[pnpgm] Game update #79 - File #313 - Bohusara forms a plan

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Oops, change that to "...He swings it experimentally, clumsily.  To Trembyl,
he says, "Hey, show me how to use this thing?..."

On 9/28/07, Chris & Karen Wells <ckwells at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ben'Dar grunts his ambivalence toward talk of magic to cure the lake, but
> he is closer to nature than many might think.  After all, he grew up in
> the wilderness of the Z'enda plains.  He would like to see this lake and
> this forest be healed again.  "How can I help?" he asks the Green Lady when
> there is a quiet moment.
> Ben'Dar strips off Tef'wo's tattered leather armor and tosses it aside to
> allow the big horse freedom to graze and cool down from all the riding and
> fighting.  He gives the horse clean water from his waterskin to drink.
> Later that evening, he spends several hours brushing down Tef'wo and
> grooming its hooves, mane and tail.  (He braids feathers into the mane and
> tale, and he snaps off several long, sharp peices of one of the warrior's
> crab armor to add to his trophy necklace and several more to braid into
> Tef'wo's mane.)
> When Arawn is revived, Ben'Dar grins at him.  "Good to see you are ok,
> Arawn.  You gave me a suprise back there."  He chuckles, "Had I known you
> wanted to be eaten by snakes, I could have chopped you up into little peices
> first to make their meal easier!"
> Later that evening, Ben'Dar pulls out the shiny scimitar he picked up
> awhile ago.  He hasn't had much chance to use one of these, having always
> preferred the longer reach of a spear.  He swings it experimentally,
> clumsily.  To Farseeker, he says, "Hey, show me how to use this thing?"
> OOC:  Ben'Dar will begin training with the scimitar during his free time.
> During the evening, Ben'Dar sits around the fire with the others.  "So we
> will be returning to Marentia soon, now that this threat has been dealt
> with?" he asks, glancing around at his companions.  "We have unfinished
> business there," he grimly reminds them with a glance to Z'leyra,
> remembering how she was attacked and thwarted from setting up her healing
> school.
> OOC:  Ben'Dar votes to return to Marentia for the winter.  He wants to
> check on his ranch and spend some time working with his horses.
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