[pnpgm] Dispell

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Tue Sep 16 23:02:22 CEST 2008

Annoyed that her invisibility got dispelled and amazed that a Darkling 
Light spell managed to get through her magical defenses Z'leyra musters 
her will against the pain and casts Orient Self at the max EL she can 
cast in one phase followed by casting an EL4 Dispel/Banish vs Chaos 
through her staff at the Darkling Light spell. If that doesn't work she 
recasts the dispel at the highest EL she is capable of. That it got thru 
her immunity only weakened to effective EL4 might signal that it is too 
high an EL for her to do anything but die.

Too low on mana she plans to physically attack A'kril after that.

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