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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra signals to Chion that she will spend a few minutes
          looking for tracks around the area and figuring out what they
          may tell. After she has done that and told (via sign language)
          her results to Chion she will sling her staff over her back to
          ready her heavy sword and buckler.

          Before she goes to swing at the damaged snake head she will
          show Chion how to use the goblet and NMI to cure death poisons.

          When ready she will edge close enough to take a swing, swing
          then back off before snake head can retaliate. Repeat if
          necessary. Hopefully it will have been cut thru without being
          able to strike at her.

          If that doesn't work out as planned she may jury rig a glaive
          (polearm) out of her sword and staff and use the distance
          provided to keep her safe while cutting down the staff plants
          thru or just below the heads.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar shakes his head.  "Leave the bodies for now.  If the
          Green Lady has a concern, she can send her people to clean
          this up later."
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:05pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 59 Degrees]

          [Meanwhile at small storage hutt...]

             [After investigating the small desolate spartan camp,
              Trembyl and Strie'bog head off back onto the path.
              Not finding anything of interest but the storage
              hutt with the staves and gray orbs, it is time to
              move on.  They find the path right up against the
              lake itself and head north and round toward
              the east around the northern edge of the lake.
              All the while they keep a keep on the lake, path
              and forest for any signs or clues.  Only once
              do they spot Corona but don't get his attention
              to send word to others.  Corona continues to fly
              from one side of the lake to the other looking
              down into the lake.]


           [Meanwhile at lake water edge in the east...]

             [Chion lucky to be faster than the snake head looks
              back at Z'leyra on the shore some 10 feet away.
              Z'leyra signs with hand signals to Chion she will
              go check around for tracks.  Chion nods an
              acknowledgement and turns back to the grove of animal
              staffs.  He studies where he cut the first one and
              sees it is shaved off a bit so it did take some damage.
              Now he knows he must be faster with the cut.]

             [Z'leyra steps over the gray orbs ignoring them entireiy
              as they seem to dry out in the cool breeze.  The path
              here is about 5 feet from lake water to the grass
              and tree line of the forest.  She begins to head north
              and north-west.  Since the tides and rain obviously
              increase the water the water quickly can overcome the
              path.  Erasing any old tracks.  The mud however would
              define good tracks.  It takes only moments to find
              animal tracks like deer, wolf, birds, turtles, foxes
              and even what might have been a bear paw.  Only one
              the other 3 must've been eaten away by the water and
              shifting sand.  She heads down the path some 20 feet
              and keeping an eye on the trees.  Up ahead a few feet
              she finds some boot tracks.  They are large impressions
              in the mud and thick soles.  She didn't get a good look
              at the enemy boots or study them careful enough to fully
              determine they are the boots of the warriors or not.]

             [Chion wades through the knee high water again toward
              the staff which has stopped moving and has been solid
              for a good two minutes now.  Since he has made progress
              on the staff he knows its best to try there again.
              He grabs the staff and as last time nothing happens.
              He brings up his sai and quickly begins to saw the
              staff rod to cut it.  Breathing hard he keeps one
              eye on the snake head and one on the staff rod.
              The snake head seems to form even faster than before
              and comes up and then down in a cobra like attack.
              Chion draws up his sai right arm to block at the same
              time bringing up his left arm with the wrapped cape
              to block as well.  At the same time Chion tries to
              backstep with his left foot.  The first arm deflects
              the snake to coil down instead of over the arm and
              then with a speed not seen before comes up under his
              arm and lunges.  Chion's eyes widen as he sees the fangs
              of the snake head strike the underside of the right
              arm just between the elbow and armpit.  Fangs puncture
              skin and immediately Chion can feel venom flow through
              his arm.  As he brings his right foot back to continue
              his side step the mud below shifts and he loses some
              footing.  Chion looks to the staff rod piece and
              sees that the rod is virtually cut about only one more
              good slice is needed at this point.  But almost immediately
              the venom reaches his neck, chest and head.  Chion
              becomes dizzy and the lake begins to spin around him.
              He shifts his right hand to gain better footing to reach
              the shore some ten feet away.  As he does he suddenly
              realizes he can't feel his right arm.  For some reason
              he is still holding the sai in a tight grip  that may
              now be held only by muscle tension. As his left hand
              reaches for the snake he yanks it free of his arm.
              But at the same time finds himself becoming less and
              less in control of his body.  The paralysis venom seems
              to overtake in great speed.  Chion begins to speaks
              a word of magic to maybe teleport away or to do something
              but finds only a gasp is able to escape as his shoulder
              and vocal cords lock up.  Chion suddenly feels his body
              falling to the lake with his right side of the body
              going into the water first.  But the left arm still
              holds the snake's body and as he falls the snake
              separates from the staff rod.]

