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What I did back in, er, '85ish, was create a new form of 
Experience Points that eveyrone earned. I called them "GEP", for 
Generic Experience Points. I was using a lot of 'converted on the 
fly' AD&D modules/adventures (1e, obviously, and then ones from 
Dungeon Magazine as well when that started), and I wanted 
something to sort of provide "Adventurer-Incentives" (re: AD&D 
mindset of PC's going around doing stuff for fun and profit 
moreso than 'to save the world and do good' as seems to be the 
focus in the last 2 decades).

Hold on, let me get my notes... Crap. Nevermind. I don't have 
them on this computer for some reason. Here's the gist of it:

GEP were gained via doing "adventure and character-roleplaying" 
achievements. Things like RP'ing your character well, making 
everyone laugh at the table, bringing pizza for everyone, etc. 
Adventure oriented goals that were achieved also got you GEP, so 
if there where three key 'goals' for the immediate adventure and 
they were attained, everyone got GEP. These might be things like 
"(1) Successfully find your way through the Darkwode to find 
Skull Tower; (2) Explore at least 50% of Skull Tower; (3) Slay 
the dread Skeleton Abomination at the top; (4) Recover the family 
amulet/crest of the House of Brellar from the lower crypts".

The amount of GEP assigned was based on how difficult the task 
ACTUALLY was...not a 'pre-set' value. I use the same idea that 
Paladium Games does. So after a task is completed, I assign it a 
value of "Minor", "Major", or "Epic". Each of those has a range 
of GEP.

Anyway, these GEP can be "converted" into CEP or CEP/MEP (if the 
PC knows magic). All normal gains from gaining CEP/MEP are as 
normal. GEP's can also be used to give you an Expertise Roll on a 
skill (1d6 or 1d10). I can't remember the exact cost...but I want 
to say 25 or 40, respectively. I *think* you could also use them 
"on the fly during the game" to give yourself a reroll, or 
automatically succeed at a Poison Resistence, or get a bonus to 
the chance to find some particular item in a town/city, etc. I 
also remember that you could use them to get CP's to increase 
your Current Ability (with the cost being 50/1...I think...just 
like CEP conversion) so one could incrase their Ability Scores 
without having to actually become better at CEL or MEL.

We haven't played P&P in years, unfortunately, so my memory on 
the exact conversions and whatnot are a bit fuzzy. But no matter, 
the point is there. I found that adding these GEP to the game 
gave Players more incentive to do stuff other than just try and 
make Skill checks and kill things. Theoretically, a player could 
play a rich merchants daughter who basically charms (or pays) her 
way to being 'useful' in an adventure...even though she is CEL 0 
and has no skill at magic or any real 'fighting' skills. 
Eventually, she could get various skills up to really good EL's, 
get great equipment, and maybe even become slightly more capable 
at at least defending herself (say, Hand-to-Hand or Shield).

So there ya go.  Using something similar to that might be worth 
looking into...sure opens up a lot of doors for how PC's "get 
better" in the game.


Paul L. Ming

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 I was converting a old AD&D module over an got thinking of how 
to convert the EXP rewards to a format usable for Powers & Perils

 EXP reward/(EXP for next level /EXP of target level)*66=Increase 

This Increase Factor can be spent just like the Initial Increase 
Factor as specified in 2.3.5 Initial Increases.

Like in AD&D you still need to spend downtime to get the 
increases. You learn skill(one at a time) at the rate of 1d10 
Expertise Points per day, regardless of other activities he does 
Even If he is studying a skill at full rate. 

You earn money at the maximum rate posible at your job.  If you 
pay the price twice, once with the money from the increase and 
once with already earned money, you automatically find someone 
willing to sell it at the next encounter where it would be 
logical for someone to have that object. 

Characteristics gain at the rate of 1 per a month, multiply 
characteristics can change at the same time.

When converting monsters I use the formula Creature's HP/5.5 hit 
point*the average HPV of a human.
I look up a similar monster in GURPS and use it's HT score as CON 
and then use the HPV formula to figure out STA

I also use GURPS for STR converting based on Portage 
Ability/Carry on Back.

I added to skill checks based off of the Skill check of D&D and 
the Combat table of P&P.

--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a 
neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass 
it on to others, and it belongs to everyone.
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