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I'm Shadowsmith on RPoL. I rarely speak up on this mailing list, but I do
read every message that comes from it. Sadly, I have to agree with you that
there is little interest for PnP on RPoL. I have the same problem with my
home group.

I'll talk to my wife, she might be interested in a PnP game if only to have
a chance to play a faerry. Unfortunately she is in a number of RPoL games
already so I can't be sure.

On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 8:37 PM, Scott Adams <longshotgm at comcast.net> wrote:

> Sadly no.
> Not just for pnp.
> But the best thing is to use forumns and sites liek rpol or roll20 where
> you can see if folks are interested.
> What you may need to do is old bait/switch.
> Run a game like dnd then say "hey guys..there is a much cooler game..." :)
> It has worked i the past.
> Issue is time.
> I have player in Alaska and in europe.  I'm in FL.  So doiing a awesome
> voice session would be difficult time wise.
> I just think a clever person can do like a youtube video. Highlight the
> game.  Go over the concepts.  See if it gets traffic.  won't go viral but a
> google search might find some kid looking at it.
> I'm not sur eif soem sites like roll20 have demo days where you cna post
> on their main site and get a ad and then get some interest in a demo game.
> This has happened on twitch actually well.  I've seen some SW, pathfinder
> and sme other games get traffic with a simple demo day.
> I don't have time for such things...good luck though.
> I think if you were to start you'd get at least 4 players from my game :)
> At 12:24 AM 7/10/2016, you wrote:
>> Well, I've tried to with in the last day or so. The interest check is a
>> bit thin. One person from this list, and I don't think it was you, plus two
>> guys that googled the game and might give it a try if they can find the
>> rules.
>> There just doesn't seem to be a body count.
>> >Now whos up to starting a new pnp obem fo rme ?  Evne on rpoll :)
>> >
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