             [Z'leyra now 25 feet away examines the 3 sets of boot
              prints found.  Two seem to be definitely heavy paced
              likely men.  One set of boots seem to be low style
              boots or ankle boots or maybe sandals.  Its hard to
              tell but they are lighter impression denoting a smaller
              weight or maybe a female? As she examines the tracks
              a loud splash is heard behind her.  She quickly raises
              up and almost yells for Chion when she realizes she
              better not.  She trots back to the gray orbs and looks
              around in the water for Chion.  But all she sees is
              a grove of staffs and the brown murky water....]

             [As Chion begins to take water into his lungs he can't
              fight the scream of irritation.  He wonders why
              Z'leyra walked away.  Maybe at least he'll get to
              be Cetric's apprentice by him saving him?]

             GM: I had to assume Chion went back to the staffs from
                 the implied actions of last time.  Since Z'leyra
                 let a open ended action of going to look for
                 tracks this ended up this way.  Evil grin :)
                 Suspense or just evil fun? :) 


           [Meanwhile in the deep forest in the West...]

             [Ben'dar replies to Farseeker on the bodies.]

             Ben'dar [shaking head]: "Leave the bodies for now.  If
               the Green Lady has a concern, she can send her people to
               clean this up later."

             Farseeker: "I'll let YOU explain that to her." [He grins
                and nods.] "I want no part in that conversation."

             [Arawn continues to study the snakes and tries to
              read and sense their magical ability.  But nothing
              is sensed or found.  Nothing at all except the
              aura of mana around him by Ben'dar, Farseker and
              Thig.  He wraps some of the horse blankets around
              his arms and the others study Arawn as Arawn studies
              the snakes.  Confused they watch in silence.  Arawn
              begins to concentrate and Thig can detect something
              magical in the air but unsure what it is.  Within
              about 10 seconds the snakes begin to calm down and
              their hissing and wriggling ends.  They stand up
              straight with tongues flicking in and out.  But
              they seem to remain calm.  Arawn knows he only has
              a short few seconds.  He wishes to learn more about
              this strange hood and its uses.  It doesn't seem to
              be vocal commands so maybe its thought.  He reaches
              out and with caution grabs the headdress.  He lifts
              up the headdress a few inches and waits.  The snakes
              remain calm.]

             Farseeker: "What are you doing!?"

             [Ben'dar watches Arawn and confused as well wonders what
              is going on.  This is the second Elf he has encountered.
              Arawn is like Jordi a bit odd to him.  He wonders if
              all Elves are like this dangerous and mysterious.]

             [Arawn sees the snake remain calm and brings the headdress
              closer.  he raises is up and look under the headdress.
              It seems to be of a curved (imagine fire hat) shape
              of a half circle.  The bottom and sides are brown leather.
              There is a lip around the head about a fingernail in
              size.  On top are the 20 or so snakes as tall as a hand
              is to the elbow but most are about half that size.  Most
              snakes are brown or black.  They seem to study Arawn
              as he studies them.]

             [Thig is amazed to see how calm the snakes are and wonders
              if this Alfar knows more about these creatures than
              he is letting on.]

             [Intrigues and still fascinated but needing information
              on how these hoods are used he moves the headdress up
              and over his head.  Before anyone can object he places
              it on his head.  Nothing seems to happen.  But then
              3 seconds later a strange sensation begins to sink
              into Arawn's mind.  it sounds like a strange echo or
              a distant echo.  He wonders if its the voice of the
              enemy or the snakes.  He tries to concentrate on the
              voice or sensation to see if he can pull it further
              into focus.  Arawn's visual eyes stare at the tree
              before him but his mental eyes seem to notice a form
              of massive snakes maybe a den of them all wriggling
              and hissing.  They seem to be hundreds or thousands of
              them.  Could this be the mental representation of
              the snakes?  As he begins to form a thought to try
              and contact the sounds he doesn't hear Thig gasp.
              Suddenly the duration of the empathic contact is
              broken and the snakes jerk and hiss.  Arawn still
              entrenched mentally doesn't notice until the hood
              shifts on his head.  Suddenly snakes are lunging down
              and striking.]

