[pnpgm] Game update #24 - File #64 - Q&A With Assassin

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Fremea has no reaction to Chion's action against Kel. He deserves everything coming to him, and more (Fremea smiles to herself about how much more he will get), however Fremea will not be the one to do it this time.

"So, you decided to take Unali yourself. Seems hard to believe that you alone could have done everything in the tavern, other than throw that dart. So, who else were you working with? How do I contact them?"

She turns to Chion and whispers in his ear. "If there is anything you want to ask, let me know. He will answer to me."

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> [Recap]
> From Chion: [Re: Actions on assassin]
> While waiting on Fremea's response Chion takes out his
> kitchen knife.
> "You know, friend, I have been doing this for a long long
> time. And it rarely involves this kind of thing.
> So I may not be as good at it as you will eventually come to
> hope I was." And with that he will cut off a pinky, to see if
> the regeneration is still in effect or not.
> "Well, that little piggy is out to market. Four more and you
> become "lefty, the vagabond." (resting back in his chair he
> will look at Fremea to see if she is grossed out or not) You
> know, you don't have to be here now if you don't want to be."
> He will prepare to see how strong this guy's mind is by starting t
> o cast an illusion. The illusion will be a hammer he will use to
> further torture the guy with.
> (also, yes, Chion knows the a fascination spell might be faster,
> but he knows that Fremea has some "pent up anger" at humans
> that he should help her deal with...
> in a balanced way, this is not only torture, but counseling...
> and Chion's mind goes on... smiling)
> GM: Ack.
> ---------------------------------------
> From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
> As Z'leyra watches, she hopes that Chion had overheard Unali's
> comment and will choose to bring the assassin back for the proper
> authorities to deal with. She is fine with the party taking
> charge and dealing with such situations when out adventuring,
> but does not want to step on the toes of the Marentian power
> structure - which apparently has a crew who specialize in
> dealing with this particular type of situation.
> GM: Ack.
> ---------------------------------------
> From Raban: [Re: Actions]
> [Raban looks about and decides he better be prepared to leave.
> He walks over to the bartender.] Raban: "I am sorry but I do
> not think I will be finishing the entertainment I had planned
> for the day. It is best I gather my things and leave at least
> for a few days." [Afterward, Raban goes about gathering his
> instruments from the stage and fetching his other equipment.]
> GM: Ack.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> [New Stuff]
> [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
> Location: Maren City, Chion's House]
> [Time: 8:23am]
> [Chion examines the assassin from his chair as he rests and
> as Fremea stands nearby. For the first time he studies
> the man up and down. A well built man of typical physical
> bearing for his job. His nose looks like its been broken
> once or twice. He has a nasty scar on the side of his
> neck that looks like its from a quick cut that never healed.
> Chion recalls all the prisoners he has had or for that
> matter the party has had. The party hasn't much luck over
> the last few months. From the prisoners in Cloud Base on
> Clima killed during questioning by a mysterious shadow creature
> to prisoners in the plains, Ezam's castle and elsewhere.
> It seems fate and the gods don't want the party to have
> answers to simple questions. Chion hopes this time there
> isn't some divine will or last ditch death for this guy.
> Having heard the man's words in the bar about this guy
> being important for some other reason tends to make him
> leery on torture but it has to be done for many reasons.
> Chion glances to Fremea and back at the man. He stands
> and goes to the water basin and grabs his kitchen knife.
> It would be bad to ruin such a nice blade.]
> [Chion figures while she waits to respond she may be leery
> to act as a new member to this group. What will the others
> think or do? Chion recalls how Thig would act he liked this
> sort of thing a more psychological torture. The whole thing
> about scaring Climan sailors threatening to feed them to
> his dogs got some to talk. Course there is still some debate
> if a finger or two wasn't fed to his dogs.. Chion smirks
> recalling the time then approaches the assassin and pulls his
> chair closer to sit facing the assassin.]
