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Doesn't make it right, just legal. That's why GMs have the final authority.

I really hate the whole vampire/demon/PC monster thing. Everyone wants to be a dark hero of some sort. What happened to 4 color heroes, chivalrous knights,and all that the games were first designed to let us play, back in the good old 70s?

Sorry. I'm a dinosaur that likes to actually play a good guy. My daughter tells me I have to adapt to changing times. She doesn't realize the cycles. I'm looking forward to reminding her what she told me, once I have grandkids and she has to adapt. :-)

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>Again.  Can't go into details.
>But look at v2 half breeds.  Inclbus/Sucubus.  ie Lost GIrl :)
>Richard did it ot me :)
>So for pnp its cannon now.
>At 12:23 PM 10/25/2016, you wrote:
>>People are still trying to play vampire characters? I blame Anne 
>>Rice. And maybe the Blade comics/movies.
>>Some things should stay in the realm of NPC/Monster. That includes 
>>clasic Monsters.
>>Read Bram Stoker, folks. Vampires aren't emo 20 somethings, they're 
>>ravening killing machines.
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>> >I can't go into great detail.  For various reasons.
>> >But how would you guys handle a Vamp pc?
>> >Like the TV Show Lost Girl?
>> >How would the mechanics work for her?
>> >Leeching, how much needed per day leeching...etc.
>> >
>> >Just curious if anyone considered it.
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