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   Arawn watched Micah prepared to leave and Elam took a seat at the table the party had formerly occupied. Not quite sure where Chion was Arawn whispered to Z'leyra,
   "If Chion is still around let me know if he still needs my help. Also, if he heads back to the assassin I think it may be good if I accompany him in case the potion doesn't take."
   With that he turns his attentions once again to Unali, his magics strengthening her life with each passing moment. (Arawn will continue to cast Energy (Priest) on Unali until something more pressing occurs, Chion needs help or is leaving, or if/when Unali looks or says she is recovered.)

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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
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  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
    Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
    Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea catches herself quickly after the initial shock of her
          spell not working and quickly uses her reflexes and training
          in hand to hand to disable the assassin's arm choking her by
          numbing it and causing it to release - and possibly kicking
          him the right spots (as he probably is wearing some kind of
          protection on his groin, to make him go to his knees). When
          she is able to get his hand off her, she will grab something
          next to her that seems heavy enough (or use her dagger, which
          ever is easiest) and smack the assassin upside the head to
          knock him out. She has lots of questions for him and he is not
          going to get away or die.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar nods in agreement with Micah.  "They can go," he motions
          vaguely in the direction of the beggars.  "I will talk to the
          vendor."  With that, Ben'Dar begins to turn to leave the tavern
          when he notices Chion standing near Z'leyra.

          "Chion?"  Then louder, "What's wrong?  Where's Fremea?"  He
          will move quickly over to Chion and then stand back a bit to
          stay out of the way of the healers in the group.

          (Assuming Ben'Dar can see Chion...if not, he'll leave the tavern,
          mount Tef'wo, and go pay a visit to the vendor that the beggars

          "Chion?"  Then louder, "What's wrong?  Where's Fremea?"  He
          will move quickly over to Chion and then stand back a bit to
          stay out of the way of the healers in the group.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          Raban: [Smiling back at Micah he replies softly] "I had planned
          to leave town anyway, thats usually best after such problems. I
          can entertain and help people anywhere I go, so I do not stay
          long at any city. I just wanted to get an answer or at least
          give him a reason to hesitate before causing further problems
          for me. But it would seem you have given him enough reasons for
          now. Still, I think associates of the assassin must have told
          him I was here. He does not seem to be one who could find me by
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions] 
          Basically when Z'leyra sees Chion, she starts holding up the
          goblet as she tells Arawn "Chion's here...want to cast your
          spell?" and signs to Chion "Poison cure, spell from Arawn or if
          in hurry drink this. Heck, drink this after spell even if
          not in a hurry."
        GM: Ack. 

    [New Stuff]

        [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
        Location: Maren City, Chion's House]
        [Time: 8:20am]

        [Fremea's eyes begin to water as she realizes her shock
          of the attack.  She was sure to check his bindings and she
          knew it was tight.  But she has known even Faerry to escape
          bindings with their tiny hands.  Then the shock of her
          spell not working.  It must be the house not allowing it or
          the purification failed? The 6 foot tall assassin towers over the
          3.5 foot tall Fremea and has a 3 to 1 weight advantage.  Based
          on her initial attack she also suspects a 2 to 1 strength
          advantage which for a human isn't that great.  Fremea quickly
          studies the situation in a blink of an eye.  The assassin is
          leaning over her with his neck and jaw over her a weak and
          critical spot exposed but it must be to bend over.  His left hand
          is useless now until he can pop it back into place likely within
          a few seconds.  His strength lies in the right hand and his

        Assassin: "Freak! Your dead!"

        [The assassin spits the words out in a angry voice full of
          rage and bigotry to likely his first Faerry he has ever
          seen.  He quickly glances up and looks around the room for
          weapons, escape routes and other objects to use.]

        [Fremea grabs her dagger from the belt she knows her arms
          won't reach high enough to his neck so she uses her right
          hand to brace against his arm and gasp for breath while
          with her left hand she uses the hilt of the dagger to stab
          sideways into his elbow joint to try and dislodge his arm.
          The move works and for a split second the force of his
          attack weakens giving Fremea time to gasp for air]

        [But as quickly as it flees the assassin regains his full
          force and leans into Fremea tightening his grip.]