             [Ben'dar grabs up his pike and lunges ready to lop off
              the headdress, and hoping not to behead Arawn.  But
              as he lunges the few feet forward he sees half a dozen
              snakes moving downward.  Eight of the snake heads
              lunge down and strike Arawn in the face, neck, shoulders,
              back and arms.  Arawn is suddenly broken out of his
              mental contact by the pain of fangs all around his
              head and shoulders.  He tries to lift up the headdress
              but finds the fangs in his body and face are in tight.
              Suddenly he feels venom fill his head, shoulders and
              arms.  With intensive amounts of venom flowing down
              his body it overtakes his heart and flows through his
              body within 2 seconds.  Arawn gives out a gasp of
              shock as he falls forward into the cool grass but
              is amazed not to find no more pain in his body.  In
              fact he feels nothing from the paralysis.  As Ben'dar
              raises his pike, Farseeker stops him.]

             Farseeker: "Wait.  If you strike the snakes torn free
               would rip his face and skin apart with their fangs.
               We may have no choice but to wait till the venom
               is drained and they release him.  Right Thig?"

             Thig: "I don't know.  I'm not familiar with snakes
               and venom.  But sounds right.  Maybe I should
               fly back and get Z'leyra?"

             GM: Arawn let me explain the cause of this.  Your actions
                 were open ended.  Based on your "interest" in the
                 "use" of the gear the only way to figure out its
                 use was to wear the hood.  Since in your actions
                 you didn't say NOT to.  I went with what Arawn's
                 intelligence would've told him (ie magical helmets
                 must be worn after all).  But fear not you know
                 its only paralytic poison.  Not death poison.
                 Rather at least the Staffs had that.  These
                 snakes who knows? :)  Stay tuned!  Evil huh? :)


          [Meanwhile at the Clearing...]

             [Unaware of the problems in the forest and around the
              Lake Xian and the Vassa return with fire wood.  Xian
              cleans his hands of the dust and lets the Vassa to
              their flint and steel to light it up.  Unali looks
              toward Xian and both sit down to talk.  Talk of
              the creatures.]

             Unali: "No, Xian, these beasts are unlike anything I ever
               saw in my homeland. They are not even part of the stories
               and legends told me when I was young. Even so, the evidence
               points towards Katai and that they have a master there
               who controls them somehow. If they got this far across
               the world, it does not bode well and we might as well
               look into it. We could ask Chion whether he has an
               recollection of such beasts and where they might be
               originating from. And when we decide to go east, we
               probably stop in Marentia on the way, to rest and stock
               up, as we will have a long journey ahead of us. It's
               getting cold. But you seem worried, and I'm not sure
               it is the journey ahead of us or something else. What
               is on your mind?"

             [Xian looks to the lake and then back down at the
              ground.  Sitting indian style he dusts off his dirty
              brown robes.  Seemingly ignoring the question.  He
              finally looks to Unali and nods then back at the
              trees toward the west.]

             Xian: "You know me well.  We've been together now for
               what?  Two or three years? You may have noticed I've
               never been religious.  I know.  That sounds odd for
               a Wizard.  It is assumed most magic users must be
               religious even in a vague degree.  At least all
               the Masters claim magic comes from the gods after all."
               [He waves a hand up to the sky] "But does it or does
               it simply come from some central source?  I dare
               only think of these things in my mind.  Though they
               say the gods know all.  I've been as far south
               as Port Doman.  As far west as Donara and as far
               east as Bhamotin.  But in all Marentia has been
               my home.  Now we head north into the plains and
               this place.  It fascinates me." [After a long
               pause] "I've died what...three or four times in
               the last few years.  I think at least twice this
               year on Clima.  Z'leyra saved me both times if
               I recall.  Even then I still had my doubts on the
               gods.  Then we encounter the Priestess in the Fortress.
               The strange paintings in their ritual room and
               the ones in the final crown royal like chamber.  Then
               we skip to Cetric and Caladan.  When Caladan died I
               was sad.  We've lost many friends over the years like
               Triest and Kama.  Oh sorry he was before your time.
               But then Cetric resurrects him.  Still I had lingering
               doubts.  The encounter with Exam may have changed
               all that.  As you recall we, I had to kill Timon.  My
               brother for some reason was helping the Climans.  Why
               to this day I still don't know.  When I had to kill
               him in the fight I tore off his necklace my father made
               for him.  It was a unique item."

              [He pauses and reaches into his robes to an internal
               pocket and pulls something out.  In his hand he
               dangles a silver chain necklace.  The bottom pendant
               is a arrow like shape but with a gold tip and a
               clear like bottom that reflects the sun.  Clearly
               made by a craftsman or jeweler with magical power.
               He dangles it in front of him.]

