[pnpgm] Game update #72 - File #291 - A Forest Chase

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Aug 28 09:01:43 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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     Game Update #72 in sequence (file #291)
     Admin notes: None. 

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Remembering the last time someone had an abysmal spell failure
          that involved the voice Z'leyra decides that it would be a good
          idea to use her sign language skill to communicate and avoid
          speaking for the next 24 hours. So much for her using spells
          for awhile. She will also avoid other uses of her voice such
          as yelling or screaming.

          When she thinks it may be better she will ask someone in the
          party to move out of hearing range and try whispering. If they
          signal that they can hear her she will know that the problem
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Eastern Edge/On Plains/Cabin]
          [Time    - 10:45am]

          [Five or so hours before the combat at Lake Oca - ]

             [Realizing that questioning the dead is a difficult and
              exacting art, one that he must carefully prepare for in
              the future, Arawn sighs at the Katai officers answer and
              decides to limit his last question to a more immediate
              and local one. After thinking over the parchments message
              he decided that the officer was nothing more than a
              messenger, perhaps Nom, the one mentioned within. He knew
              that the answer to so many other questions lay with one of
              the others here, likely one of the witches, but which one?]

             [He wonders what his parents would think of all this.  To
              them it would be very un-Alfar like.  His father the
              Warlord certainly would look down at these actions.  He
              is one for dead to stay dead once killed.  His mother,
              Queen of Magic, might reason into Necromancy but very
              unlikely and certainly Arawn would never dare to ask.
              So much one never knows of one's own parents be you
              Human or Alfar.  He wonders if his parents are now
              watching him and studying him in his actions now and
              in the future.  To end up here on this god-forsaken
              plane and be so mundane.  arawn looks at the party
              and considers his next question.  Clearly this Necromancy
              stuff takes great energy and finesse.  An art in questioning
              in itself.  Clearly the spirits are compelled to tell the
              truth but nothing says the truth to them can't be bent to
              a side truth or an exaggeration.  He had heard of some
              great Necromancer Lich was once here or said to be here
              still on this plane depending on who you talk to.  What
              was his name? Nilgerod or something?  His mother simply
              called him the Patron of Evil and not by his name.  Stories
              flew back and forth in the courts for years about him and
              his actions in this plane.  The other Gods clearly wanted
              to intervene but with the agreement not to intervene in
              this plane again stopped them. Course it never stops al
              just some.  There are always rumors of Gods interfering
              directly and indirectly.  He eyes the party and wonders
              if these people even know Avatars exist on this plane
              that are the God's eyes and ears.  He met one once but
              never liked him.  The arrogance and ego of that one.
              So if these spirits are telling the truth how to do you
              get an answer one wants directly by not giving away the
              question you really want to ask?  That's the true skill.]

             [Looking at the other bodies displayed he pointed and speaks
              to the spirit.]

             Arawn: "Point out the body of the one in charge of the
               operation here."

             [The Katai officer spins around and looks at the bodies.
              Then with a smirk he raises both hands.  He points his
              left hand at the witch who killed herself out front
              with the fire shower spell.]

             Spirit: "Mage Sulko."

             [Then with right hand he points to the one Z'leyra
              put into Oblivion.]

             Spirit: "Sala'Ho."

             [With that he disappears and fades out.  Arawn sighs
              and hears laughter as the translation is done by
              Strie'bog.  He turns to see Thig smirk.]

             Thig: "Two leaders.  Makes sense though.  What have we
                learned of this area?  The Humagi are clearly in
                control on this plain.  He must've been the leader
                of the Humagi group.  Probably to protect the witches.
                Sulko must've been the more mystical leader of the
                group in terms of strategic rather than a tactical level."

             [Arawn stands and shakes his head.  Maybe the spirit was
              truthful but maybe he should've asked a more specific
              question.  Who knows what will come of this day.  The
              party come forth and begin the burial process.]

             GM: At this point no more retroactive questions in this
                 regard.  Anything at this point in the updates could
                 be easily learned by questions now.  So once that
                 is revealed too late to have asked about it.  :)
                 You could ask other questions I'm sure but how far
                 does one want to deal with known enemy spirits
                 and their tricks?


