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        Vong Stairs -

         The Vong Stairs were likely manufactured out of some natural
         substance and/or created creature.  Since the Vong do not
         use synthetic or non living things like natural stone this
         has to be the case.

         It can be estimated that maybe it was a hybrid design of
         both natural coral like substance or harder substance
         together with a living creature or material.  The entire
         vertical height of the stairs goes from the bottom of the
         large cave to the ceiling at 800 feet.  At the very top
         there is a balcony similar to auditorium stage balconies
         above a stage.  The walkway allows one to cross from one
         side to the other which is about 1000 feet from one wall
         to the other wall (East-West).

         The stairs are set in the center of the wall on the West and
         East walls.  At the top it ends.  There from those who have
         looked carefully like Fremea, is a balcony that goes from the
         stairs in the center to the north wall.  From there along the
         north wall is the balcony that connects both sides reaching
         the entire length 1000 feet.

         The structure of the stairs is very much like of a modern
         skyscraper.  On a typical building floor you will have a door
         to the stairs.   A simple horizontal flat area that leads
         to stairs up or down depending on the floor.  It is set to
         be winding up or down.  Aside from the four walls around the
         stairwell there is usually but not always a central wall that
         blocks the view of the opposite side stairs.

         In the case of the Vong stairs there is no four walls on the side.
         There is a central flat wall that divides the stairs going up
         or down.  This flat wall goes the entire vertical length.

         So it means if your on stairs going down but on the other
         side are the stairs going up you can't see a person on the
         other side due to this wall.  The wall is probably some coral

         Since there is no side walls along the perimeter there is only
         a railing of a leather like substance.  It is about 4 feet from
         the ground of the horizontal slab for that floor.  This railing
         is the only protection.  The railing is connected to the side
         of the steps or slab by stone like (probably coral or some
         other Vong manufacture) material.

         The steps themselves are 10 at 1 foot a piece so making a flight
         10 feet from ground to the next level.

         upon climbing the stairs the stone (or coral "stuff" is seen to
         be a bit spongy or porous meaning it might breath or interact
         with the environment in some way.  Those who use the stairs
         are fairly certain it isn't intelligent but docile objects with
         no ability to act on situations.

         Since the Vong do not really care much on safety there is no
         hand hold along the steps.  In fact it is possible to slip a
         step and slide off since there is no protection above the
         side railing.  To clarify the railing is only on the slab
         that connects one set of steps to the other.  The railing
         is NOT along the outside of the steps.

         The  horizontal slab itself is about 10 feet by 10 feet.
         The width of the steps are 5 feet making it possible for
         two large or maybe 3 small people side by side.

         The staircase itself is 10 feet from the East or West
         wall.  This may be due to geological instability found
         by the Shapers.

         Side view

   Slab >-----------------
               I \
               I  \ <-Steps
        Center I   \
        Wall > I    ------- < Slab
               I   /
               I  / <-Steps
               I /
   Slab> ------------------

       This is a 2d view though it would be better in 3d.

      As seen facing steps up

       :   Wall    :
Slab> -------     -
             I,,,,, < Steps
       :     I,,,,,:
       -------------  < Slab
       If seen this way to the left side are the steps going down

       : = Railing

        This is all 2d so it is very hard to explain visually
        in this format.  I'm no artist so can't draw a decent
        picture (nor really care to as its really a straight
        forward thing I think?).

        Many hotels have these style of inside stairs that
        lead from lobby ground to the ceiling with the courtyward
        to the air with roof windows.  If you have seen those
        hotels then its the same thing.

        If you have questions ask but I don't think I can
        explain the details better.  In my mind I see the
        concept but in yours you may not.  So unless I have
        specific questions I can't answer them.

        Hope this helps.

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