[pnpgm] Game Update #219 - File #1394 - The Enthralled

Scott Adams pnpgm at comcast.net
Tue Apr 10 08:40:35 CEST 2012

   HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
   ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
   R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
   W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
   W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
   R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
   R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
   R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
   W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
   W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
   R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
   R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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      Game Update #219 in sequence (file #1394)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet notices that the ones leading the fight here are
           looking haggard. The next chance he gets he call to Kell,
           "Our best....
         GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
          [Location: Middle Katai Plains]
          [          Mountains west of Pamau]

          [Time: 2:27:10 pm]

            Arawn stands in the threshold of the Vong home staring
          at the Brigader in front.  The man looks dumbfounded by
          the missing person.  Before the Brigader can look outside,
          Arawn speaks the magical words he needs.  He quickly casts
          the spell.

            Kiet grasps his finger and clenches his fist to make the
          Vong with the rope on it, thanks to Caladan, tighten.

            Fremea ascends higher and higher toward the top of
          the mount.  Her wings are going at full speed and for
          the first time in a long while she feels so free to just
          fly like a normal Faerry.  Humans just have no clue on
          what the feeling is to be so free.  Well at least most
          humans.  Raban seems to fly with some strange ability.
          She is curious as to why he can do that may decide to
          just ask once things end here.  She scans the staircase
          as she flies skyward.  The Vong created, likely some
          strange inert animal, stairs have no walls so it is easy
          to peer at every angle.  It also means there is very
          little cover for anyone.  Aside from a thin railing that
          is on the edge there is little safety feature as well.

            Ben'dar kneels and stabs his spear at the last Vong
          warrior in the house but fails to make contact as he
          dodges the blow.

            From behind though Z'leyra swings and scores a direct
          blow on his back doing 10 points of damage to the Vong

            Raban tries to slap the Vong warrior inside the tiny
          home in front of him, but misses by a few inches.

            Farseeker thrusts his great sword at the one Vong who
          escaped the carnage inside the smaller cave.  But his
          large sword fails to hit the creature.

            Chion swipes with his sai but fails to hit the Vong
          warrior near him.

            Kell rushes to help Farseeker with his Vong warrior
          by getting behind him and stabbing him in the back.
          This kills the warrior with the deep impaling blow.

            Lin slashes at the Vong warrior hitting him the
          center chest left to right but only doing 1 more
          point through his crab armor.

            Inside the sheltered collapsed cave the living earth
          dig and slide through the earth looking for more Vong
          but do not seem to find any living.

            The Vong just crawled out of the collapsed cave sees
          his comrade die and then feels a rope placed on his
          neck.  Suddenly it begins to move like a live snake and
          tighten.  The Vong tries to use his left hand to pull
          it off of him and gasp for air.

            The other escaped Vong thrusts at Chion and hits him
          in the left center ribs doing 3 points of damage through
          his chainmail.

            The one Vong inside the home thrusts at Ben'dar but does
          not make contact as the magical spear helps defend against
          such blows.

            The two fighting Raban and Lin attack at the same time.
          The one fighting Raban can't miss a large mass like the
          giant and thrusts at his lower right abdomen doing 9 points.
          Most humans would die from such wounds but being such a large
          man it is just a heavy flesh wound.  The one attacking Lin
          fails to make contact with the military man.

            Caladan raises his war staff and slams it down onto the
          entangled Vong on his knees.  The magical war staff does
          a massive 20 point strike forcing the warrior to the dirt
          ground forcing his air out of his lungs and breaking a few
          of his ribs.

            The Brigader in front of the invisible Arawn lowers his
          arm and becomes limp.  Arawn realizes he must be now enthralled
          by the spell's effect.  If only they had more brains it wouldn't
          be more a challenge.


          [Time: 2:27:13 pm]

            Fremea continues skyward now about 150 feet from the ground
          action below them.  So far she has seen no Vong on the stairs.
          While the stairs have no walls the angles do prevent one to
          just get a full upward view of the structure.  She might see
          only a few flights above her at any one time.

            Ben'dar stands and thrusts again at the Vong warrior but
          the spear missing him by a good foot.

            From behind Z'leyra slaps the warrior in the right arm
          doing another 6 point blow almost but not quite breaking
          his arm.

            Raban upset about being wounded again tries to punch the
          warrior in front of him but misses the creature's head by
          a good half foot.

