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Wed Oct 26 05:59:49 CEST 2016

Excellent ideas.  Thanks wout  I just wanted ot see other POVs on this.
I had considered some food requirement based on X or Y.  Or some 
Factor of Will for figuring out requirements.
(no details here).

The big pdf you did Don found some typos but forgot to jot them 
down.  I yelled at him for that.  But if we see more I'll let you know.

At 01:33 PM 10/25/2016, you wrote:
>Let's start to say that I see no need for a daily energy loss for 
>such a halfbreed.  On the other hand, the In/Succubis has a need to 
>drain energy, so there must be a basis for that (but not necesarily 
>for their halfbreed offspring.)
>As a In/Succubus can opt to drain a minimum of 10% of his/her EnL 
>you could set the minimum daily sustenance at that level. I guess 
>that would set the level at the high end of what seems to fit in the 
>P&P universe.
>A low value  that fits my take of the P&P universe would be to set 
>an EnL loss of 1D6 per day that can only be regained through 
>draining. If you feel nasty, ALL energy loss that such a creature 
>suffers can be regained through draining, i.e. there is no natural 
>energy recovery at all.
>A low end would be no daily energy loss, but have all magic use 
>including shape change and seduction drain EnL and have no natural 
>energy recovery, so ALL energy needs to be regained through draining 
>or face death/coma through energy loss.
>You could opt for one of these three and if desired combine that 
>with the 25% chance that the halfbreed gains the same (dis)ability 
>as his/her parent (father in this case).
>On the other hand, the Merlin example given in the rules is an 
>indication for me there needs to be no daily energy loss or draining 
>necessity, given what I know of the Merlin saga, and the halfbreed 
>rules that state such children are exceptional magic users but give 
>no indication of draining powers.
>So if I would run a game with an incubus halfbreed I probably would 
>not have a daily energy loss. But that is my take.
>On 25-10-16 17:24, Scott Adams wrote:
>>I can't go into great detail.  For various reasons.
>>But how would you guys handle a Vamp pc?
>>Like the TV Show Lost Girl?
>>How would the mechanics work for her?
>>Leeching, how much needed per day leeching...etc.
>>Just curious if anyone considered it.
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