a quick survey of the team to see their wounds.

            Arawn leaves the dagger-stabbed door and heads west to the
          next home (E9).  he slaps the door opening membrane and it
          slides open.  But he finds nothing there inside or any other
          gear aside from a crumpled blanket.  He realizes the rough
          material might even be fun for the Vong.  Most like satin or
          cloth blankets but these creatures seem to like rough like
          cardboard or almost sharp material like coral for blankets.  HE
          turns to look at the stairs almost due west about 40 feet or
          so.  He sees nothing near the ground level but the angle he
          is at gives no view of the stairs above.  He could ascend
          alone and risk exposure or worse.  But he decides to head
          north to see if he can find the others.

            Kell turns to the elementals and points to flyers.  The
          creatures aren't so intelligent but they can react like
          dogs and attack.  For now no Vong are seen so they can't
          smash.  But maybe later.  He knows he has maybe 30 more
          seconds based on past events before the Pact ends.  So
          he will have to use them before they are sent back.

            Captain Lin stabs one of the Brigaders in the middle left
          ribs doing a couple points to him.

            The two elementals already outside the collapsed cave
          silently and without emotion ramble toward the nearest
          flyer.  The third finally emerges from the smaller cave
          and seems to realize the others are about to smash things
          and joins them.

            The three Vong inside the home with Ben'dar and Z'leyra
          act in unison.  Two thrust at Ben'dar one fails to hit
          him but the other amphistaff hits him in the center chest
          but his magical armor protects him.  The other one swings
          at Z'leyra hitting her in the side but her magical chainmail
          also protects her.

            The 11 Vong on the east stairs begin their descent eager
          to leave the annoying Shaper.

            Caladan realizes that Chion could heal some of them.  He
          glances around and sees no Chion?  "What is Chion now?"
          Caladan looks north, south and west but sees no Chion.  For
          such a large man he sure seems to get around quietly.

            Kiet looks around as well for Chion and also wonders where
          everyone else are at this time.

            The three Brigaders with Raban and Lin attack and duck the
          enemy's reaches.  One hits Raban in the chest but his armor
          protects him. The other fails to get close to Raban which
          at his size is absurd to miss.  The one on Lin does hit him
          in the arm but his leather protects against the cut of the


          [Time: 2:27:28 pm]

            Fremea finishes her magical buildup and grabs her bow.  She
          casts the spell upon her bow.  She can sense and see the magical
          hue of blue energy on the bow telling her it has worked.  Now
          in position she waits at the base one of the level area at the
          base of one flight of stairs.  Above her at almost 40 degrees
          or so are the group of 11 Vong moving down the stairs from the
          top.  Firing up she hopes to maybe get the top Vong to fall
          on the others causing a avalanche of bodies.  She pulls a arrow
          and fires.  The invisible arrow begins instantly visible magically
          dividing up into 5 more arrows for a total of 6 arrows. Four of
          the arrows hit Vong but two go wild and miss them by a few
          inches to the left.  Three of those arrows hit three different
          Vong but their tough crab armor makes the arrows bounce off
          and fall to the ground.  One in the middle section does take
          a arrow to his left upper chest doing only 1 point of damage
          though.  She curses at the bad luck for this round.

            Ben'dar stabs the Vong in front of him in the center of his
          chest doing a massive 18 points to the creature's ribs.  To
          his credit the Vong doesn't scream in pain.

            Z'leyra dodges to the left and swings toward the Vong in
          front of her.  The magical war staff hits him in the lower
          left abdomen opposite from her last hit location and does
          20 points to the Vong killing him as he is slammed against
          the wall by the force of the blow.

            Raban slams his fist into the human's face and kills the
          man instantly.

            Farseeker hears Caladan and also sees no Chion.  It would
          be good to get healing.  But now even Arawn isn't here.  Wasn't
          he coming this way?  Is he inside one of the Flyers trying to
          make mental love to the creature to fly it?  Farseeker growls
          and heads to check the prisoners on the ground.  As he does
          he speaks to no one in particular.  "Maybe we should head up
          to check things."

            Arawn stars the run across to the next home a hundred feet
          away. He ends up about 70 feet toward the next row of homes.

            Kell watches the rock elementals lumber toward the flyers.
          Then he glances to the dark collapsed cave and wonders what
          Squirt is up to now.

            Lin thrusts at one of the Brigaders but fails to hit him.

            The three elementals continue westward to the Flyer.