            Farseeker turns to help Chion swinging his sword but the
          blade is too low and misses the creature.

            Chion lunges with his sai and impales the Vong warrior
          in the front of his neck.  The small blade goes deep enough
          in the neck to split it in two almost.  The warrior is killed

            Arawn enters the home and pulls his gear from his back.  He
          orders the human to stand in place and not to move at all. As
          he does this he starts to dig around for some items.

            Kell turns to the last Vong that is entangled and rushes to
          stab him.  The spear hits him in the side of his chest but
          does only 4 points of damage.

            Lin thrusts and digs his sword deep in the left chest doing
          8 points of damage to the Vong.

            The Vong with the rope on his neck is able to yank the rope
          off with his sheer strength and will breaking the grip on
          his neck.  He rolls over to his back and stabs upward with
          his amphistaff at Kell but the blow is wild and misses.

            The Vong near Ben'dar decides to feign left and stabs forward
          but misses the barbarian with his amphistaff.

            The warrior attacking Raban does hit the giant but his
          armor protects the strike from damage.  The other Vong
          thrusts at Lin but misses by a few inches.

            Caladan moves toward the Vong on his back and swings down
          his war staff but hits him in the left knee doing a few
          points of damage.

            Kiet grumbles inward at the Vong throwing his rope to the
          side.  It is a good spell but if strong enough even magic
          ropes can be dealt with.  Course it means even the simplest
          peasant man could not fight these ropes.


          [Time: 2:27:16 pm]

            Fremea continues to ascend upwards.  At nearly 200 feet from
          the ground floor she notices a Shaper and Warrior at the railing
          looking outward.  The warrior seems irritated likely not being
          able to join the battle.  Fremea notices the Shaper has a Orb
          on her right arm and is talking to it.  The face of the Orb is
          large and angry looking.  Fremea is not sure who she is talking
          to but figures the Shaper is giving some news to someone.

            Ben'dar lunges forward and stabs the warrior with his spear
          in the center of the chest doing the final damage to kill him.

            Z'leyra bends down and scans the bodies and ground for various
          items of merit but finds only the typical coufee, amphistaff and
          strange bowls of Vong goop food.

            Raban punches the warrior squarely in the jaw and does enough
          damage to break teeth and his jawbone killing the warrior.

            Farseeker moves toward the last Vong on the ground on his back
          but the warrior spreads his legs so fast the sword missing his
          body by a foot.

            Chion reaches down and pulls his sai out of the dead Vong
          and moves toward the last Vong but stops briefly looking

            Arawn sighs and can't find the ink and parchment he forgot
          to bring.  It must be on his horse outside.  He begins to
          repack his gear and looks around the home for other stuff.

            Kell finishes the last Vong by stabbing him in the right

            Lin thrusts at the last Vong in the home but fails to make
          contact with him.

            The Vong fighting Lin turns to see Raban and swings as his
          other comrade falls.  The amphistaff hits him in the lower
          left ribs but the bard's armor protects him.

            Kiet moves to retrieve his discarded rope.  Kiet notices that
          the ones leading the fight here are looking haggard. "Our best
          warriors are getting worn down.  Is there any chance we'll get
          a break soon?"


          [Time: 2:27:19 pm]

            Fremea ignores the shaper and warrior for now.  She flies
          another few flights and notices a group of warriors moving
          fast downward about 20 feet, two flights, above the Shaper.
          She counts ten warriors.  The group of warriors end up
          behind the Shaper.  Fremea figures if they continue down
          to the ground level they could be there in 20-25 seconds
          or so.  But if they are cautious they could take a bit
          longer time.

            Z'leyra grabs Ben'dar's hand and leaves the home going
          to the one next to the west (H13).  Ben'dar opens it and
          finds another 3 Vong.  he growls that these homes seem
          to breed these things.  Ben'dar stabs one in the chest
          doing 7 points pushing the others further inside.  Z'leyra
          enters and whacks one of the warriors but only does 1 point
          past his armor.

            Raban grabs with both hands the Vong in front of him and
          spins him around doing a head lock.  Using a vice grip the
          Vong's arm and neck is tightened under the giant's large
          gauntleted arms.

            Farseeker grabs the leather tarp that served as the cave
          covering and wipes his sword.  He glances to the humans on
          the ground and begins that direction as he cleans the sword.

