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  Ok.  Only Farseeker and 2 or 3 others with him know this list
  exists after exploring the Armorery.  The inventory list was
  apparently tediously documented by Climan personel.  A
  whole new round of conllicts could occur if items are choosen.
  The only conflicts I forsee is the magical items and the possible
  gems.  They could all be pooled and sold later.

  Just a quick note as GM.  I normally do NOT do all this treasure
  to a normal adventure/group like this.  But circumstances are
  rare.  In this case we have an enemy force/country that has looted
  up to 30 nations in the last few months.  Either covertly (through
  kidnapping, bribery or extoration) or overtly through open attacks.
  It just so happens most of the treasure is other countries property.

  In most games I'm lucky to give a party ONE magical item and a handful
  of coins.  That's it.  But this is a semi special case.  This does
  not mean by any means no one alive will become instant rich off
  this treasure.  In fact the party has several conflicts:

  1) Transportation - Most warships have no holds and these below
    do not other than basic gear (food, supplies).  The merchant
    ship could hold a few tons of cargo but which tonage?  Then
    you have to transport it over maybe 1-2 weeks of sailing in
    open sea avoiding climan patrols and other dangers.
  2) Taxes/Tributes - Once back in Marentia assuming you get back.
    The king may require taxes of sorts.  To cover expenses. (he
    is preparing for a major war with clima if the party fails
    and that is costly).  Natural kingdom taxes.  Then finally
    there is tribute to the death and nations who lost their
    treasure.  The king may likely insist that some treasure or
    income from it go to the nations that got robbed.  If not
    to Marentia's allies certainly but maybe even their enemies
    as a show of strength or face/confidence.  The king will
    have to decide on that with the diplomats debriefing and several
    months later.  

   Lastly when that's decided a fair division of items not selected
   will likely be divided up.  Even then it might be a good reward
   for such a venture.  However the king may offer something that
   you can't refuse..... :)

   Coins - There is a LOT of coins.  It is the stronghold for the
     base.  Probably enough coins from lootage and base expenses
     for months.  A RARE find of this magnitude.  Yet it would
     not make sense for you to find only 12 gold.  So I had to
     make it more realistic even though its overly generous.

   Jewels: Was appraised by a documented jeweler and thus values were
     documented with stats.

   Magic Items: The Magic items were probably investigated and
      actually documented on their powers by a priestess or other
      authority.  Thus the stats are listed.

   So do I remain realistic to the game universe and plot overall
   or do I stay my GM stickler for minimum treasure.  I figure
   realism is fine but there are ways a GM can get rid of overally
   rewarding things :)

  Armorery Loot

  * General Items
      1 Dwarven Rope               3 Donkey Harnesses
      1 Elven Bridle               2 Full Horse Bardings
      1 Bridle(s)                  5 War Dog Leathers
      1 War Dog Mail               1 Elven Set of Spurs
      1 Troll's War Mace           2 Leather Horse Bardings
      4 Two Man Tent               2 Four Man Tents
      2 Chain Horse Barding(s)     3 Woodworking Tool Sets                   
      4 Set of Tent Poles          1 Elven Whistle(s)
      6 Sets of Pellets (8 each)   1 Piece(s) of Camp Furniture, 1.0 GC
      1 Elven Set of Falconer's Gauntlets
      3 Sets of 1 Keg, size 10.0 quart, has 10.0 quart Healing Herbs
      1 Donaran Military History Book, 1 SC
      1 Katai Military General History, 1 SC
     20 Flagss of Countries -
        The Thaliban Tribes        - 1      Katai         - 7
        Clima                      - 2      Djanesborg    - 2
        The Fomorian Empire - Xan  - 1      Shurikal      - 1
        The Fierazi Tribes - North - 1      The Helva     - 1
        The Fierazi Tribes - South - 1      The Vassa     - 1
        The Zen'da - Western       - 1      The Mopazi    - 1
     23 Uniforms of Countries -
        Caldo                      - 1      Chunrey-      - 2
        Clima                      - 1      Katai         - 5
        Shiben                     - 1      Shurikal      - 1
        The Cerulean Empire        - 3
        The Fomorian Empire - The Kingdom of the Islands  - 1
        The Fomorian Empire - Vahear                      - 1
        The Ghiamem                - 1      The Helva     - 1
        The Humagi                 - 1      The Kameran   - 1
        The Mopazi                 - 1
        The Zen'da - Central       - 1
        The Zen'da - Western       - 1
  * Weapons
     13 Sets of Arrows (3 each)    6 Halberds
      4 Scimitars                 12 Swords
      2 Bows                       7 Broadswords
      1 Longbow                    4 Light Crossbows
      4 Light Lances               7 Arbalests
      2 Sai                        3 Bastard Swords
      4 Slings                     5 Repeating Crossbows
      5 Hammers                    3 Tulwars
      5 Heavy Crossbows

  * Armor/Shields
     18 Brigandine                10 Banded Ring Mails
      4 Leather Armors            10 Ring Mails
      1 Metal Shields             21 Chainmails
      9 Leather Armors             2 Plate Armors
      2 Plate Mails                2 Dwarven Banded Shields
      1 Quilted Armors             9 Banded Shields
      1 Dwarven Brigandines        2 Scale Mails
      9 Metal Helmets
      5 Sets of Sling Projectiles (6 each)

  * Coins
      420 Silver Coins           554 Gold Coins
      851 Copper Coins           531 Brass Bits

  * Jewels (Apraised by A'fa Tras - Shimana Jeweler - 321 Siz St)
      Jewel : Large, flawless, average clarity, Garnet, 30.0 SC
      Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Dark Ruby, 8.0 SC
      Jewel : Small, flawless, average clarity, Snake Stone, 14.4 SC
      Jewel : Small, slightly flawed, dull, Snake Stone, valueless
      Jewel : Small, minimal flawed, dull, Tourmaline, 6.0 SC
      Jewelry : Small, nearly flawless, fine clarity, Garnet, 7.2 SC
      Jewelry : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Carbuncle, 12.8 SC
      Gem : Medium, nearly flawless, clouded, Carnelian, valueless
      Gem : Small, minimal flawed, average clarity, Jet, 1.0 SC
      Gem : Small, flawless, brilliant, Carnelian, 10.8 SC
      Gem : Small, slightly flawed, fine clarity, Garnet, 1.0 SC
      Gem : Small, slightly flawed, dull, Ruby, valueless
      Jewel : Large, minimal flawed, average clarity, Jacinth, 8.0 SC

  * Magical Items
    Magical Club(s), Hit Chance modifier, Damage modifier,
         Immunity to Earth  Powers, MEL 7  EL 1
    Potion of Mana Sensing, MEL 6  EL 3, 5 ounces
    Natural Magic Item : Hemlock, 15 ounces
    Powder of Protection, MEL 8  EL 3, 12 ounces
    Magical 3 Four Man Tent(s), Attribute Effect, MEL 7  EL 3
    3 Militairy Scroll : Spell Scroll, 4 EL 3 Elder spells, value 10.0 GC

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