        Assassin: "Weakling!"

        [Fremea tries again but this time the blow is less in its
          strength and nothing occurs.]

        [The assassin looks to his limp arm and tries to flex it
          setting it back into is joints.  Fremea can hear a snap and
          crack of his hand as she suddenly sees spots in front of
          her eyes.  She knows she only has one last chance.]

        [This time Fremea twists the dagger with blade out and
          with her last bit of strength stabs the man right in the
          arm. The Assassin immediately releases his grip and pulls
          back in reaction to the blow.]

        [The assassin now becomes upset and with his free hand
          he jerks his left hand ignoring the pain of his small
          stab wound and sets his left wrist into position.]

        Assassin: "I'll kill you slowly for that!"

        [Using the second to gain her breath and strength Fremea
          brings in air with quick gasps.]

        [The Assassin seems to ignore the dagger Fremea is holding
          and finishes setting his wrist.  He sees an object on
          a nearby table he can use and moves toward it.]

        [At that instant Fremea gains her strength back and grabs the
          man's left wrist and pulls hard, pulling the man toward her.
          With her right leg she tries to trip the man's left leg.
          The movement is unexpected and so the man trips forward toward
          the nearby table.  He braces his fall with the right hand.]

        [The man then gains his balance and swings his right hand
          toward Fremea's hand but fails to make contact.]

        [Fremea twirls her dagger to hilt upward and with a forceful
          upswing tries to hit the man's jaw with a small jump and
          makes contact with dead center of his jaw with enough
          of a blow to break one tooth and knock him out.  The
          assassin falls backward toward his old chair causing
          dust to fly.  Fremea coughs from the dust and sore neck.]

        [Fremea grabs her waterskin from her belt and takes some
          water and rests for a minute.]

        [The guard leaves back to the main door and Micah nods
          trying to decide on his next move.  Raban breaks his
          train of thought and replies on the baron situation.]

        Raban: "I had planned to leave town anyway, that's usually best
          after such problems. I can entertain and help people anywhere
          I go, so I do not stay long at any city. I just wanted to get
          an answer or at least give him a reason to hesitate before
          causing further problems for me. But it would seem you have
          given him enough reasons for now. Still, I think associates
          of the assassin must have told him I was here. He does not
          seem to be one who could find me by himself."

        [Micah seems distracted by the guard's information but listens
          absently to Raban.  Micah then nods and glances up at Raban.]

        Micah: "I doubt he has any connection to the assassin.  As
          I said the assassin was here for Unali only. I don't think
          it takes much street carousing to find a location for a
          person of your...size...and one who entertains.  Can't
          be that many of your...type."

        [Micah waves a hand and moves toward Unali.]


        [Location: Sivas City, Green Eye Tavern]
        [Time: About 2 minutes before current scene.]

        [After the Beggars describe the vendor Ben'dar nods in
          acknowledegement to Micah.]

        Ben'dar: "They can go," [he motions vaguely in the direction
          of the beggars.]  "I will talk to the vendor."

        [Micah raises an eyebrow at this command and that little show
          of boldness tells Micah what he needs to know about Ben'dar.
          Another piece of information.  Subversion of his power Micah
          simply frowns then nods to a guard.]

        Micah: "Show them to the back please."

        [Ben'dar heads to the door when Micah raises a hand.]

        Micah: "Sorry you can't leave." [He glances over his shoulder
          to the others] "None of you for now.  We still have
          issues to resolve."

        [Ben'dar turns and grabs his weapon slightly in a show
          of defiance but Micah simply glares back.]

        Micah: "There are...procedures I must follow...the vendor
          would only be a dead end.  Any person can cause a person
          to do something with a few coins.  It would only lead
          to another person who was paid or the person's

        [Two guards stand near the door a bit more erect with hands
          on their swords and glance at Ben'dar.  Suddenly 2 more
          guards enter the tavern.  One heads to the side of
          the bar to stand guard at one door while another comes up
          to whisper in Micah's ear.]

        Micah: "Eagle?  Kill it?" [He glances over his shoulder
          at Z'leyra and lowers his voice] "Best not do that.  Just
          watch it and leave it alone.  Its friendly."