          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:01pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 60 Degrees]

             [Z'leyra's eyes widen as her voice seems normal in tone
              and level but obviously has some odd magical value.
              Behind and all around her everyone seems to have heard
              her talk even though the clearing is few hundred square
              feet.  Strange.  She notices all eyes on her.  Then
              looks to the forest and see dozens and dozens of birds
              flying to the air this way and that.  In the forest
              calls of animals are heard some distance away.  Something
              spooked them.  When Xian covers her mouth she realizes
              the effect may be her own.  Just coming out of the
              Perception trance she is unsure what she said.  But
              Xian looks at her like it was a bad result.]

             Xian: "Hush for now.  Something odd just happened."

             [Bohusara stands from being near Strie'bog and helping
              him.  She looks to the party and to the party and
              to the forest to determine what just happened.  She
              heard Z'leyra's voice and eyes her.  It was her.
              Didn't the shaman just cast some spell?  Her eyes
              widen as Boyzdar perks up and growls.  Bohusara
              looks at the forest and the obviously scared birds.
              She flies to the air and lands with seconds near
              Z'leyra and stares at her.  For the first time
              a curtain falls over Bohusara's face what seems to
              be rage.  Z'leyra gulps and keeps her mouth shut.
              Z'leyra is rarely intimidated by folks with her
              protections and other skills.  But for once since
              she was a child in the forest found alone in the
              dark she is scared.  She knows Bohusara could probably
              kill her in one wave of her hand.  Z'leyra glances
              to Xian and Strie'bog hoping her son might say something
              to calm his mother.  But he continues to stare out
              into the clearing at nothing in particular.  Z'leyra
              quickly signs an apology to Bohusara and then Xian.
              Xian shakes her head but Bohusara's face remains solid
              and intense.  The air seems to crackle with tension and
              energy.  Chion notices the sign language and translates
              for Bohusara.]

             Bohusara: "One must know their limits.  One must control
               their desire.  One must control their fate by handling
               their path in life rightly.  One day your magic will
               backfire and there will be no one to save your or
               your soul.  Too much magic makes the path in life
               foggy and your destiny goes elsewhere."

             [Z'leyra looks confused by the words.  How could she
              know her destiny?  Too many folks seem to imply they
              know all.  First that Lady Varo person and now this
              person.  She recalls Jordi when his spell failed and
              sound was increased greatly in everything he did in
              speaking, moving or even breathing. It could be worse
              it seems to so far only affect her speech.]

             [Bohusara's face seems to soften slightly and she glances
              to the forest all around her.  Taking to the air she
              speaks to no one in particular.]

             Bohusara: "I must calm the forest animals.  I shall return
               shortly after I correct this...situation."

             [With that she flies up and then to the east over the
              trees and soon goes out of sight of the party.]

             Xian: "Might want to stay clear of her for the night.
               From what Thig told me of the Forestal's anger,
               hers seems more intense.  As to your spell it
               obviously failed."

             Trembyl: "We should probably do a search around the
                lake to figure out what is going on.  Since we
                are down four I suggest two teams of two.  Unali
                seems to wounded to help now.  Chion can go
                with Z'leyra since they can talk to each other
                with sign language.  Strie'bog and myself can
                be the other team.  Xian, Unali and the Vassa
                can remain here to clean up and wait for the
                others to return.  Corona can be our go between
                if any of us is in trouble.  That sound good?"

             [Unali sits up and watches the scene unfold.  Under
              her blanket she opens her bag and gets some water
              from her gear.  She grunts and removes her chainmail
              which has been virtually destroyed.  Holes and
              chain links broken to bits.  She examines it and
              sighs knowing this her second chainmail in so many
              months.  Course someone of her agile nature doesn't
              like chain so much as easy moving leather.  Using
              the cover of her blankets she undresses and puts
              on some black clothing with some effort and a cowl
              to mask her face and to give her face some protection
              from the cooling weather.  Finally she goes back to
              looking over the Chainmail.  She isn't talented in
              armor repair but she'll have to take it back to
              Marentia and get a new suit or this one repaired.]

