[pnpgm] Game update #72 - File #291 - A Forest Chase

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Tue Aug 28 15:13:38 CEST 2007

Ben'Dar glances over at the female and his eyes narrow angrily as he sees
Arawn being held captive.  He glances around and sees that Thig is hidden
from view.  Perhaps the little Faerry can pull something off.  He decides to
stall for time and see what Thig can come up with.

Ben'Dar halts Tef'wo's advance on the doomed warrior.  He lowers his pike
and makes a show of folding his arms.  He stares at the female with a look
that says clearly, "Well, it's your move now."  Pretending with his body
language to address the woman, he calmly says aloud, in Marentian, "Thig,
take out that female with your magic."

Ben'Dar will wait to see what the female and/or Thig do next.  If the female
either releases or kills Arawn, Ben'Dar kicks Tef'wo forward and he lunges
with his pike at the warrior by the tree.
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