            Chion also cleans his sai with one of the dead Vong's
          leathers and sheathes it.

            Arawn finds a couple parchments on the ground and scans
          one that is scribbled with the human's hand.  From the
          looks of it, the Brigader was sending a letter to some
          girlfriend or wife.  He finds the ink quill a the man's
          foot and quickly writes his own note.  He writes, "Arawn-
          Brigader charmed and secure."  He does this in Katai and
          Marentian just in case.  As he does this he tells the man
          to tie himself up.

            Kell looks inside the now dark cave to see a pile of
          boulders and sand.  He can see bits and pieces of the
          elementals moving around as well as bodies of the Vong
          in various contorted positions among the debris.  He
          orders the elementals to leave the cave as they seem to
          have finished their work.

            Lin seeing Raban hold the warrior tightly finds him
          a easy target.  He stabs deep into the Vong's left side
          doing the final damage to kill him.

            Immediately the living earth leaves the debris field
          fading through the wall and emerging into the main
          mountain cave waiting nearby.  Sand and rocks fall from
          their "bodies" like a shower of ash from a volcano.

            The three Vong attacked by Ben'dar and Z'leyra react
          at once.  Two swing at Ben'dar but both amphistaves
          fail to hit the Zen'da warrior.  The third figures there
          is a vile magic user nearby and swings his amphistaff.
          He is lucky enough to hit Z'leyra but her magical chain
          mail blocks the blow.

            Caladan leans on his staff and turns to listen to Kiet.

            Kiet continues, "If not, things could go quickly wrong, and
          we'll need Chion to blink us outta here!"  Looking around a
          bit he then says "And that could be anytime, as far as I am..."

            The Shaper seems to notice the warrior behind her and
          barks a order to them.  All the while listening to the Orb
          give orders to her.

            Inside the home with Arawn, the Brigader reaches to
          the ground and gets the rope that Arawn pulled out of
          his bag moments earlier.  He begins to loop the long
          section of rope around his legs and then his arms.


          [Time: 2:27:22 pm]

            Fremea looks up to see if she can see further up the
          stairs but doesn't see much at this angle only about 20 feet
          from the stairs.  She also can't see if there are caves and
          in what position above.  Fremea spins around hovering and
          looks westward.  She can tell from this distance there are
          at least 3 cave openings or arch ways on the west wall.
          They are at least 300, 400 and 500 feet above the ground.
          But she saw them earlier when she first did a quick overview.
          She glances westward and notices the towers seem to have both
          been destroyed by something.    She reaches to her back to
          pull the spyglass from her quiver and can see some movement
          on the west wall stairs. It is hard to tell though at first
          glance if they are coming up or down.  She will have to study
          it longer to determine those things.

            Inside the home Ben'dar stabs one of the Vong warriors but
          his crab armor protects him.

            Z'leyra fails to make contact on his Vong target.

            Raban decides it is time to leave this cramped home.  He
          opens the door and moves out leaving Lin.  He heads eastward
          and gets to the next home (D13).  Opening he finds three
          human Brigaders playing some sort of dice game on the floor.
          He growls and raises his arms to bash and dash.

            Farseeker checks the human female girl and finds her
          beyond hope.  He then checks the male and finds him
          alive but his pulse and breathing is shallow.  He
          wonders why the others didn't help him?  But he knows
          he isn't a healer.

            Chion walks toward the human prisoners and examines
          both nude bodies in close detail.  He isn't sure what he
          can do but to find a place for them or do a quick healing.
          He considers his options.

            Arawn grabs the note and then checks the ropes. He
          ensures the brigader's hands and feet are tied up.  Even
          with him enthralled best to ensure he is secure.  Happy
          the ropes are good he stands and grabs the man's dagger
          from his belt.  Leaving he uses the dagger he attaches
          the note to the "door" using the dagger as a wedge.  He
          then realizes he hopes the "home" isn't alive enough
          to react to being stabbed.  But the home doesn't seem
          to swallow him or anything so he figures he is safe.

            Lin heads after Raban and helps to attack the humans.
          His sword tries to impale one but he is able to duck
          backwards in time.

            Kell watches the elementals as he listens to Kiet.

            The three near Ben'dar and Z'leyra attack.  Two on
          Ben'dar and one swinging wildly at Z'leyra.  But all
          three attacks fail to hit their marks.

