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Hsingai Altaica draltaica at yahoo.com
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 I was converting a old AD&D module over an got thinking of how to convert the EXP rewards to a format usable for Powers & Perils
 EXP reward/(EXP for next level /EXP of target level)*66=Increase Factor
This Increase Factor can be spent just like the Initial Increase Factor as specified in 2.3.5 Initial Increases.
Like in AD&D you still need to spend downtime to get the increases. You learn skill(one at a time) at the rate of 1d10 Expertise Points per day, regardless of other activities he does Even If he is studying a skill at full rate. 
You earn money at the maximum rate posible at your job.  If you pay the price twice, once with the money from the increase and once with already earned money, you automatically find someone willing to sell it at the next encounter where it would be logical for someone to have that object. 
Characteristics gain at the rate of 1 per a month, multiply characteristics can change at the same time.
When converting monsters I use the formula Creature's HP/5.5 hit point*the average HPV of a human.I look up a similar monster in GURPS and use it's HT score as CON and then use the HPV formula to figure out STA
I also use GURPS for STR converting based on Portage Ability/Carry on Back.
I added to skill checks based off of the Skill check of D&D and the Combat table of P&P.https://yiffiemon.wikia.com/wiki/Base_Line

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