              Xian: "Answer me this.  If I killed Timon and left
                the necklace on his body in the fortress how
                come Ezam had it in his possession? When Chion
                killed the vampire he found the ring and this
                falling from his ashes." [He looks to Unali
                with a serious face] "This item could not have
                been remade or even imagined.  Its too odd.
                I could be wrong but my father told me he only
                made one for Timon and another for me.  Mine
                is jade and a hint of pearl in a odd mix.  Its
                back home.  I know Timon was dead as I checked
                his body when the dragon creature attacked.
                So how could that necklace end up a thousand
                or so miles from Clima into L'p'nth?  Since then
                I've been thinking about it for the last month
                or so.  When we return to Marentia my priority
                will seek out Kaylle.  See if he knows anything
                about this Ezam guy.  Then try to figure out
                with craftsman if indeed this necklace is unique
                or a copy.  If it is unique" [He pauses and
                puts it back in his robes] " then I have a serious
                problem to deal with.  Honestly at this point I
                don't know if I'll be able to go with Katai
                in the spring.  I assume we'll have to head there
                in the spring as traveling in Winter is dangerous."

              [After a few minutes the crackle of the fire is heard
               behind them.  Both watch the woods and wonder about
               the others.  Finally Xian speaks more.]

              Xian: "I also worry about the others.  We don't know
                if they are in danger.  You are a mighty warrior.
                I'm just a simple healer not even of Z'leyra's skill.
                Nor a wizard in teleport like Chion's skill.  One
                hit from a blade like Farseeker's and I'm dead.
                You can pull your own.  But I've seen so much
                death in the last two years.  Triest the senseless
                death by vagabonds over a dice game on the streets.
                It all seems to be spiraling out of control." [He
                glances at Unali] "Don't you think its like we
                have no real control over our fate anymore? Could
                the fate or wishes of the gods be in true control?"
                [He looks back at the woods] "Maybe there is something
                to this whole god thing I've missed.  if that's
                the case could there be higher powers at work here.
                Beyond our control?  Can we even win in that regard?
                Just minutes ago you almost died.   I see the power
                of Bohusara and Miklav.  Obviously power from a higher
                source than mortal means." [He looks down at his boots
                and picks grass off] "Maybe I'm starting to open
                my eyes.  But look at Strie'bog he is a Priest or
                trained in that area from what I understand.  he
                seemed shocked by all this combat today.  I suspect
                he knows more than we know.  Do we want to know
                that information?" [He looks back at the lake
                away from Unali] "The lake I wonder if we can
                cure it.  My master always taught me that when
                power grows in a person be it through skill or
                expert in a spell the gods take notice.  Chion
                has clearly gotten to the point of a super teleporter.
                Surely he has drawn the attention of the gods?
                Z'leyra with her healing ability and her magical
                toys.  Arawn the son of gods must surely have eyes
                on him now.  Strie'bog son of a supernatural force
                of nature.  Right there are four sets of eyes from
                the divine on this group.  Does that mean we will
                start to meet harder hardships?  Maybe the spell
                that backfired on Z'leyra is in reflection to that?
                These enemy are the hardest we've faced and I've
                faced many." [he turns back to Unali] "Could this
                be the start of something big?  Sorry.  I don't
                mean to bore you with my rambling thoughts.  This
                necklace thing and other issues have been distracting
                me for some time." [He stands and claps his hands.]
                "Want to warm up by the fire?" [He reaches out a hand
                to help her up or wait for any response.]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Monday...

          GM: Chion/Z'leyra                   - East, Ball/Staff Patch
            , Trembyl/Strie'bog               - West, Storage structure
              Arawn, Thig, Ben'dar, Farseeker - West, Deep forest
              Corona                          - Sky, over lake
              Xian, 4 Vassa, Unali            - Clearing
              Bohusara                        - East, Unknown

          GM: Arawn - Those questions/comments on the armor and
              such in your email.  Remind me later and we can
              recover that assuming you live :)

          GM: Folks - See this is where lack of actions or rather
              detailed actions can hinder.  I just went with
              what I had :).  If its open ended and I can
              interpret it some other way then I might grab
              at it :).  I think its fun.  Evil but fun and
              adds spice :)  But nothing personal in it.

          "Snakes on a Hood" - "Why won't this M** F****..."
          Well nevermind.  Anyone see Snakes on a Plane? :)

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