[PnP] Creating magic items

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It depends on skill for me.
Make saddle to help improve Horsemanship.
Make Saddle.
Enchant it.
I could see a form of the Attribute Effect formula.
Books not handy and other pc with rules off.  So I'll guess..

EL4 Horsemanship.
Formula is what (El+1)x10%
+50% improvement.
So EL4 is now EL6.
We can rationalize this by saying saddle supports via balance and such.
But it has to be taken on a case per case basis.
I don't see a generic one rule fits.
For example a Whip hide/handle to help with Whip.
So let's say its a +2EL.
But issue is how? If person is untrained it 
shouldn't just make them a EL2 expert.
So rules like training must be involved.  Min of eL0 or spell has no effect.
Use the daily limit or always on/
I'd have to allow it for a use per day thing.

At 09:35 PM 9/11/2016, you wrote:
>Ok...say a character wants to create a magic 
>item that improves a skill...some enchantment, I 
>would think.  Now, we have two kinds of 
>skills..."or 80” skills and weapon or 'other' 
>skills. So...what formula for EL increase should 
>be used?  Doe the Mage have to know the skill to 
>enchant the item? For "or 80" skills, I was 
>thinking an increase of EL cast or random 
>between EL of Enchantment spell up to 2x spell 
>EL, depending on preparations made...quality of 
>item enchanted, or rarity of the materials, 
>etc.  For the non-80 skills, maybe (EL+1)/2 
>roundup? Thots? Dave Sent from my iPad 
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