> Chion: "You know, friend, I have been doing this for a long
> long time. And it rarely involves this kind of thing. So I
> may not be as good at it as you will eventually come to hope
> I was."
> [He twirls the sharp blade in his hand and runs the tip of the
> blade against the man's cheek. Then he goes around to the
> rear and grabs one of the man's hands and his small finger.
> He then braces and with a forceful shove cuts off the small
> finger. Blood splatters to Chion's floor as the finger
> falls to the ground. The man jerks up in his chair and
> gives a muffled cry of pain, more shock, and grits his
> teeth in the gag.]
> Chion: "Well, that little piggy is out to market. Four more and
> you become " lefty, the vagabond."
> [Chion looks at the finger and sees it slowly clots and a stub
> of a small finger seems to form. The low level effect of
> the spell may not grow the finger back fully or it may just
> take some time. Chion goes back to his chair and rests holding
> the bloody knife dangling from his lap. Chion all the while
> going back to his chair eyes Fremea to see her reaction. She
> doesn't even squirm to the bloody knife or finger behind the
> man on the ground. Barely a eye blink as if she is used to
> such things or at least has a strong constitution. Chion
> turns and speaks softly.]
> Chion: "You know, you don't have to be here now if you don't
> want to be."
> [Chion's smiles returns as he stares at the man. His eyes have
> watered and sweat forms on his neck from the shock of the
> cut. But his eyes continue to stare straight ahead either
> in defiance or ignorance.]
> [Chion begins to wave a hand and cast an illusion spell onto
> the man but nothing happens. Either the spell failed or the
> man's defense is too high.]
> [After a few seconds Fremea walks over to the man and ungages
> him. Chion raises an eyebrow surprised its early for the
> question and answer session. Fremea eyes the man and
> studies the man's neck for the vein on his neck. It seems
> to be slowing down showing he has a tolerance for pain but
> not shock, as most humans do. Fremea turns and returns
> along side Chion. She begins to ask questions.]
> Fremea: "I have questions that you will answer truthfully and
> specifically to me,
> 1. What is your name, the one you go by that others use and
> your full real name?"
> Man: "Kel. Kel Chel."
> Fremea: "2. Who is your contact that hired you for the last job?"
> Kel: "I have never been hired for a job."
> Fremea: "3. Why did you assassinate Unali? What is the purpose
> behind it?"
> Kel: "So she is dead then?" [he smirks] "She took down my
> associates so I sought to take her down."
> Fremea: "4. Have you ever killed any children?"
> Kel: "Children?" [He considers this as if checking his mental
> notes.] "Yes. Its business."
> [Chion wonders why this particular question? An interesting
> random question.]
> Fremea: "5. Where is your base of operations, where you operate
> out of?"
> Kel: "I no longer have one thanks to the dagger bitch."
> Fremea: "6. How do I safely enter your base? Passwords, traps,
> and whatever else might be hidden?"
> Kel: "Seek the city guards its their property now."
> [Chion's smile seems to fade just a small bit. Could it
> be that easy? Revenge causes men to be desperate and
> desperation causes men to have death wishes. The answers
> come so easy and yet in past party interrogations they
> never came. The extremes makes him dizzy. This one talks
> but others die. This must be his lucky day. Chion twirls
> the bloody knife in his hand all the fun of torture seems to
> have been ruined.]
> [Kel just stares forward past Chion toward the door's general
> direction as if waiting for death or the next question.]
> -----------------------
> [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
> Location: Sivas, Marentia, Green Eye Tavern.
> [Time: 8:23am]
> [Z'leyra puts away her goblet and bezoar stone in her
> satchel. As Raban and Ben'dar move the table back to its
> original position and readjust plates and mugs, Z'leyra
> grabs Fremea's bag and puts it near her satchel so no one
> snatches it. Z'leyra leans against the wall and studies
> the room waiting for this Jensen fellow so the party
> can move on with its personal business. On the trip home
> from Clima Suresh Nambler the Marentian spy in Clima had
> hinted around to a organized group in Marentia that works
> behind the scenes. Z'leyra is sure every civilized society
> has some form of secret service or society to do such
> jobs so the ruling groups can separate themselves from it.