            The last two Vong attack Ben'dar and Z'leyra each.  The
          weakened Vong tries to thrust at Ben'dar but his blood loss
          is getting to him and misses.  The one on Z'leyra does hit
          her in the shoulder but her chainmail blocks the amphistaff
          snake head.

            Nine of the Vong on the stairs react quickly to the arrows.
          But they see nothing but air in front and to the side or
          behind.  Undaunted by weak attacks they continue on.  The
          first four swing their amphistaves forward and to the side
          just in case they get lucky and find some hidden person.  But
          the Vong are too far from her and they do not find her.  The
          others behind them urge the others to continue on down the

            Caladan and Kiet consider their options.  To Kiet he knows
          the elementals will not likely be able to climb the stairs.
          Then the case of their control.  If he goes up then they
          could lose control and if allies get near that could be bad
          news for them.

            The last two Brigaders desperately try to kill Raban and
          Lin but they know with Raban there its going to be difficult.
          One does stab Raban with his sword but the blade doesn't
          penetrate his armor. The one on Lin swings too high and the
          sword fails to make contact.


          [Time: 2:27:31 pm]

            Fremea moves to the left and up as high as she can to
          now point down to the fleeing Vong with their back to her.
          This angle is a bit harder to do than from the other as
          the roof of the next level is right there.  It may only give
          30 degrees of fire at best.  But she fires as best she can.
          This time all six arrows hit their targets hitting four of
          the Vong including the last one just wounded.  The one
          just wounded is hit in the right leg doing 3 points.  The
          other one (Vong #3) is hit in the back of the head doing
          1 point of damage.  The Vong's skull bone that tilts upward
          from the neck at angle protects the brain from the arrow
          and he only takes the light damage.  Vong #9 of the
          11 takes two arrows  The first does 3 points to his right
          arm and 2 points to his left shoulder.  Vong #10 in
          the group takes 2 arrows in his lower left abdomen doing
          4 points just above his waist.  But the other arrow does
          the most of the six piercing through his left shoulder for
          10 points of damage.  All in all the bow may not kill but
          it can certainly wound.  d:

            Ben'dar fails to hit the almost dead Vong as he is
          weaving back and forth too much.  Z'leyra steps forward
          and bashes the other Vong to the back of his shoulders
          doing 9 points to his upper ribs.

            Raban steps forward and grasps for the other Brigader.
          He grips the man's right shoulder and yanks his right
          arm pulling and twisting.  The arm is virtually ripped
          off his socket and Raban slams the dead man against the
          wall before the Brigader realizes his arm is broken.

            Farseeker finds the male alive but may not for long.
          Aside from being tortured there is no serious wounds it
          seems.  He stands and watches the elementals move to
          a flyer.  He wonders if a flyer could be used for hitting
          the Vong.  But it might take a long time to figure out
          how to use them.

            Arawn continues northward to the next home.

            Kell considers Farseeker's plan to move up. It only makes
          sense.  But the group is only half strength and wounded.  If
          they get tied up on tight stairs it could be dangerous.  Though
          it does make escape routes limited.

            Lin thrusts his sword at the brigader piercing his left
          middle ribs doing 1 point of damage.

            Two of the elementals get within feet of one of the flyers
          but the third is catching up.

            The Vong wounded by Ben'dar tries again to attack this
          time snapping his amphistaff into a live snake snapping
          poison at him.  But the barbarian ducks and the poison misses
          him by half a foot.  The other turns to face the invisible
          Z'leyra and swings but does not come close to her body.

            The Vong on the stairs this time notice the attack.  Four
          of them in the rear turn back and swing wildly growling
          at empty air.  Those in front rush forward and head to the
          next flight of steps as the others turn and join them.
          While others pull arrows free including the one in his

            The last Brigader sees his other pal die from the giant.
          He realizes that helping these creatures isn't worth it.
          He throws down his sword and raises his hands. "I surrender!"
          He faces the giant turning his back to Lin.


          [Time: 2:27:34 pm]

            Fremea happy those arrows worked, dives down 10 feet or
          so to the next level below.  Going to the right this time
          he finds the group heading down these steps. Raising
          arrow she fires at them again.  This time only one arrow
          goes wild.  But the other five make good impacts.  Vong #1
          previously wounded twice is hit by 3 of those arrows.  Two
          of the arrows hit in the same spot right middle ribs doing
          3 points each.  But the third arrow hits hit him in the
          right cheek.  The arrow penetrates deep and hits his cheek
          bone and curves downward.  The force of the blow continues
          onward forcing the arrow head through the base of the neck
          and into the fleshy part of his neck.  The Vong screams despite
          his training to the gods and is throwing against the inner
          wall of the stairs.  The other two arrows hit Vong #4 doing
          9 points in his lower left chest.  But the other arrow hits
          him in the neck doing a massive 10 point wound.  The Vong
          grips his throat at the gush of blood.  Now that's better than
          using some dusty spyglass to see the other stairs.  She
          smiles and hopes those two will die soon.

