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I think my “Dogs of War” submission had something like that, with basic civilians, militia, and various flavors of warriors.

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> On Feb 1, 2018, at 12:43 AM, Scott Adams <longshotgm at comcast.net> wrote:
> This is what I was thinking before you proposed x2.  All npcs in any game are lower than pcs.  Just rule #4 of the rpg rule book. :)
> For what I'd call uber npcs I use my pc generator.  So make them pc class.  But 95% of my ncps are book 4 quaity and use my npc generator.  This goes back to idea normal humans old age was 40.
> We know some would make it twice that much so maybe those npcs would have x3 or x4 cons.
> So I suppose one could add a 'genetic' aspect.  Using the same system as creature variatoin for npcs (more or less).
> I do like your data analysis.  Good work.
> The idea of these Enl npcs def makes them weak.  It would mean 90% of MUS ie npcs are wimps.
> I mean they'd only be able to cast what 5-6 spells before tapped out.
> Thus again for my MUS I use pc class.  For grunts and mostly anything else book 4.
> At 08:34 PM 1/30/2018, you wrote:
>> In Book 4, stats are given for 'normal' humans.  The numbers listed for S, St, D & A for men and women are 'avarage' 2d10 rolls of 11+/- the mods for their race.  These are then given no multiplier other than 1 (as opposed to a minimum 1.5 for characters).  Now, I have no problem with the low multiplier...except that it doesn't work with the Constitution and still come up with a correct HPV if using (S+St+C)/4 (RU).  The reason why I say that is that for male humans, if the Constitution is only multiplied by '1', then the man would have a HPV=(14+11+11)/4=36/4=9.  Women would be HPV=(11+12+12)/4=35/4=9.
>> Now, this makes normal humans pretty weak...but that's not all...
>> Consider the EnL of both humans.  The book calls for EnL=35 for both men and women, but if the multipliers are all '1', then the male would have an EnL of only 22, and the woman only 25.
>> So...in order to make the numbers make sense, I would propose that the multiplier for the Constitution of normal humans be changed to '2'.  What would this do?
>> Male humans would have a HPV of 12 instead of 10, and an EnL of 33.
>> Female humans would have a HPV of 12, and an EnL of 37.
>> This way it keeps the calcs the same, but doesn't make them much different than they are in Book 4.
>> My 2BB.
>> Dave
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