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I can see your side.   A Soul DAvia PC?  Nah.
But there is basis for this.  Going back to Greek Mythology.
I can recall our Humanities classes in college arguing over this stuff.
This isn't 'new' stuff.
Some of the 'monsters' aren't monsters on all povs.
Is it the upbringing that maeks a monster?
Environment? The Soul?  No Soul?

If you look into for example Frankenstein the true one is he really 
he bad guy or just
a guy with bad rolls of the dice?  The pickforks hurt.
What about Modern Witches?  We burn them to death. Yet some did 
good  in healing. Some witches were the only healer for many 
mles.  One kid dies.  Evil Witch!!!! Burn her.

The Templars these knights you speak got too much power.  Pope deemd 
them evil and wiped them out.
Were they monsters?

Hitler killed handicapped and slow people.  Were they monsters or hitler?

Mr Campbell on PBS said it best on the HEro.  Any GM/rpg has to have 
seen his series if not DO SO.

So do we just assume all vampires are bad and not playable?
The old Star Wars rpg in 90s I loved to run/play.  But if you got X 
Dark Side points you were DArk sdie.
You lost your character and could not play it.
Is that fair?  Sometimes playing bad os fin.

Going back to Greek Myths ..going back to Christian beliefs of 
Redempton....going back to evil can always go back ala DArth Vader...

I see no problem playing a 'bad guy' or a monster within reason.
Look at Lost Girl a sucubs Fae she was part of the Dark Fae but did 
good things.  She was a hero.

Mr Campbell explained this far better.  But the conflict of playing 
Gray fascinates me.
Why play a pure goody-goody?  No Sex.  No booze.  No Cussing.  Saving 
the day but at the ned going home alone and ignored?

The Conflict the thing of borderline good and evil is a challenge.
I prefer challenge over anything.  Look a tmy alias.  Longshot A Long Shot.
Those who know me understand.

I will always play the challenge.  Xian my personal pnp pc from '83 
is a fun challenge.  He doesn't have super gear doesn't have 
warehouses of magic items like most.  He has challenges. Sure hes 
almost died a few times.  But a challenge comapred ot a 8 foot 800 
pound brick who can beat down a dragon with a hand behind his 
back?  No challenge.

Xian up against that dragon using his mind and skills sure! Fun.

Thus I don't mind the monsters...the challenge.

In pnp I've done only a few half breeds.
* Strie'bog Half Human half Gren Lady
* Raban Half Human/Half Mir

While those are fun being a pure human is typical.
I as GM will always strive and help the challenged over the guy who 
has 200% success chance due to magic items.

While pnp doesn't allow pure Vamp they do I notice have 
Incubus/Sucubus (Lost Girl)

Who said she has to be always evil?
Why does DND have those alignment grids?  Chaotic Evil ..neutral whatever
Those were around in 70s.  They saw the merit of playing Gray Characters.

So a LG character needs challenge...she has to feed but not 
kill.  Feed on humans or animals/
Can she maintain the balance?  That to me fascinates me   Granted in a rpg
its not as fluid as a book or tv.

I always liked the Angel style a Vamp who was good.
A challenge.

Just my 3 BB.
Good discourse though.

At 12:23 PM 10/25/2016, you wrote:

>People are still trying to play vampire characters? I blame Anne 
>Rice. And maybe the Blade comics/movies.
>Some things should stay in the realm of NPC/Monster. That includes 
>clasic Monsters.
>Read Bram Stoker, folks. Vampires aren't emo 20 somethings, they're 
>ravening killing machines.
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> >I can't go into great detail.  For various reasons.
> >But how would you guys handle a Vamp pc?
> >Like the TV Show Lost Girl?
> >How would the mechanics work for her?
> >Leeching, how much needed per day leeching...etc.
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> >Just curious if anyone considered it.
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