            The 11 Vong warriors now ordered by the Shaper begin
          to quickly descend to the ground level by the stairs.

            Down 200 feet below the group of Vong, Kiet finishes
          his speech.  "...concerned.  The High Elder could handle
          this whole thing himself with some Astral Fire. We don't
          need to sacrifice anyone."

            Caladan looks to the tower to the north and figures
          it would make a good defendable spot.


          [Time: 2:27:25 pm - Current/Next phase]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: Five phases and on time!  We'll see if I have time to
              do the Thursday work for Friday's update.  Been busy
              lately last few weeks so chances might be rough.  Info
              updated below. But the zoomed map at the end not updated
              ignore it as no enemy is on map.  If the Vong get to
              the ground then I will update the map.   The Dwarves
              decided to go and steal easter eggs from parks from
              poor innocent kids.  They seem to like the rotten
              eggs and bar-b-q sauce.  So they got a bit stomach
              achy so didn't update the mana chart/experience. I
              will get it done tomorrow night so check tomorrow
              night probably by 9-11pm EST.

          GM: Situation Report -

              Arawn - Debated if the Fascinate spell works while
                invisible.  I figure classic use is eye contact.
                But I'm easy going for this purpose.  I will assume
                going to the next home E9 and then north to Row D
                might see Raban by then.

              Fremea - The msg in chat was to use the bow at the
                homes.  Wasn't sure if you would want to fire on
                the Vong or go down and warn the others.

              Will - About 1 more minute till wakey time. :<
                BUT next update (if I do 5 phases) you will be
                visible. Who knows the others may see you and help? :)

          GM: Spells active

              Z'leyra -   Orient Self, Invisibility, Speed
              Ben'dar -   Speed
              Fremea  -   Invisibility
              Will    -   Armor Transmutation, Invisibility*
              Kiet    -   Entangle
              Kell    -   Elemental Pact, [Summoning/Control]

              * = Soon to end (next update?].  I may NOT post this
              info unless I remember to do so. :)

         GM: Current Positions -

             Z'leyra/Ben'dar - H13 [Top Map], P15 [Side map]
             Chariot         - Gone/missing/left
             Raban           - Inside Home D13 [Top view], P2 [Side map]
             Lin             - Inside Home D1d [Top view], P2 [Side map]
             Will      *     - I42 [Top view], O49 [Side view] [KOed]
             Farseeker       - D42.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map]
             Caladan         - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Fremea          - E42 [Top view] 200' up besides E Wall stairs
             Arawn           - E11 [Top View], P11 [Side map]
             Kell            - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Kiet            - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Chion           - D43.40 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Unali           - Tunnel Q26 [Side map] below ground

             * = Not marked on map
             Wounded: Ben'dar, Caladan, Farseeker

             Homes/West Side  - Z'leyra, Ben'dar, Raban, Lin, Arawn
             Flying Field/East- Fremea,Farseeker,Caladan,Kell,Kiet,Chion
             Below ground     - Unali??

             Flyers [In air]  - 4 Outside mount somewhere
                                R9 [Crashed crater]
                                B5 [Crashed wall crater]

             Homes Explored: 18 out of 32

                Unknown around homes
                1 Home E11 - Captured/Enthralled
                3 Home D13 - Facing Raban/Lin
             Vong Warriors:
                None others seen yet
                1 Inside Home H13 facing Z'leyra/Ben'dar
               11 climbing stairs 200' above ground
                1 Shaper 200' above ground on stairs
             Towers: SW Tower - 3 dead / Destroyed
                     SE Tower - 3 dead
                     NW Tower - 3 dead or wounded???? by unknown
                     NE Tower - 3 dead / destroyed
             Any other enemy not seen or targeted yet.

             [These are last known positions for some of them-may have moved
             since last seen.]

             Note: When a coordinate is given it might say H8.30.  The
             first letter is the coordinate row and second is column.
             If the scale is large I will use a .XX to denote distance
             between that row and next (in this case Lin for example
             is 30 feet heading north to row G).  This way I know where
             folks are exactly.

         GM: Info on recon -

              Bowl homes - Upside bowls - 10 feet wide, 8 feet tall at zenith
                           Almost igloo shape.

