[pnpgm] Game Update #21 - File #54 - Micah's last offer

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Thu Feb 14 22:31:19 CET 2008

[Raban ponders things for a bit, thinking its an odd coincidence how his 
encounter fit into the other events. But this Micah seems quite 
knowledgeable about such things. It is true that I would be noticed and 
thus much easier to find if someone tried, so he must be right. What 
they are speaking of now is something he knows little of, nor is it of 
much interest to him. So Raban walks back to the ladies to see if he can 
help them.]
Raban: "Unali, I hope you are feeling better now. Z'leyra, I apologize 
for not speaking to you sooner, but things were happening too fast. I 
did not even know your name the last time we were together. I am very 
happy to see you were not injured. Poisons I have not needed to deal 
with before, nasty things. I have but one spell that can treat the loss 
of life energy, but it shares it between all nearby. I have nothing to 
treat poisons directly, so it would be best I learn to do so quickly. Or 
at the least acquire something that can treat it, like what you have. Do 
you need any help treating anyone? Or is there anything else I can do 
for you?"

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