[pnpgm] Game Update #20 - File # 43 - Where is Chion?

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Tue Feb 5 09:04:16 CET 2008

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
     Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          When Ben'Dar sees Unali awake, he helps her up, murmuring,
          "Glad to see you're alright.  I was worried..." then he cuts
          off brusquely as if embarrassed.

          When the leader accuses Ben'Dar of being weird, Ben'Dar
          folds his arms across his chest and glowers at the man.  "We
          are no bandits," he says bluntly.

          When the leader tells that Chion may be in trouble if the
          assassin dies, Ben'Dar growls, "The man attacked us.  His
          life is forfeit!"  He waves a hand in disgust.  "Bah!  I am
          more concerned about whether or not my friends are ok than if
          we are treating an assassin (he spits) with kid gloves."

          When the beggars tell their story, Ben'Dar hears the gaurd
          leader's comments and looks thoughtfully toward the faerry
          Kaylle.  "Perhaps a child, perhaps not..." he muses.  "What
          did this 'child' look like?" he demands of the beggars.  "Where
          did you meet her?"

          When the recovered messenger begins whining, Ben'Dar merely
          glares at him and takes a threatening step toward him, fists
          clenched.  When the poor man asks about 'pain and suffering',
          Ben'Dar steps up quickly to the man and gets in his face. "You
          don't know what pain and suffering are....yet." he growls. Then
          louder, "You are an accomplice of the assassin.  Prove

          (OOC:  Yes, Ben'Dar is a little suspicious by nature...
        GM: Ack. 


        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          <Since we appear to be out of fast time, I will add longer

          In response to who he is, Raban says "Who am I, why I am Raban
          Usherwood, a Master Entertainer and Acolyte Bard of Miryan from
          the Court of Cernunnos."

          Turning to the injured lady, he says with sincerity and tear
          wet eyes, "Unali, I am greatly sorry for not coming to your aid
          in time. I could not see the balcony from the stage, or I would
          have dove in front of the dart to save you. At the least with
          me there, the assassin would have had a hard time even seeing

          To the others, "I am concerned that the confrontation I had
          just moments before the attack, could also have been arranged.
          So many occurrences at nearly the same time seems more than
          coincidence. If so, then I must help you further, as I must
          redeem myself from being used to hurt Unali, even indirectly,
          so I will stand as her bodyguard until these people are caught.
          I will also help speed her recovery."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea being a little disoriented after the teleport, takes
          a few seconds to figure out what happened. Having experienced
          it only once before, she realizes what must have happened and
          quickly regains herself. Seeing Chion sway a little bit and
          not be his normal after a teleport, she goes to see what is
          going on. Noticing at the same time that the assassin is
          secured, she checks his bindings to make sure he is not
          going any where.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Arawn : [Re: Actions]
          Arawn's hand hovered above the fallen dart as the commander of
          the guards shouted his order. Pulling his hand back he remained
          crouched for a moment as he looked at the man before standing.

          "As you wish," he said and then walked past the man, whisper ing
          quietly to Aren's agent  so that the other soldiers would not
          hear what else he had to add, "But know that I can use it to
          locate the assassin if you fail to apprehend him."

          He hoped that the man's connection to the others through Duke
          Aren would keep Chion and Fremea out of trouble and wondered if
          he should have said anything but if something should happen to
          the two he wanted to make sure that the dart was not tampered
          with or disposed of before it could be used.

          Seeing that Unali was making a recovery he decided to the let
          the warrior rest while he saw to the other victims of the attack.
          Moving first to the messengers side he gave an apology for the
          rough surprise and gently offered to look over his wounds, as
          minor as they were, in an effort to comfort him, pulling out a
          silver coin for the messenger's troubles, before tending to the
          battered man beside the bar. As he did so his thoughts raced to
          Chion and Fremea and though he assumed that the wizard had
          teleported the assassin along with themselves away he hoped that
          they were not in any danger. Thinking about this he eventually
          wandered over to Z'leyra, Unali, and Raban.

          "Where do you think Chion and Fremea have taken off to?," he
          said in a very low voice.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra responds "He might have teleported anyware. I have no
          real idea of where he is now. I hope he wasn't poisoned."