            Ben'dar swings nipping the wounded Vong in the arm but
          the 1 point blow doesn't still kill him.

            Z'leyra swings her staff at the Vong hitting him in the
          left side doing 12 points breaking two ribs.

            Raban pauses to see the man surrender.  He does not like
          to kill outright and his goddess would hate senseless death.
          He raises both fists unsure how to proceed.  Most men could
          knock a man out but with his simple strength it could kill
          the weak human.

            Farseeker steps away from the male prisoner turning his
          back to him and the tower.  "Where is Fremea?"  He wonders
          if she is in some kind of trouble without help.  He hates
          it when folks get separated.  It would be nice if she could
          drop in to help them.

            Suddenly a wet splashing noise is heard behind Farseeker.
          Those looking at him - Kell, Kiet and Caladan - are startled
          to see something large fall 3 feet behind Farseeker.  The
          noise surprises Farseeker who jumps away and turns around.
          All four then notice a gowned Vong laying face down on top
          of the male prisoner.  There is a splash of blood from what
          looks like both.  She is laying on top of his stomach sideways.

            Arawn continues northward and ends about 10 feet from the home.

            On the other side of the mountain field Kell rushes past
          Farseeker and stabs the Shaper.  But the spear doesn't get any
          reaction.  Kneeling cautiously down he checks her pulse and
          finds none.  He shoves the female over and onto the ground.
          Her front chest and gown is pock marked with blood stains
          and a very nasty set of dagger looking holes.

            Lin hates traitors and they all deserve a painful death.
          Especially these collaborators.  He has no hesitation and
          stabs the brigader in the back killing him.  He also knows
          that the Giant also deserves death at least by his training.
          But the enemy of my enemy principle comes in mind here. But
          once things settle down maybe he can deal justice.

            The three elementals begin to bash the flyer from the side
          and roof cracking coral and one of the flame horns.

            The Vong fighting Ben'dar drops to one knee not out of
          tactics but out of weakness from blood loss.  He tries to
          stab the barbarian with his amphistaff but fails to hit.
          The other swings at Z'leyra but gets at least 2 feet from her
          and misses.

            the two wounded Vong on the stairs grasp for air and try
          to stop their neck bleeding.  But the other Vong realize
          they are dead.  No mercy even to the wounded.  They should
          die for the glory of the gods.  They should die in pain so
          they can gain honor!  the other 9 turn toward the stairwell
          and heads down.

            Caladan goes to inspect the male human not even worried
          about the shaper.  He sighs and finds no pulse.  he curses
          to the dust devils of the plains at the senseless death.  But
          at least he won't have to live the after effect of the Vong

            Kiet looks up amazed that now Shapers are falling from the
          skies.  Where did it come from?  Then he realizes that Arawn,
          Fremea and now Chion are missing.  All have the ability and
          motivation to kill her.  He wonders which one did it?  He wonders
          if a good metal helmet might help from falling debris now.


          [Time: 2:27:37 pm]

            Fremea repositions herself again for a new firing spree.
          She can keep this up for another 18 or so floors.  Two
          down and 9 to go.  She fires again the group with all 6
          arrows hitting.  Vong #2, #3 and #5 are hit each with
          two arrows.  Vong #2 takes 10 points to his right shoulder
          and 10 points to his right side ribs.  Vong #3 is hit
          in the left arm for 5 points and his neck for 4 points.  But
          unlike the other two neck wounds this one doesn't actually
          do serious damage to the windpipe or arteries.  Vong #5
          is hit in the back but his armor bounces it off.  The other
          arrow hits him in the left leg doing 3 points.

            Ben'dar stabs the wounded Vong in the chest doing the final
          damage to kill him finally.

            Z'leyra swings on the last Vong but fails to hit him.

            Raban in disgust opens the door and heads out going to
          the last home in this row (D15).  He opens it to find
          the home empty.

            Farseeker glances up now realizing the Shaper came from the
          sky.  "Let's head up!"  He begins to jog toward the stairs.