              Overall map - North is top of screen /I\
              Scale - 1 Column = 20 feet
                      1 Row    =100 feet

              [Top View/Overview map - from fake ceiling of cavern]

                             1         2         3         4         5
                 A I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
                 B I%%%%%   X X X X                          %%%%%%%%%I
                 C I%%%%% / X X X X               H H H H H  O %%%%%%%I
                 D I%%%%%%  X X X X                 H     H  FC%%%%%%%I
                 E I%%%%%%' X X X X               H H H H H  '%%%%%%%%I
                 F I%%%%%%  X H X X       U       h b   H H    %%%%%%%I
                 G I%%%%%   X X X X  @            H H H H H     %%%%%%I
                 H I%%%%% / x X X X               H   H H H  O  %%%%%%I
                 I I%%%%%%  X X X X                            %%%%%%%I
                 J I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
          % = Rock wall
          / = Destroyed tower
          X = Bowl Homes 10' at zenith height
          x = Destroyed Home
          H = Vong flyers
          h = Cracked/Damaged/Destroyed flyer
          O = Raised observation post / tower 30' high
          U = Rabbit hole below this level is party's tunnel.
          ' = Vong ladder structure up
          @ = Mysterious portal seen by Arawn [30' high off ground]

          Villagers say no caves are on the north and south walls.
          The caves starting 300' from this level are mid way or so
          on the wall along the ladder structures for entry.

          F - Kell/Kiet
          C - Caladan/Chion/Farseeker
              Mount Side View -
                Scale - 1 Column = 15 feet
                        1 Row = 50 feet  North=wall facing screen
              [Looking from one wall to the other wall.  Toward North
               wall with back to south wall.  Looking east/west.]

                             1         2         3         4         5
                   I###              Fake Vong ceiling             ###IA
                   I#                                                #IB
                   I#                                                #IC
                   I#                                                #ID
                   I#                                                #IE
                   I#                                                #IFCave
          Cave 1-> `#                                                #`G<-#4
                   I#                                                #IH
          Cave 2-> `#                                                #`I<-#5
                   I#                                                #IJ
          Cave 3-> `#                                                #`K<-#6
                   I#                                                #IL
                   I#                                                #IM
                   I#                 @ <-Portal                     #IN
         Mount     I#T                                              T#IO
         Ground --?I#]A_A_A_A_A_A_A_A__________________V__V__V__V__V[#IP
                   I                       Y<X                        IQ
                   I                      Z                           IR

              I = Rock wall, #=Vong ladder structure
              ` = Entrance to cave [open mostly]
              _ = Rock floor (Row P) ground floor
              A = Vong Bowl Home (10' high)
              V = Vong flyer
              T = Vong Tower (30' high)
              ],[=Base of Vong tower (wooden)
              X = Rabbit Hole opening 30' wide below cavern to tunnels
              Y = Tunnel of Treasure/Sentry cave (under ground floor)
              Z = Pit/Lake caves below elevation of Treasure cave tunnel
             1-6= Side caves on east/west walls

   As always if map messed up see website.

   * Zoomed map of location of Flight Ready Room

          1         2         3
/  \__/  \__/  \%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% A /I\ = North
\__/  \__/  \__/  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%% B %   = Rock wall
/  \__/  \__/  \__/ %%%%%%%%%%%%% C X   = NE Tower
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/%%%%%%%%%%% D [=  = Vong ladder up
/@@\__/  \__/  \__/XX\__/  \__/%% E `   = Flap covering to cave
\@@/  \__/  \__/  \XX/  \__/  \%% F @@  = Flyer #5 still on field
/@@\__/  \__/  \__1  \__/  \__/%% G
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \%% H
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/%% I
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \%% J  V = Vong [P31,Q30,R31]
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/%% K  R = Stairs [W29 off map]
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \%% L  F = Farseeker [Q29]
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/%% M  K = Kell [O29]
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \%% N  E = Kiet [O28]
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  EK_/%% O  C = Caladan [P30]
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ CV`> P  1 = Vong body seen
/  \__/  \__/  \__23 \__/  \FV/`> Q ## = 2 Elementals [gone)
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ HV%% R  H = Chion [R30]
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/%% S 2+3= Human prisoners
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \%% T  1 Hex - 10 feet
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/%% U  1 Row = 5 feet
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/[==%% V  1 Column = 5 feet
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \[==%% W
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/[==%% X Side Cave-30x30x20'
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \[==%% Y Past P/Q23 eastward

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