          She observes the guards while mixing another potion just in case
          someone needs a cure for Death Poison in the near future.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Marqi 29, 1633TH. 1st Day of Adventure #4.
         Location: Sivas, Marentia, Green Eye Tavern.
         [Time: 8:19am]

        [Location: Maren City, Chion's Home...]

          [As the assassin taunts and tries to bribe his way out
           of this situation with Chion, Fremea checks his bindings.
           They seem secure but she is no rope expert.  As she
           does she discretely scans the house looking at various
           objects and try to gain clues on where she is.  The
           house is a bit dark and she tries to learn exactly
           where she is but soon finds little clues.  Maybe
           a safe house the party uses or even some random
           person's home.  She comes around front and sees Chion
           look a bit pale.]

          [Chion uses one hand to balance himself on a chair and the
           other arm he leans on his tall staff.  He eyes the
           assassin trying to figure out what his game plan is.]

          [Fremea approaches Chion and examines the wounds made by
           the thrown daggers. The one in the chest seems to be
           a bit inflamed a sure sign of possible poison irritants.]

          Chion: "It is poison. Fast death by the feel of it. Not the
            first time I've felt it. If you can cure poisons, then by
            all means, save me the trouble of returning to the bar.
            Then we can get on with the questioning."

          Assassin: 'So its to be torture then?  You don't think I've
            been trained to resist it?  Yes "daughter" see if you can
            cure it.  Its not the same poison I used on the other
            one but it works..."

          [Fremea looks to the side and then recalls that she didn't
           have time to grab her bag.  Even then it could take
           hours to come up with a cure through trial and error.
           She turns to Chion and shakes her head.]

          Assassin: "...Just like you helped with the beggars."

          [Fremea twirls around at this and stares at the assassin.]

          [Chion continues to feel himself ebbing away.  He can't
           stay here much longer.  He considers what he just heard
           as taunts but who really knows this newcomer to the
           party like Fremea?  He knows the house is secure and
           he shouldn't be long for a few moments.  He takes the
           risk and speaks up.]

          Chion: "True. Business is business. Daughter dearest (with
            a smile) would you please stay here, I have something I must
            do. Make sure he doesn't move, I will be back in a matter of
            moments. Don't try to leave (knowing his door traps are still
            armed). I will return."

          Assassin: "Your too late your friend is dead!  Daughter!
            Did you rape some pegasus horse or fly to get her?"

          [He grins and his white teeth shows through a clenched jaw.
           Chion knows the man is bold but most assassins have to be.]

        [Location: Sivas City, Green Eye Tavern]

          [Moments ago as Unali is being treated the beggars are
           questioned.  Ben'dar looks at Kaylle as he asks the
           question which thoroughly confuses Kaylle.]

          Ben'dar: "Perhaps a child, perhaps not..." [he muses.]  "What
            did this 'child' look like?" [he demands of the beggars.]
            "Where  did you meet her?"

          Beggar: "About 5-6 years old...maybe 3-4 feet tall.  Just
             told us if we wanted a job to see a street vendor and
             then she ran off.  I told my friends here and we found
             the vendor and he told us some guy gave him a coin to
             pay for some painting work here at this tavern and
             mentioned the name.  We then came here."

          [Moments later...]

          [Raban and Ben'dar help Unali to a seat.  Ben'dar whispers
           to her quietly.]

          Ben'dar: "Glad to see you're alright.  I was worried..."

          [Ben'dar realizes others may be watching.  He stands
           and pretends to smooth his leather tunic and necklace.
           To change the subject he asks Raban who he is.]

          Raban: "Who am I, why I am Raban Usherwood, a Master Entertainer 
            and Acolyte Bard of Miryan from the Court of Cernunnos."

          [The guard leader sees Arawn lean down to grab the dart on
           the floor and yells to him to stop.  Arawn's hand stops
           a half inch from the dart.  Arawn turns to look at the
           man and stands slowly waiting for a possible threat or

          Arawn: "As you wish," [He walks over to the man and whispers
           to the not so secret agent quietly.] "But know that I can use
           it to locate the assassin if you fail to apprehend him."

          [The man places a hand and runs it through his hair.]

          Commander: "So do we.  But it need to be untouched for now."