            Arawn finishes the last 10 feet and ends up at the home (D9).
          But as he moves he sees Raban standing in front of one home
          about 120 feet to the east of him (D15).  Finally he sees another
          person of the group here.  He open the door and finds 3 dead
          Brigaders here.  He assumes maybe Raban has been here already.

            Kell listens to Farseeker but realizes the stairs are more
          than 100 feet from the elementals.  That means he'd lose
          control over them.  He wonders if she should stay to destroy
          the ships or waste the 30 or so more seconds he has control
          over them and send them home now?

            Captain Lin heads out from the home and joins Raban to
          find the place empty.

            The Living Earth bash the defenseless flyer.  It cracks
          up a 3 foot gnash making it probably impossible to fly at
          this point.

            The last Vong between Ben'dar and Z'leyra turns to Ben'dar
          since he can see him and fails his wild swing at him.

            The other Vong on the stairs continue downward.

            Caladan jogs after Farseeker.

            But Kiet is torn between joining the others and staying
          besides Kell.  But as Kiet looks back and forth he notices
          something to his side vision.  Looking south he notices
          a body now lying at the tower in the south.  Squinting in
          the dim light he sees the body is about 400 feet to the
          south just west of the tower.  He sees a bow of human
          manufacture it seems.  Then he notices the barrel chest
          of a ally - that of Will.  So that is where the man went
          to?  Is he dead?  Wasn't Fremea over there recently?  She
          didn't say anything.  Maybe she didn't find him?


          [Time: 2:27:40 pm - Current/Next phase]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: Five phases.  This was a bit of fun in some regards.
              It is a bit unclear on the actions for Farseeker's
              group so I held them till the Shaper fell.  Would
              not have been as fun if they saw it from the stairs.
              Now though you guys will need to decide if you do
              climb the stairs or wait for healing or help.  I have
              a half day Thursday so might have good chance of doing
              a Friday update.  I'll try another 5 phases.  From
              the below chart 3 spells will end next update for those
              5 phases. I will update the Mana/Health report tomorrow
              night early check website for the date change on the
              link to see it then. Some will notice a small logic flow
              issue with the sniper attack on the stairs.  I think
              I said at one point they were going up.  Just disregard
              this for now.  Too tired and no time to fix it.  In
              fact since some seem confused on the stairs I'll type
              up a special post on it tomorrow so folks can understand
              it better.

          GM: Situation Report -

              Arawn - You see Raban (next phase will see Will but
                 its done already).  Do you run after them or search
                 this row of homes?  I believe you mentioned a illusion
                 for Z'leyra/Ben'dar when you found them.  But nothing
                 for Raban.  Just so happened the odds came up with
                 Lin and not Ben'dar.

              Fremea - Will assume continue the sniper action.  If
                not send chat msg or post.  Right now two Vong
                dead, 3 wounded and rest not.

              Kell - I see your email says to go ahead an send
                them home.  Do you do this by letting them lose
                control or do you dispell them.  I can't recall
                if you can just send them home with a thought.
                I believe you still have to dispel all 3 with spells.

              Kiet - Sorry.  I know its boring.  But soon you'll
                be complaining about too many battles :).  Since
                your sop is to stay with Kell I kept you there.
                Will see if you want to head up or wait for Kell
                unless you guys decide a better plan not to use
                the stairs.  Got your email as well.

              Will - Now visible!  Means ants and strange mole
                creatures from underground can see and eat you!
                We'll see if anyone comes to help you now though.

          GM: Spells active

              Z'leyra -   Orient Self, Invisibility, Speed*
              Ben'dar -   Speed*
              Fremea  -   Invisibility*
              Will    -   Armor Transmutation
              Kell    -   Elemental Pact, [Summoning/Control]

              * = Soon to end (next update?].  I may NOT post this
              info unless I remember to do so. :)

         GM: Current Positions -

             Z'leyra/Ben'dar - H13 [Top Map], P15 [Side map]
             Chariot         - Gone/missing/left
             Raban           - D15 [Top view], P17 [Side map]
             Lin             - D15 [Top view], P17 [Side map]
             Will      *     - I42 [Top view], O49 [Side view] [KOed]
             Farseeker       - D42.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map]
             Caladan         - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Fremea          - E42 [Top view] 160' up besides E Wall stairs
             Arawn           - D9  [Top View], P3 [Side map]
             Kell            - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Kiet            - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Chion           - Unknown?
             Unali           - Tunnel Q26 [Side map] below ground

             * = Not marked on map
             Wounded: Ben'dar, Caladan, Farseeker

             Homes/West Side  - Z'leyra, Ben'dar, Raban, Lin, Arawn
             Flying Field/East- Fremea,Farseeker,Caladan,Kell,Kiet,Chion
             Below ground     - Unali??

