[PnP] Floyd's question - vol 151 #9

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Mon Nov 5 22:37:19 CET 2018

MAy want to oddly contact game companies.  They self publish now or 
do what's called on-dmand publishing.  Podcast i'm doing Tri Tac (odl 
game company from '80s even before pnp) does that.  If you contact 
those folks/ceos they could gve advice on how to do it.  The 
Fringeworthy game (ie reason to listen to podcast) I ran from 
1980.  Before SG1, Stargate and sliders. :)
Anyways they did a book that was fan fiction.  I've not looked for it 
but heard about it.  So may be a route there to get advice at least.

Still waiting on book you were gonna send me :) ABout to end my 
Thrawn book in 2-3 weeks so need something else to read. ;)

At 12:03 PM 11/5/2018, you wrote:
>Yes, I have written novels in the P&P world - even about a portal, 
>although just the portal - not actual travel. The novels are not yet 
>published  - I've been looking for a literary agent for about a 
>year. One has to submit through agent nowadays; most publishers 
>refuse to accept unsolicited manuscripts except through an agent. If 
>any of you KNOW an agent & could get them to read the first book of 
>my trilogy, I would be grateful for the assistance. Getting 
>published is a long, slow process, unless one has the money to 
>self-publish, and I don't have the over-a-thousand dollars to spend. 
>Gonna keep trying, though - I'd like you all to be able to read 
>them. Unfortunately, such novels are called 'fan fiction' & are 
>harder to get someone interested to try to publish, altho I 
>certainly don't mind whoever owns the copyright getting a fair share.
>Bess L. Hadley
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