[pnpgm] save Chion

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Sep 14 21:17:13 CEST 2007

Realizing that Chion must be in the water near the injured staff plant 
Z'leyra will find Chion and carry him out of the water. Carrying him so 
that the water drains out of his lungs. Once on shore she will use her 
healing skills to make sure he is breathing and not getting worse. Then 
she will check him for other injuries, if possible she will remove some 
of the vemon. If getting worse she will try giving him some water from 
the goblet after swirling the bezoar in it. [If he needs more help than 
she can give him to prevent his dying she will say "Bohusara, Chion is 
dying and needs your help. Please come." And then she will describe 
where they are.]

She will take some scrap wood or bark Mark in it "Help! follow 
horse...Z" and wedge it into the saddle. She will tell the horse that if 
she falls down and stays down the horse should run back to the party, 
nod towards the scrap and lead the party back to her after they have 
looked at the scrap.

Once Chion has stabilized she will watch him as she ties her sword and 
staff together into a jury rigged glaive. When sure that she can take a 
few minutes from watching him she will look around then proceed to 
destroy the staff plants from a safe distance.

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