          [Arawn nods but smiles inwardly knowing the man likely has
           no clue how magic works.]

          [Ben'dar nods and then examines the messenger and the guard
           commander with glaring eyes.  Raban leans down, not easy
           for a 8 foot person, and speaks to Unali with sincerity and
           a tearful eye.]

          Raban: "Unali, I am greatly sorry for not coming to your aid
           in time. I could not see the balcony from the stage, or I
           would have dove in front of the dart to save you. At the
           least with me there, the assassin would have had a hard time
           even seeing you."

          [Raban stands and Unali wonders about his words.  This soft
           spoken giant of a man is a stranger but seems to be
           a obvious ladies man.  She wonders if his sincerity is
           true or a ploy.  Raban looks briefly at the others in
           the party.]

          Raban: "I am concerned that the confrontation I had just
            moments before the attack, could also have been arranged. So
            many occurrences at nearly the same time seems more than
            coincidence. If so, then I must help you further, as I must
            redeem myself from being used to hurt Unali, even indirectly,
            so I will stand as her bodyguard until these people are
            caught. I will also help speed her recovery."

          [Ben'dar turns and grins as he scans the bar and guards. He
           knows Unali can take care of herself.  She surely doesn't
           need much of a bodyguard.]

          Unali: "Well, I will sit down for a minute. Raban you say your
            name is? The offer is very flattering, but it would be wise
            to watch your own back first. The man who said they would
            watch my back have a tendency of disappearing. Or they end
            up in a bar. Cholan, get us some new drinks over here. Mine
            is somewhere on the floor. What do you want Raban?"

          [Cholan still confused shrugs but knows to the party this
           situation is all too "normal".  Figuring it to be anything
           but that he goes to the bar to get some drinks.  Unali
           turns to the party and Micah.]


        [Location: Maren City, Chion's Home...]

          [Chion casts quick spells of Invisibility, Insubstantial,
           Levitate so he can move and Teleports back to the tavern.]
        [Location: Sivas City, Green Eye Tavern]

          [Chion teleports to the south of the table.  Levitating a inch
           above the floor he looks around and sees the party mostly
           standing around now.  Newcomers are here including Raban,
           Micah and some other guards.  He begins to sense and scan
           for the bezoar potion.]

          Unali: "So now Chion is gone too. Ah well Micah, sit down
            and join us for a few minutes. Chion has a habit of popping
            out and popping back in. I have no clue where he might be
            at the moment but he will be back shortly."

          [Micah throws up his hands in frustration and grabs a chair
           and sits facing the back of the chair and arms over
           the back of the chair he listens to Unali.  Unali leans
           in a bit closer and whispers.]

          Unali: "Not to good feelings for your prisoner though. Chion
            can be a bit protective towards me at times. Don't be too
            harsh on Chion. And I guess no further leads on the female
            friend of our merchant?"

          Micah: "The Priestess is still jailed.  Her escape failed."
            [He stands and looks over at the guards who seem to be
            bored at door looking at the bar thirsty.] "You don't
            understand Chion could lead everyone into a path he may
            not wish.  If the assassin dies there will be questions.
            I may not have full authority here.  Once a military
            commander gets here my service will have to ....be
            dismissed.  I must maintain some level of discretion for
            the King.  If the military guy who takes over here asks
            questions he might wish to detain everyone here.  That
            would lead to more questions.  Questions we both don't
            want answered.  Said answers would lead to investigations
            and the court would find out of past events that should
            not be discussed.  You understand?  If those reinforcements
            arrive they will surely have someone to take my place.
            Time is limited here."

          [Raban returns not hearing the whispers of past conspiracy
           and party deeds and hands Unali a drink.  Ben'dar folds
           his arms and recalls being insulted by being called

          Ben'dar: "We are no bandits,"

          Micah: "I know this.." [He glances at the guards again
            hoping they can't hear] "But the world doesn't.  Soon
            the citizens will question what is going on here.  Chion
            could be in trouble as you all if the assassin dies."

          [Chion turns his head to this whisper and raises an
           eyebrow for a brief half second.]

