[pnpgm] Game Update #21 - File #54 - Micah's last offer

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(OOC...I have to play it as if Ben'Dar doesn't know Chion's situation or
whereabouts...Ben'Dar has some skill in sign language, but with his
attention focused on Micah and the other gaurds, even if he sees Z'leyra's
signs, he's likely to think that it is meant for Unali, who is recovering
from the poison dart.)

Micah says he has to follow procedures, and Ben'Dar flushes darkly.  He
impatiently listens as Micah pretends to talk to Chion and he wonders just
who this man thinks he's fooling.  Civilized folk can be so stupid, he
thinks with grim amusement.

Micah makes the offer to "let Ben'Dar go" to find the vendor and in typical
Ben'Dar fashion, he replies bluntly, "I don't need your permission to come
and go.  You've given me no reason to trust you.  My friends are missing and
so is the assassin.  For all I know, Chion and Fremea are being tortured and
killed as we stand here talking!"  He whirls on the two gaurds at the door,
hefting his pike menacingly.  "Stand aside or die," he snarls.

Unless he is given some indication from a member of the party to do
otherwise, he'll go out in search of the vendor to try to track down the
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