[pnpgm] Game update #24 - File #64 - Q&A With Assassin

Chris & Karen Wells ckwells at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 20:01:44 CET 2008

No, that joke was pretty much in-character for Ben'Dar.  He can have a bit
of a mischievious streak in him from time to time...  :-)

Ben'Dar plans on looking into the corrupt gaurd allegation when he returns
to the ranch.  He will have a discreet chat with his steward on the ranch to
let him know that one of the gaurds may have a questionable background.  No
background checks will be performed at this point, but the steward will be
aware that he needs to keep his eyes open.

Ben'Dar approaches Unali.  "Well?  Why do we wait here?" he asks quietly.
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