          Ben'dar: "The man attacked us.  His life is forfeit!" [He waves
            a hand in disgust.]  "Bah!  I am more concerned about whether
            or not my friends are ok than if we are treating an assassin
            (he spits) with kid gloves."

          Micah: "He will likely be executed but we need to talk to him
            to learn of other...details and holes in this..and other

          [The messenger begins to protest again.  He points at Ben'dar.]

          Messenger: "Are you going to arrest him or do I lodge
            a complaint with the city officials?"

          [Ben'dar turns and glares at him with fists clenched and
           takes a threatening pose and steps toward the young lad
           up to his face.  Ben'dar can tell the young 17-18 year
           old boy is shaking in slight fear.]

          Ben'dar: "You don't know what pain and suffering are....
            yet." [he growls. Then louder,] "You are an accomplice of
            the assassin.  Prove otherwise!"

          [The man looks to Ben'dar then Micah and the guards.  He
           begins to speak but seems to not get the words out.  He
           begins to stammer.]

          Messenger: "I...I..what?!?  Assassin where? You attacked
            me I simply came here to deliver something for a
            Cheon Blades and its only for him.  But I will not
            stand here and lose my job for the likes of you!"

          Micah: [he snaps for a guard to come over] "Take the boy
            to the other side of the bar with the others.  We'll
            deal with him later.  Why don't you leave the bag
            here son."

          Messenger: "No way!  Company rules.  I and only I can
            hold this bag or its considered theft.  I will hand
            over what I have for Cheyon Blades and only him."

          [The guard begins to shove the boy away.  Arawn walks
           over and leans over by the messenger.  He begins to
           speak low and in gentle tones to calm the man down.
           He offers to check his nose and the man allows it
           at the grunt of the guard.  The nose is bleeding but
           likely will heal soon.  Arawn apologizes for the
           events and slips the messenger a silver coin.  The
           man seems to perk up.]

          Messenger: "Yeah.  Well.  Thanks.  You have some honor
            and civility unlike that brute." [He glances over his
            shoulder to Ben'dar who is glaring back.] "Who'd think
            my uncle gets sick and my first day I get hit
            trying to deliver an important item to some guy.
            Go figure." [The guard escorts the boy away and Arawn
            shakes his head.]

          [All this time Chion has heard the conversation and is
           intrigued by the messenger and what he might hold.
           But as he waits he becomes sick to his stomach and
           feels his energy draining by the minute.  He moves
           invisibly and hovers near the cup on the ground.  He
           looks down to find it empty.]

          [Arawn wanders over to Unali and motions for Z'leyra
           to come over.  As Micah talks to the guards for
           a new update on the surrounding streets Arawn speaks

          Arawn: "Where do you think Chion and Fremea have taken off
            to?," [he says in a very low voice.]

          Z'leyra: "He might have teleported anyware. I have no real
             idea of where he is now. I hope he wasn't poisoned."

          [Chion continues to weaken and taps Z'leyra on the back.
           Z'leyra turns to see Chion now but looks away to not
           draw attention.  Out of the corner of her eye Chion
           sees him use sign language to say he and Fremea went
           to his house with the assassin.  But he was poisoned
           by the fight outside.  Z'leyra clearly knows he would
           be dead now if it was death poison since it has been
           a good 3-4 minutes since the attack.  Unali was down
           on the ground in less than 1 minute.  His poison must
           be a slow death one.  Which means the bezoar will be
           useless.  Maybe Arawn can help him?]

          [Micah turns and gives some orders to the guards who
           all but two leave to go outside.  One stands at the
           door and another walks to the back of the bar with
           the citizens.  Micah turns and walks back to the party.]

          [The man behind the bar who Raban knocked out gathers up
           his clothing and coins and comes around the bar.
           His mood is still foul.  He interrupts Micah.]

          Man: "Are you going to arrest that giant brute?"

          Micah: [Sighing.] "What's your charge.  We'll need the
            full details for the public record."

          Man: "I am Baron Gilon of Malnon city and my wi--..did
            you say public record?" [Micah turns.  The baron
            turns to glare at Raban and he considers his options.
            If he presses charges his wife and him could be dragged
            into the public spotlight.  That could tarnish his
            reputation and status.  In a second he considers his
            fate and future status and turns back to Micah.] "Well...
            maybe it was a misunderstanding.  Nevermind."