             [As the others decide on their trip around the lake,
              Xian directs the Vassa as best he can to collect
              the bodies.  Strie'bog helps to explain his intent
              to clean the clearing and collect the weapons.
              Xian warns the Vassa to use blankets with the staves
              in case they are still alive.  The daggers shouldn't
              be any threat.  Confused they do so without much
             GM: Chion, Z'leyra is this a good plan or do you have
                 something else to add?  Let me know which direction
                 you want to head to.  West side of the lake around
                 or East around.  The other 2 will take the other
                 direction.  First person to speak up will decide
                 the direction. :)  I will assume horses are taken
                 and rode on with standard equipment.

             Trembyl: "We should be careful why I want two on each
                team.  We don't know if there are more out there.
                But we should travel around the lake and search
                the water and perimeter as best we can.  First
                group to find something try to get the attention
                of Corona.  You'll explain this to him? Oh wait.
                You can't speak.  Well that could be a problem.
                Does he understand us?"


             [Meanwhile a good mile away from the clearing the
              chase team hears Z'leyra and stops their horses.
              The horses seem confused by the voice as well and
              slightly skittered.  Arawn quiets them down.]

             Farseeker: "Z'leyra? Did you decide to join us and
               invisible?  Where are you?"

             [The group looks around seeing nothing but thick
              forest.  Farseeker shrugs as two minutes pass
              with no answer.]

             Thig: "My guess is some spell failed or Bohusara is
               aiding her magic to talk to us.  But it sounded
               like a question rather than a statement.  Remember
               Jordi and the castle with his noise?"

             [Farseeker nods.  Arawn and Ben'dar look at each other
              confused by the statement they have no idea of its

             [During the pause Arawn takes the chance to quickly
              bandage some of his wounds.]

             Farseeker: "Nasty.  but hey.  If she is in trouble
               she can always get our attention!" [He grins and
               pulls his horse back.]

             [As the horses move deeper and deeper into the forest
              it gets darker and darker due to the canopy above.
              Every few feet are trees or bushes.  It takes some
              time to find paths for the large horses.  Thig
              helps out by guiding but dares not fly too far ahead
              in case he is ambushed.  He likely couldn't survive
              one of their attacks hand to hand.]

             [Ben'dar takes lead position and tracks the creatures
              well.  Its not that hard for the first part of the
              trip which takes a good ten minutes.  Drops of black
              oily blood is on bushes and the grass.  While the sun
              is low and the forest is dark the blood seems to be
              easy to find against the green and browns.  It seems
              obvious the creatures didn't stop to even stop his
              bleeding.  That makes them desperate and that puts
              them up against a wall and dangerous.]

             [After another five minutes the trail seems to go cold.
              Maybe they did stop and force the blood to stop?
              At this point only their boot prints in the soft grass
              have to be tracked which takes more time.  Thig notices
              a large owl flying away from one area and points to it.
              The party slows and listens.  In the wind swept forest
              its hard to tell movement compared to the wind.  But
              it seems there is rustling up ahead.  Ben'dar lowers
              his wolf headdress and growls in a barely audible tone.
              Now some 25 minutes away from the clearing the chase may
              finally be over.  Arawn dismounts and whispers to his
              horse in neighs.  Ben'dar and Farseeker move forward through
              some low bushes as Arawn slinks behind and merges into
              the forest.  Thig stands but doesn't fly as flapping of
              his wings would make too much noise.]

             [At this point the group knows they have been chasing
              only 2 sets of boots.  No one else has seemed to join
              them directly.  Four against one it should be good
              odds.  Ben'dar knows the creature has no more of those
              flying bugs but his partner might.  As Farseeker and
              Ben'dar move through chest high bushes and around a tree
              up ahead about 15 feet is the creature Ben'dar fought
              leaning up against a tree.  He holds his staff in his
              right hand and left is holding his side probably from
              a wound.  He knows Tef'wo likely damaged him severely.]

             [Ben'dar turns to Farseeker and growls.]

             Ben'dar: "That one is mine!"

