[pnpgm] Game Update #76 - File #305 - Snakes on a Hood

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Fri Sep 14 15:33:34 CEST 2007

Ben'Dar stares at the elf in shock as Arawn puts the headdress on and the
snakes bite him.  "What the...!?!?" Ben'Dar mutters in disbelief.  Using a
long stick, he carefully pries the snakes off of Arawn and flings the
headdress away from the elf.  Reaching down, he feels the elf's neck for a
heartbeat and listens at his mouth for breath.  "Only paralyzed, I think..."
he says in relief.

"Looks like our scouting trip has been cut short!  Let's get him some
healing back at the lake as quickly as possible."  Ben'Dar lays Arawn's limp
form over the elf's horse, like a bag of grain, and ties the horse's reins
to Tef'wo's saddle.  He begins the journey back to the lake, moving at a
fast pace in case Arawn's paralysis turns into something more serious.

(Ben'Dar leaves the snake headdress where he flung it.)
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