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Ben'Dar grunts his ambivalence toward talk of magic to cure the lake, but he
is closer to nature than many might think.  After all, he grew up in
the wilderness of the Z'enda plains.  He would like to see this lake and
this forest be healed again.  "How can I help?" he asks the Green Lady when
there is a quiet moment.

Ben'Dar strips off Tef'wo's tattered leather armor and tosses it aside to
allow the big horse freedom to graze and cool down from all the riding and
fighting.  He gives the horse clean water from his waterskin to drink.
Later that evening, he spends several hours brushing down Tef'wo and
grooming its hooves, mane and tail.  (He braids feathers into the mane and
tale, and he snaps off several long, sharp peices of one of the warrior's
crab armor to add to his trophy necklace and several more to braid into
Tef'wo's mane.)

When Arawn is revived, Ben'Dar grins at him.  "Good to see you are ok,
Arawn.  You gave me a suprise back there."  He chuckles, "Had I known you
wanted to be eaten by snakes, I could have chopped you up into little peices
first to make their meal easier!"

Later that evening, Ben'Dar pulls out the shiny scimitar he picked up awhile
ago.  He hasn't had much chance to use one of these, having always preferred
the longer reach of a spear.  He swings it experimentally, clumsily.  To
Farseeker, he says, "Hey, show me how to use this thing?"

OOC:  Ben'Dar will begin training with the scimitar during his free time.

During the evening, Ben'Dar sits around the fire with the others.  "So we
will be returning to Marentia soon, now that this threat has been dealt
with?" he asks, glancing around at his companions.  "We have unfinished
business there," he grimly reminds them with a glance to Z'leyra,
remembering how she was attacked and thwarted from setting up her healing

OOC:  Ben'Dar votes to return to Marentia for the winter.  He wants to check
on his ranch and spend some time working with his horses.
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