             [Farseeker looks around for his partner as Ben'dar moves
              Tef'wo forward.  There is only 2-3 feet of free room
              in the forest at any one place.  No room for a good
              charge.  Tot he right Arawn moves forward and spies
              the warrior.  the Warrior growls and stands tall
              away from the tree.  His left hand drops down a bit
              and grabs the staff with both hands.  He sees Tef'wo
              and Ben'dar coming forward.  The Warrior smiles a
              weak smile and raises his staff in a battle stance.]

             [Arawn looks to his right to see if he sees any
              others but sees no one.  His vision is good here
              but maybe he choose the wrong direction.  Maybe
              the other one is on the left of Farseeker.  With
              Sword drawn he slinks forward through bush and bush
              and around trees to come behind the Warrior.]

             [Suddenly Arawn hears a "plop" land near him and
              looks to his right but just sees in the side of
              his vision something fall in front where he
              was moving.  He steps into something wet and sticky
              and looks down to see a jelly like substance.  His
              foot seems glued to the spot.  He tries to pull back
              but doesn't hear from above in a tall branch a creature
              fall to the ground behind him until its too late.
              All he hears is hissing like snakes behind him and he
              glances behind his shoulder to see another creature
              like the others.  He tries to twirl around but finds
              his right food is stuck.  As he turns to move to the
              left the creature lunges forward and wraps one left
              hand under Arawn's left armpit and up in a brace.
              With the other right hand he sees a bone dagger come
              up to his throat.  He tries to duck but he is too slow
              and feels the sharp bone against his neck.  Is this
              all this one has no staff?  How bad could a dagger do
              to him?  He knows the dagger is sharp though up against
              his skin and could likely shred his throat.  He prepares
              to speak a possible spell or warning when the creature
              pulls back the neck.  Arawn looks back to see twirling
              snakes above him!  The creature grunts and barks a order.]

             [Farseker hears the bark and looks eastward into the
              darkness and squints.  He sees a shorter creature
              about 6'1 and a lot less in weight than the warriors
              by 40 pounds or so, weighing about 160?  He notices
              in one side of the chest a protrusion and longer hair.
              He surmises this one must be a female?  He notices this
              one holds no staff but just one of those bone daggers
              tot he neck of Arawn.  That's not good.  Maybe their
              vision and stealth ability is far more advanced than
              Arawn's Alfar/Elf ability?  Or maybe she just got lucky?
              Farseeker raises his Great Sword but is unsure what to
              do with Arawn's life in the balance.  Ben'dar continues
              forward and doesn't seem to notice the female at all
              but hears only her command.  The Warrior growls and
              stares down Ben'dar.]

             [Farseeker realizes the female must be desperate and
              wants to escape by taking a hostage?  But the language
              barrier is a problem.  He looks south and doesn't
              see Thig but only Arawn's lone horse eating some grass.]

             Farseeker: "Ben'dar.  We have a problem."

             [But Ben'dar's blood boils as he recalls the almost
              slaughter of himself and Tef'wo.  Its one thing to
              be killed in battle by another warrior but to kill his
              horse that's just not right!]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Friday... Will work on update about 10pm Thursday...

          GM: Chion/Z'leyra, Trembyl/Strie'bog groups around lake.
          GM: Arawn, Thig, Ben'dar, Farseeker in chase. 
          GM: Xian, Unali back at camp.
          GM: Player / Companion Status

                  Player       HPV Status        Healings Today
                  Arawn          60% [Moderate]         1
                  Strie'bog      15% [Heavy]            1
                  Unali          43% [Moderate]         2  
                  Boyzdar        66% [Moderate]         1

          GM: For those going around the lake let me know if you have
              particular actions or tasks.  Same with any camp
              actions or tasks.

          GM: Arawn - you were the only one to dismount :)  Just
              got the lucky draw :)

          GM: Next weekend is in USA Labor Day.  Ironically I'll
              be working then.  But hey if I can charge double
              for it on my contract I ain't complaining!  But
              for others they may not be working and going on vacation.
              If YOU are one of those people and want me to hold
              the game let me know.  I will still likely do a update
              on Thursday.  But for Monday I could do a tiny update.
              We'll see depending on how things go.

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