        [Cholan comes to Ben'dar and gives him a mug of ale.]

        Cholan: "Best sit down.  We can't afford attention and
          trouble right now."


        [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
        Location: Sivas, Marentia, Green Eye Tavern.
        [Time: 8:21am]

        [Chion taps Z'leyra and signs that he has taken Fremea and
          the assassin to his home.  But he has been damaged by
          a poisoned dagger.  Z'leyra sees his face and its pale
          and his skin is a bit clammy a sign of weakness but
          likely not instant death poison but a slow rate poison.
          A good sign for Chion or he might've been dead by now.]

        [Z'leyra glances around with her eyes the room and then
          turns slowly to Arawn.  She whispers]

        Z'leyra: "Chion's here...want to cast your spell?"

        [Arawn whispers slightly to Z'leyra.]

        Arawn: "If he wishes to reveal himself to me he can sit next to
          Unali and I can attempt to cast it while appearing to be
          tending to her."

        [Arawn considers the situation if he casts a spell he'd
          be noticed likely since Micah won't allow anyone to go
          to a private room.  Z'leyra turns back to Chion and
          signs to him.]

        Z'leyra: "Poison cure, spell from Arawn or if in hurry
          drink this. Heck, drink this after spell even if not in
          a hurry."

        [Z'leyra glances back and Arawn shakes his head and nods
          to the goblet feeling its safer for now.  Z'leyra then
          turns and with back turned to most of the party and room
          mixes the bezoar into a potion again.]

        [Arawn comes to Unali and prepares her for the spell while
          whispering to her Chion is here.]

        [Micah glances to a guard at the door who nods and glances
          upward.  Micah turns to the balcony and sees a guard who nods
          and then twirls his finger in mixing motion.  He subtly
          nods having suspected it.  He walks a few steps forward as
          Z'leyra finishes her poison.]

        Micah: "My uncle was death so as a kid I had to learn to
          read lips and sign language." [He smiles.]  "I suspect
          the potion isn't for Unali.  So it must be for Chion."

        [He walks a few steps forward and turns about 30 degrees
          to the side suspecting where Chion is but in fact is about
          45 degrees off so Micah looks funny talking to the wall.]

        Micah: 'Chion if that's you the assassin was for Unali and
          not for you.  We have about four or five minutes before
          the city guards come and take over this investigation.
          If that happens it'll cause more problems for all of us
          all the way to the top if you know what I mean.  I
          would appreciate it greatly if you can not kill the
          man so we can question him ourselves.  I still have to
          figure out a way to get the investigation dropped but
          the sooner I know he is safe in our hands the sooner
          I can get this situation resolved.  Jensen is due here and
          he's a pain for details and personal backgrounds.  I suspect
          you took him to Z'leyra's place keep him there and we'll
          come for him but I MUST know he is safe."

        [Micah stares at the wall 2 feet behind Chion.  Chion grabs
          the potion and drinks it while hearing Micah's comments.
          Of course Chion has no clue who this man is or his
          authority.  But Chion smiles he must not know Chion has a home.]

        [Micah turns to Unali.]

        Micah: "Convince Chion for me please."

        [As Chion drinks the potion his hands start to shake from
          the lack of energy.  He realizes quickly that he is
          almost tapped out.  His legs begin to buckle slightly
          but the levitate spell keeps him afloat.  he uses his
          staff to lean on and for balance.]

        Unali: "Arawn, I indeed feel like I could have my spirit lifted.
          Thanks for the offer."

        [Arawn casts a Energy spell onto Unali and Chion watches
          the hand movements with keen interest as blue energy
          moves from Arawn into Unali.]

        [Chion's levitate spell ends and he sags to the floor.
          As he watches Arawn help recharge Unali he waits a few
          seconds then a few more and feels the same.  The quick
          draining he felt seems to be gone likely the poison
          has been cured?  Chion feels still weakened but likely
          from his life force drain of the poison but it seems the
          drain has ended.]

        [Micah turns and waves to the man on the balcony to come down.
          He then walks to the center of the group not waiting for an
          answer to Chion.  Likely time is running out and it shows.
          He runs a hand through his thick black hair.]

