[PnP] pnp v2 creatures

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Nov 17 05:38:55 CET 2018

Had all my pnp files on a old pc.
After 18 years it finally wanted to die.
I've been able for most part to recover most of what I need.
Between Wout's site, my pbem site, my email archives on this pc and 
pbem players.

One file i can't find and really miss.


I have monster.txt which is v1 creatures.
But when I helped Richard in '90s to redo and add to the beast list I 
made a monster2.txt file.

Yeah I know its in the pdf file.
But for a pbem having a text was fast to cut/paste sections quickly.

So my question.

I seem to recall mid '90s  I posted this file here.
But a google doesnt' show it.
This was the abore.xs4all.nl list if i recall before it changed to 
current domain.

Sadly google shows no caches of it.
My old BBS files may have it.  I archives each month's of posts into 
a zip file.
But it was probably a few hundred zips or thousands of posts.
So unless i know the generic time frame its hard to track.

Creatures like Kejan'po
I used as keyword searches.

For those who archive everything does anyone have such a  post or file?

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