[pnpgm] Where's the Update?

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat Feb 2 04:59:06 CET 2008

	Life, The Universe and Everything...

It happens.  No update for friday but will work on it for Monday this weekend and likely have i faster for monday.

	Americans blame everyone so who can I blame?

	* Lost for being on Thursday night not Wednesday!
	* Getting home late from work
	* Long traffic
	* Bush (if it rains in India he gets blamed so why not)
	* Alex for not motivating me Thursday night :)
	* Friday night Scifi shows to further delay me
	* The Dwarves for always asking "where's the beef?" (darn them for seeing that old tv ad.
	* Finally Al gore for inventing the internet but not a time machine so I can have 30 hours in a day to finish updates!

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