        Micah: "Okay.  This is how it will go down.  As I've said
          this situation could blow up. Jensen is ruthless but
          goes by the law he'll take names, background info and
          maybe ask a lot of questions.  But likely none that
          will be a problem." [By then the guard comes down and
          along side Micah.  Micah nods to the man.] "This is
          Elam he works for me and not really attached to the city
          guards.  Target of the assassin was Elam not Unali.
          Just so happened Unali got in the way.  Elam of course
          was sitting in the table next to you guys.  Bad aim.
          You guys simply defended Unali and chased the attacker
          away and he escaped."

        Elam: "Right boss.  I can work with that.  But what about
          the witnesses the old man in that family over there saw
          the attacker."

        Micah: "Story still fits.  I'm working fast here.  Only
          have a couple minutes.  The city can offer to pay for
          a nice stay here on the city for a few days for them
          if they want..." [He eyes each person from Cholan to
          Raban in the party] "Do you got the plan?"

------  [Everyone in the party has heard the previous weeks of work
        Unali has done in taking down the spy ring just this
        morning.  All but Raban.  he has no clue of the background
        but Micah doesn't know he isn't part of this group.  Raban
        seems confused by this whole situation why some guard but
        not a city guard but a man of some authority but of secret
        authority would be giving orders.  Raban seems to feel though
        the man is covering up some situation that could be harmful
        to the nation and to Unali.  In helping Unali Raban seems
        to think maybe this man has her best interest at heart.]

        Micah: "I'm glad you no one touched the dart.  If Jensen
          inspects it then only the assassin's presence will be
          found which helps the story.  I must be leaving now as
          I rather not be here to answer further questions.  I
          will be going to ground.  Unali you know how to contact
          me but it might be hard for a bit."

        [With that he gives a curt nod to Unali and turns to where
        he thinks Chion might still be.]

        Micah: "We need the assassin alive it could benefit us with
          questions we have.  If you return him dead we could lose
          some potential benefits."

        [Micah waves to one of the guards near the back of the room
        likely another of his personal associates who comes forward.
        Micah walks near Ben'dar.]

        Micah: "You could leave with me to find this vendor but
          Jenson will surely need to question you about the messenger
          and if your not here that could lead to warrants for your
          arrest.  I suggest you stay here for a bit."

        [Elam takes a seat in the table next to the party's where he
        wasn't before and moves a plate and mug from another table
        to it.  The way the two act they seem to have done this
        type of con before to the city guards.  Elam must have a
        good cover identity.]


        [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
        Location: Maren City, Chion's House]
        [Time: 8:22am]

        [Fremea with some effort gets the unconscious man to the
          chair again. This time she secures the ropes through his
          armpits and around his neck in a tie that even an escape
          artist would have trouble with.  If he moves his arm he
          chokes his neck.  He puts the ropes through the chair slats
          as a double assurance.]  

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: Arawn - One casting of Energy done.  Since Chion initially
              said to tap and drink I went with the goblet than
              your spell.  But it works.  I did give Alex chance
              of deciding who cures who.

            Ben'dar - Leave with Micah or stay as suggested?

            Chion - When in the above do you teleport?  Hear it
              all or do you reply or do you teleport back at the
              end of the scene when he is starting to leave?
              I also need to know the questions asked of the
              prisoner and how you do it (ie torture?).

            Fremea - Could've been worse if he had both arms and
              a weapon might not have survived. But got lucky. :)
              What questions and how do you ask as well?
              Recast your spell to help?

        GM: Once assassin is dealt with we can move to the messenger
            and his message and the adventure. :)

        GM: Details I was looking for in last post was how secret
            the chion situation would be.  Since Z'leyra go into
            great cover to hide the potion (aside from turning back)
            and speaking without obvious trying not to be seen the
            cat got out of the bag.  Micah suspected Chion might
            appear so had Elam stay on the balcony and watch for
            clues.  Along with his lip reading and sign language
            reading (another thing not quite hidden as described).
            He guessed what might be.  Arawn did try to cover it
            up but Micah is smart enough to figure out the rest. :) 

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