             Flyers [In air]  - 4 Outside mount somewhere
                                R9 [Crashed crater]
                                B5 [Crashed wall crater]

             Homes Explored: 18 out of 32

                Unknown around homes
                1 Home E11 - Captured/Enthralled
             Vong Warriors:
                None others seen yet
                1 Inside Home H13 facing Z'leyra/Ben'dar
                9 climbing stairs 200' above ground
             Towers: SW Tower - 3 dead / Destroyed
                     SE Tower - 3 dead
                     NW Tower - 3 dead or wounded???? by unknown
                     NE Tower - 3 dead / destroyed
             Any other enemy not seen or targeted yet.

             [These are last known positions for some of them-may have moved
             since last seen.]

             Note: When a coordinate is given it might say H8.30.  The
             first letter is the coordinate row and second is column.
             If the scale is large I will use a .XX to denote distance
             between that row and next (in this case Lin for example
             is 30 feet heading north to row G).  This way I know where
             folks are exactly.

         GM: Info on recon -

              Bowl homes - Upside bowls - 10 feet wide, 8 feet tall at zenith
                           Almost igloo shape.

              Overall map - North is top of screen /I\
              Scale - 1 Column = 20 feet
                      1 Row    =100 feet

              [Top View/Overview map - from fake ceiling of cavern]

                             1         2         3         4         5
                 A I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
                 B I%%%%%   X X X X                          %%%%%%%%%I
                 C I%%%%% / X X X X               H H H H H  O %%%%%%%I
                 D I%%%%%%  X X X X                 H     H  FC%%%%%%%I
                 E I%%%%%%' X X X X               H H H H H  '%%%%%%%%I
                 F I%%%%%%  X H X X       U       h b   H H    %%%%%%%I
                 G I%%%%%   X X X X  @            H H H H H     %%%%%%I
                 H I%%%%% / x X X X               H   H H H  O  %%%%%%I
                 I I%%%%%%  X X X X                            %%%%%%%I
                 J I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
          % = Rock wall
          / = Destroyed tower
          X = Bowl Homes 10' at zenith height
          x = Destroyed Home
          H = Vong flyers
          h = Cracked/Damaged/Destroyed flyer
          O = Raised observation post / tower 30' high
          U = Rabbit hole below this level is party's tunnel.
          ' = Vong ladder structure up
          @ = Mysterious portal seen by Arawn [30' high off ground]

          Villagers say no caves are on the north and south walls.
          The caves starting 300' from this level are mid way or so
          on the wall along the ladder structures for entry.

          F - Kell/Kiet
          C - Caladan/Farseeker

              Mount Side View -
                Scale - 1 Column = 15 feet
                        1 Row = 50 feet  North=wall facing screen
              [Looking from one wall to the other wall.  Toward North
               wall with back to south wall.  Looking east/west.]

                             1         2         3         4         5
                   I###              Fake Vong ceiling             ###IA
                   I#                                                #IB
                   I#                                                #IC
                   I#                                                #ID
                   I#                                                #IE
                   I#                                                #IFCave
          Cave 1-> `#                                                #`G<-#4
                   I#                                                #IH
          Cave 2-> `#                                                #`I<-#5
                   I#                                                #IJ
          Cave 3-> `#                                                #`K<-#6
                   I#                                                #IL
                   I#                                                #IM
                   I#                 @ <-Portal                     #IN
         Mount     I#T                                              T#IO
         Ground --?I#]A_A_A_A_A_A_A_A__________________V__V__V__V__V[#IP
                   I                       Y<X                        IQ
                   I                      Z                           IR

              I = Rock wall, #=Vong ladder structure
              ` = Entrance to cave [open mostly]
              _ = Rock floor (Row P) ground floor
              A = Vong Bowl Home (10' high)
              V = Vong flyer
              T = Vong Tower (30' high)
              ],[=Base of Vong tower (wooden)
              X = Rabbit Hole opening 30' wide below cavern to tunnels
              Y = Tunnel of Treasure/Sentry cave (under ground floor)
              Z = Pit/Lake caves below elevation of Treasure cave tunnel
             1-6= Side caves on east/west walls

   As always if map messed up see website.

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