[pnpgm] Game update #24 - File #64 - Q&A With Assassin

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Wed Feb 20 01:57:29 CET 2008

<OOC: At this point Raban should fetch his backpack and other gear. I do 
not know if those are in this building or not. He could have a room here 
or elsewhere or have his pack near the stage. There is nothing not 
easily replaced in his packs, but he would prefer to keep them. So I 
will post assuming he has things in a room here. The GM can of course 
change things to fit what he thinks is appropriate.>
<Addendum to the GM: Any valuables that were assumed to be in the packs 
should be in some smaller container that he can either wear 
unobtrusively or can keep near him when he is working. Belt pouch 

[After having gathered what instruments and other gear Raban had near 
the stage he will go upstairs to his room to get his remaining gear. His 
backpack is always packed and ready since Raban knows he often has to 
leave at a moments notice. It does not take long to add his working gear 
to the rest and buckle the straps. His hundred pounds of gear is of 
little notice as he slings it casually over a shoulder, but then he 
pauses and sets it back down. He opens up a section of the packs and 
pulls out his traveling clothes and leather armor. He quickly changes 
clothes, dons the armor and repacks.]

<This part may need changes if I do it wrong.>
[Knowing that there is likely to be more problems in the immediate 
future, Raban prepares to do some magic to help. With a prayer to his 
Goddess Miryan, he asks for her help in a Blessing to defend himself so 
he may better defend Z'leyra and Unali. Once that is done, he reslings 
his gear and walks back to the others. Setting his gear beside the 
table, he turns to the two ladies.]

"Z'leyra, Unali, I know you are not followers of Miryan but she is not 
opposed to my aiding you. If you desire it, I will gladly give you her 
Blessings to defend you from your enemies."

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