[pnpgm] More treasure, going south, etc...

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      First, OOC stuff:

      Yes, the party has found a lot of "treasure",
both magical and mundane.  I imagine that the correct
way of solving the "problem" it creates in game
balance is:
      a) First, see what we will able to take away.
      b) Second, see what we can keep (after the king
taxes, contributions to the war fund, etc...).
      c) Third, make a division of the remaining.
      If we don't plan to continue playing in another
game/s with the current characters, we can skip "c"
and end with "they lived rich and happy for the rest
of their life"; if we plan to continue playing in this
game or in other with the same characters (hey, I like
the idea... I vote for it), step C can be long and
tedious (well, I can help with it; if you remember,
when we found the first "treasure", I calculated the
cash value of it; I have no problem repeating the job
      However, we can skip "c" saying something like:
"the share of each one is XX GC, YY SC, ZZ CC and XXX
BB, you can take as many magic items as you want, from
this list, but must deduct their cash value from your
share".  I imagine that it's easier for our GM, and it
allows him to give us the reward the King believes is

      Game Stuff:

      OOC: Sorry, my plan was a little bit confusing. 
I wanted to do exactly what you did in the turn, so
there is no problem.

      Jordi takes a look at both rooms:
      "Okey, they are empty, now we will continue
exploring in direction south; one group will remain in
the crossing of the corridors, the other will come
with me to the south.  We will clean rooms one by one,
as soon as be find them."

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