          Micah: "Please head to the back with the others for now.
            We'll need to take some statements later."

          ]The Baron considers his options.  He could demand just to
           walk out but decides a good drink is in order.  He turns
           to the bartender and orders good wine.  Micah informs the
           city will pay for it and to give the other citizens something
           to drink and eat on the city's pay.  The baron not waiting
           for his drinks walks over to Raban.  The man stands a good
           3 feet shorter but the feisty 43 year old looks up to
           Raban with fierce eyes.]

          Baron: "You will leave this city today.  You will never travel
            to Malnon EVER!  Do you understand me.  I will be in town
            for a few more days on business but if I see you on the
            street I will use my right to thrash you.  You are beneath
            me and I can crush you.  Do you understand or should
            I have it explained in pictures?"

          [Z'leyra looks to Chion and sees him floating off the ground.
           His face looks drained and pale.  His breathing seems slower
           and more drawn out.  Z'leyra wonders about the prisoner.
           The party's rate with prisoners is low on question and
           answer.  They seem to die before they get questioned or
           fail to answer questions.  Its as if some divine influence
           doesn't want the answers to come out?  From the prisoner
           on Clima killed by the monster to prisoners in the castle
           dying from Geas or curses.  Maybe this assassin will
           finally be the first to answer questions?]


        [Location: Maren City, Chion's Home...]

          [Fremea looks around for a possible purified area.  But
           not knowing where she is or that this is Chion's home
           she begins to cast a purified area in front of the
           captured assassin.  She casts the words.]

          Assassin: "Your a witch. hmmmm." [He twists his head back
            and forth] "Did you know the benefit of being able
            to use two weapons at once?"

          [Ignoring the comment Fremea casts her spell against
           the man.]

          Assassin: "You learn to use both hands and arms as one.
            You also might be blessed with the power of agility
            and the ability to use your body as a well." [He
            coughs and comes forward a inch] "With that ability
            one can do wondrous things.  Like dislocating joints!"

          [Suddenly with his wrist dislocated and the rope sliding
           down he gets out of the rope as he talks.  The Assassin
           lunges forward.  With his right hand he reaches out
           and his left hand comes out a bit limp dislocated it
           seems but with rope on his hand still.  As he lunges
           from the chair he leaps straight for Fremea.  He forces
           her and him to go flying 2 feet toward the table Chion
           was leaning against.  With his large right hand he
           grabs her by the throat and begins to tighten.  With his
           other hand he tries to twist his hand and relocate it
           into its proper position to help his right hand.  He
           uses his body weight (a 4 to 1 ratio) against her
           to pin her to the table grasping for air.  Surprised
           Fremea assumes her spell (one or both failed?]].

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday...

        GM: As to making a new potion Z'leyra that kinda assumes
            Chion will return and that might be borderline
            considering knowledge not known to you. :)  Its
            borderline but it wouldn't matter in this case either way.

            Fremea - sorry about your bag.  Just an example of
            what needs to be mentioned in actions.  Since you didn't
            say to grab it when flew to balcony I assumed you
            left it at the table.  Technically I would also assume
            Z'leyra's healing satchel and bezoar would be left somewhere
            else but she's paranoid she seems to carry it anywhere
            including the outhouses I guess. :)

            Arawn - your ICQ note you'll have to ask before you
            can just do spells on folks :)

            Chion - you feel very weak now you must guess that
            near 3/4th of your energy is depleted but that could
            be off by 30% in any direction. Your unsure.

        GM: Sorry for delay.  This update will do for now.
            Things happen...

        GM: Just head's up.  March 1-6 maybe 7th.  That week will
            be gone on family vacation/cruise.  Assuming ship is
            not the Titantic II I shall return.  But likely that
            monday/Friday update will be awol that week.  Hopefully
            by then things will be rolling. :)  May be that last
            update before I can end on some cliffhanger like oh
            the party slaughtered by a group of dragons or something
            fun like that?  I'll think of something.  Its a chore
            but its my burden...Will work on update likely
            Wednesday night to get slight head's start on some
            of it but will still accept actions till Thursday
            evening. :)  So no rush guys.

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