> Z'leyra hopes Chion heard Unali's comments but knows if
> he brings the assassin back here Jensen would ask questions.
> The next hour could be tricky. He is too far to contact
> and warn.]
> [Arawn finds all this intrigue interesting. In the Upper World
> such things were rare aside from court intrigue. Intrigue
> among individuals or nations were unheard of. Gods simply
> knew the truth most times. But even gods liked the gossip
> and intrigue in the rumor mills of court life. It keep the
> "normal folk" docile and distracted. Here all this stuff is
> the opposite. Seems intrigue is everywhere. He has not
> meet this Duke Aren guy Unali mentions but he must be a
> mighty powerful man in this nation. Maybe humans can learn
> from the Sidh. Sidh tend not to be so gossip and power
> mad as petty humans.]
> [Ben'dar having had his fun with the guards turns to help
> clean up the mess. He considers Micah's last words about
> one of his guards. Maybe a background check or one of
> those fancy truth spells might be in order. Maybe he
> should warn the Steward.]
> [Unali wonders how the assassin found her. His street
> contacts might be good or maybe gold just buys information.
> Her unique black clothing and style is not hard to miss
> in this area. She hopes Chion heard her words. If
> Chion returns when Jensen is here it could open a mess
> of questions she and the party might not be able to
> answer. Then what? Escape? Fight?]
> [Raban looks about and decides he better be prepared to leave.
> He walks over to the bartender.]
> Raban: "I am sorry but I do not think I will be finishing the
> entertainment I had planned for the day. It is best I gather
> my things and leave at least for a few days."
> Whet: "That is sad to hear. The evening crowd will be big.
> But with all this attention they might stay away. Seems
> like every few days a new bar fight causes the guards to
> come and both my patrons..." [He mumbles as he wipes the
> bar and walks down seemingly to talk to himself.]
> [Raban heads to the stage and gathers up his instruments.
> As he does he glances at the Baron talking to the messenger.
> The Baron seems to ignore Raban all together. Raban
> wonders if the guards will let him go.]
> -----------------------
> [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
> Location: Somewhere out there....]
> [Time: Morning...]
> [The morning sun shines on a warm marketplace as a man straightens
> up his gear on a donkey who looks bored. The man places a bag
> of wood strips onto the donkey's saddle. Down the way 2 men
> glance occasionally at the man in the busy marketplace full of
> 30-40 people doing their errands.]
> Man 1: "Is that him?"
> Man 2: "Yes."
> Man 1: "So he stumbled onto our meeting in the warehouse and
> you just let him leave?"
> Man 2: "He seemed to not understand the situation. We didn't
> want to make a scene."
> Man 1: "Yeah well she wants him watched he may not be as
> stupid as he looks."
> Man 2: "Right. I'll take care of it."
> Man 1: "You better. She wants no trouble."
> [With that Man #1 walks down the alley as the other man stays
> and watches the passerby's go back and forth.]
> Actions? Comments?
> Next update...Friday
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> in next email. Never got to Mailing list archives either.
> Ben'dar - Was the joke in last update OOC for you? :)
> Chion - Illusion failed. Repeat? If so how do you use
> the hammer? Any questions?
> Fremea - Any more questions?
> GM: Updates for 2/22, 25, 29. After that the following week
> will be no update (Mon/Fri). I was hoping to get to the
> adventure introduction by at least the 29th update. So
> folks can plan what they want to do and bring/take.
> Introduction will be the delivery of the message scroll.
> But if questioning of the prisoner takes longer than
> we can do it after I return. But this is not a rush
> to get it done. Its interesting to see. :)
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