[pnpgm] Game Update #20 - File # 43 - Where is Chion?

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Ben'Dar nods thoughtfully at the beggars' words.  "What vendor?  What was he
selling and what did he look like?" he growls at them impatiently.  He is
obviously getting irritated with so many words and not enough action.  If
they give a description, he'll glance out the door in both directions down
the street to see if he sees anyone of that description lingering in the
area.  If not, he shrugs and assumes that the man is long gone.

"Hmmph," Ben'Dar grunts as the gaurd leads the battered messenger boy away.
The boy doesn't seem to be involved with the assassin's plot.  Ben'Dar
thinks that it will be interesting to see what message for Chion he has been
whining about...

Ben'Dar listens to Micah's words skeptically.  He doesn't trust this man who
just happened to appear at the instant after the attack.  But he sees that
Unali seems to know him, and that's good enough.  He turns his attention

The fun seems to be over all too quickly, so Ben'Dar picks up a half-empty
mug of ale from the floor and slouches into a chair, to watch the
confrontation between the big man who called himself "Raban" and the loud
little noble.  Ben'Dar raises his eyebrows at the accuser's bold words and
looks expectantly for the huge man to batter him into unconsciousness again.
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