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Let's start to say that I see no need for a daily energy loss for such a 
halfbreed.  On the other hand, the In/Succubis has a need to drain 
energy, so there must be a basis for that (but not necesarily for their 
halfbreed offspring.)

As a In/Succubus can opt to drain a minimum of 10% of his/her EnL you 
could set the minimum daily sustenance at that level. I guess that would 
set the level at the high end of what seems to fit in the P&P universe.

A low value  that fits my take of the P&P universe would be to set an 
EnL loss of 1D6 per day that can only be regained through draining. If 
you feel nasty, ALL energy loss that such a creature suffers can be 
regained through draining, i.e. there is no natural energy recovery at all.

A low end would be no daily energy loss, but have all magic use 
including shape change and seduction drain EnL and have no natural 
energy recovery, so ALL energy needs to be regained through draining or 
face death/coma through energy loss.

You could opt for one of these three and if desired combine that with 
the 25% chance that the halfbreed gains the same (dis)ability as his/her 
parent (father in this case).

On the other hand, the Merlin example given in the rules is an 
indication for me there needs to be no daily energy loss or draining 
necessity, given what I know of the Merlin saga, and the halfbreed rules 
that state such children are exceptional magic users but give no 
indication of draining powers.

So if I would run a game with an incubus halfbreed I probably would not 
have a daily energy loss. But that is my take.

On 25-10-16 17:24, Scott Adams wrote:
> I can't go into great detail.  For various reasons.
> But how would you guys handle a Vamp pc?
> Like the TV Show Lost Girl?
> How would the mechanics work for her?
> Leeching, how much needed per day leeching...etc.
> Just curious if anyone considered it.
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